"400 meters away, I am back, I’m so amazing!"

June 27th

Rare disease in Shaoxing, Zhejiang

The "post -90s" girl sinks in (pseudonym)

Go home 400 meters away alone

Record the video to like yourself

It attracted the attention of netizens


Shen Zai is diagnosed

Spinal Cerebral Eceanic disorders (SCA3)

Gradually lose the ability to exercise

But she was not defeated by the illness

Choose to laugh and live

And hope to use your own behavior

Give people living in adversity

Take some happiness


Before walking home by yourself

She has experienced many failures

Because of the illness, the speed of Shen in the speech will be slower than ordinary people, and the bite is not so clear.

She said that because of illness, she could not walk in recent years."Recently, I thought I couldn’t stay at home all the time, and I had to come out. So I just want to try it, see if I can use the help of a helper to go out of the house."

Before June 27, Shen Zai had tried many times. After getting out of the car, he walked home by himself, but did not succeed.On June 27, she succeeded. This day was the first time she had successfully returned home since she was sick.

"Every step I take from the door of the house must do my best to do my best, and always pay attention to how to lift my feet, and then how to step on it. I found that I came from the door of the house. In fact, it was mine.My brain is tired, my legs are not sour, and they are not soft at all, "she said.

It is expected to be able to go home successfully, because she has been doing rehabilitation training and fitness.She also understands the truth in fitness that it must be achieved after her own limit point, and it will make progress next time.

Because of a little challenge to your own limits, those who could not walk were sinking. With the help of a helper, he completed the "feat" of going home for 400 meters alone.

Shen is walking with the help of a helper

Shen Zai was recording this exciting moment with a video.In the video, she held her hands with both hands and walked from the gate of the community step by step to home.When she arrived, she sweated, but said with a smile on the camera with a smile: "I came home from the gate of the community. I came back at 400 meters away. I’m so good."

Many netizens were moved by her videos, cheering for her in the comment area:

"The sweaty face, how hard you can imagine this road, must cheer!"

"Come on, girl who is not convinced, you will get better and better!"

"I saw light in you, persistence, toughness, your smile, your cuteness, is so glorious." …

Shedding in college

Sinking after work


Sudden rare genetic disease

Break the original peaceful life

Before the onset, Shen Zai was translated in a medical device company and would go to different countries to participate in the exhibition."In the second half of 2019, my condition began to get serious, walking around, and dizzy when I moved. In November, I could only resign back to Shaoxing." She said.

For about a year, Shen Zai was unable to accept the fact that he had suffered from rare diseases."Because this is a genetic disease, but I think my family has no disease. My dad had a car accident when I was very young. LaterVarious organs caused by the sequelae of the car accident and other symptoms. I can’t believe it, what is the existence of genetic diseases, and it is still a rare disease! "

During the illness, the mother who sank was always taken care of her.My mother thought of everything for her daughter, and took her to seek medical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, and Tibetan medicine tried it, but still have no effect.Because of this disease, the most desperate thing is that it has no treatment plan.

Shen Zai is with her mother

During the medicine and medicine, the savings of the family were gradually spent, including 100,000 yuan saved at work at work. This money was originally planned to be used for studying abroad.

After the death of her husband, the mother of the sinking took the home alone. Now she suffered a second blow, and she chose to be strong.She has retired, and she will go to the station to deliver the goods every morning.

"Because the mother’s body is not very good, I often go to acupuncture treatment in the afternoon, so I often close the door, so the business has not been very good." Shen Zai said.

Sinking painting works

Sinking painting works


Short video self -reliance

Also bring happiness to people in adversity

In order to reduce the burden of the family, Shen Zai started making short videos from last year.She wants to use this self -reliance, and at the same time bring some happiness to people living in adversity.

Speak English, do muscle exercises, and practice balance … is the daily life she shared in short videos.In the video, she always laughed.But in reality, because she couldn’t go out to socialize normally, only her mother got along with her.

In order to prevent the worsening of the condition, he has to conduct rehabilitation training every day.As long as these training methods and principles are learned, they can be carried out at home. The most important thing is to persist."Training is very boring. For example, voice training. Press your tongue every day to press your tongue to let you move in one direction, and then blow candles. The physical training is to repeatedly do some basic actions."

Sinking after illness

Because I felt boring, I was cleverly adjusted for myself to make the training more interesting.

Also trying fitness, many actions are connected. "Shen Zai said that she has learned a lot of theoretical knowledge about muscle balance and force in private.See if it can play a positive role in treatment.

Sinking in rehabilitation training

Regarding the future, Shen Zai has an idea that he feels "not very realistic". She wants to continue reading and study, and especially wants to learn about the knowledge of the sociology of disability."In the past, I felt that the book was enough, but since I was sick, I felt that I did not have enough investment. If I could read higher levels, I should now come into contact with a wider world." She said.

Strong people are always worthy of admiration

A girl who is confident in the sun

like!come on!

Transfer: Chao Journalist: Huang Yuhuan Correspondent Zhou Qipeng

Source: Xinhuanet

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