"10 -year -old girl" 9 months of pregnancy Parents insisted on giving birth to a doctor and dazzling.

I am Wang Linlin, 35 years old, a ordinary family from Beijing.I have always been passionate about my life, although I am not easy to challenge.

I was born in an ordinary family. My mother is an ordinary housewife, and my father is a worker.I have had a special feelings for the text since I was a child. This may be because I have suffered from crispymia since I was a child, which made me have to rely on the help of others during the growth process.However, this did not stop my desire for knowledge.I always believe that only through continuous learning can I better understand the world and live better.

When I was six years old, my father suddenly became indifferent to me.He began to ignore me and no longer cared about my studies and life.I don’t know why, but I know this makes me sad.My mother’s vision has gradually deteriorated, and she cannot help me in learning, so I can only rely on herself.However, this did not defeat me.I started self -education. Through self -knowledge, I gradually read and understand complex text.

When I grew up, I decided to make money myself to support my mother’s daily life.I opened an online store online to sell my favorite products.Although it was very difficult at the beginning, I persisted and gradually found my own way.My online shop is becoming more and more popular, so I can get enough income to maintain our lives.

When I was 23 years old, I met Li Shitou.He is a kind and interesting person, and we quickly fall into love.We talk to each other’s hearts and share happiness and pain.We decided to face the challenge of life together.After we got married, our lives became sweeter and happier.

When I was 25 years old, I found that I was pregnant.This is a huge joy for me and Li Shitou.However, for us, this is also a challenge.My physical condition makes our decision full of uncertainty and fear.However, we decided to face this challenge bravely.

With the development of pregnancy, I started to feel the changes and pain of the body.This scared me, but I know I need strongness.I want to be a mother, I want to experience the miracle of this life.With the help of a doctor, we decided to have a cesarean section.When I was pushed into the operating room, I felt extremely nervous and fear.However, when I saw Li Shitou’s firm eyes in the operating room, I knew I was ready.

When the doctor told us that the operation was successful, my heart was full of joy and satisfaction.We have a healthy child and we have a complete family.I have experienced this process with me, and I feel extremely happy and grateful.

Now I am a wife, a mother, and an independent woman.I encountered many challenges in my life, but I used courage and determination to face them.I know I am valuable, and I know I am capable.I hope my story can encourage more people to face the challenges of life and pursue my dream.

I am full of expectations and hope for the future.I hope to achieve greater success in my online store and expand my business scope to provide more people with high -quality products and services.To achieve this goal, I plan to further learn how to effectively manage and promote business growth, and how to use the latest technology and marketing strategies to attract more customers and increase sales.In addition, I also hope

Pulse and influence.

In addition to my career achievements, I also hope to give my children a more warm and loving growth environment.I want to explore the world with them and make them feel the beauty and color of life.I plan to provide them with more educational resources and opportunities, so that they have more choices and development space.At the same time, I also hope to educate them how to think and solve problems independently, cultivate their creativity and leadership, and prepare for their future.

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