"After my girlfriend is pregnant, I want to regret marriage, what should I do?"


Fans come to letter:

Kai Ge, I and my target was introduced at home in September last year.

From September last year to December last year, she has always been a long -distance relationship. She is in Shanxi, I am in Shenyang, and she returns to accompany me in Shenyang in January this year.

During the epidemic, she changed her job back and forth in Shenyang. She still didn’t adapt to the environment of Shenyang. Although she was from Northeast, she worked in Shanxi for three years.

I ca n’t be happy with her, sometimes very depressed, we both have a bad temper and often the Cold War.

When I was pregnant in June, there was no way to prepare for the wedding.

To be honest, I had a pre -marital phobia. She also saw that I was not so long for marriage, but the house was decorated, and the wedding photos were also taken. I was going to have a wedding in October.

I originally planned to receive a certificate of Tanabata, but I still hesitated and did not receive it. I was really not sure that she was the one in my life.

The two of us know less, and the family urges it tightly. I said that I am 30 and I have to get married.

But I know what kind of personality I have, I am getting old, but the psychological age is to be honest without my object mature.

The key is that I am still half a mother, and I also feel that she doesn’t like me so much, but I know that I don’t like her so much.

I know that the time is short and I do n’t know that it is not suitable, but my parents recognize her very much. I still hesitate to get married with her.

She is very good, but I always have a hurdle in my heart, that is my ex -girlfriend. She saw it and asked me if I was thinking about my ex -girlfriend.

I said no in my mouth, but I still thought about my ex -girlfriend, but during the period of me and I now, I definitely did not break with my ex -girlfriend, and there was no telephone WeChat.

I hesitated whether my object is now in my life. My family is from Shenyang.

In 2012, the family was lucky and demolished.I introduced me to several girls in my family, until the age of 30.

But I knew in my heart that these girls hoped to find a relatively good condition for material conditions. Maybe she was not for me, but for my family conditions.

I do n’t know if I should marry my current girlfriend, because sometimes we do n’t even have the most basic trust. I am also responsible for my parents.

Now she is pregnant and has less communication. Sometimes I still avoid her.I don’t know what to do, Kaigo.

Kay Zi answered:

Hello, I can see that you are very embarrassed, and I can understand that no one wants to live a lifetime with a person you do n’t like.

But the question is, since you don’t like her very much, why don’t you say it early?

Since you don’t want this child, why not deal with it earlier?

You say that you are pregnant in June, and you have to prepare a wedding.

It’s not that there is no way, but you don’t want to face the problem at all, you don’t want to find a way.

You now say that two people do n’t even have trust. Marriage is just for responsibility. For parents, do you think you are very wronged. Do n’t you think she is more wronged?

She accompanies you from Shanxi to Shenyang, but in the end you think she is for your condition. You say that not only look at her, but also to light yourself. You feel that if there are few houses in the house, there is no house in the family.Girls can see you.

It’s just that since you think she is for your conditions, you don’t want her to come, let her go back.She came over, and you had a relationship. The children had it, but now they don’t trust her.

You are just looking for a reason for irresponsibility!

You ask me what to do now, and I suggest you tell her clearly that this marriage is still good, because she will not be happy when she is married to you.

But the damage and influence caused by her, you have to pay the price, you must apologize sincerely, and you must compensate her with practical actions.

I hope you can solve the problem like a man. Don’t hide anymore, solve it earlier, let the girl suffer less!


Fans come to letter:

Hello, Kaizi, I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I should have prepared to get married this year, but his parents did not agree. He couldn’t stand it. He decided to break up with me.

This is the case. My parents do not agree with me to marry. He is in Hunan, Hubei, so my parents asked him to buy a house. My hometown (after the down payment, we will pay it together).

At that time, his parents also agreed to prepare to meet at the end of this year and buy a house to get married. From the end of July, he regretted it. He didn’t want to buy it. My parents would not give up, and then his parents forced him to separate from me.

We still have contact, and even say that when he earns money for a few years to buy a house, let me wait for a few years (no compound, friend identity), I don’t know if he can believe it, will he go home and listen to his father?Mom said a blind date and then got married.

I don’t know if I should believe him, but I still promised him, I was afraid he would lie to me.

He said that his parents were part of the reason for our breakup, and there was my complaint that I didn’t understand or care about it. He couldn’t get a certain affirmation on me, and he always complained.

I admit that I also want to change it, but sometimes I really can’t help it. I don’t know what to do. On the one hand, it is because he is too difficult to think about it.Can you help me analyze it?

Kay Zi answered:

Hello girl, you have been together for 3 years, because the house is regretted, is it really because of the house?

You two are not in the same city. Where you live in the future, you should discuss it well, consider the advantages of different cities, and make decisions with the current situation of both parties.

Instead of buying a house in your hometown, he must do this. There is no room for discussing. No one will like the feeling of being persecuted and thriving.

So, he told you that a part of the reason is because of his parents, so why does his parents hinder your marriage?

Because his parents are disappointed with the attitude of not discussing you, they do not want to buy a house, it may not be because they can’t afford this house, but because they don’t want to be suppressed by your family and don’t want your daughter -in -law.

Then he said that your personality is not sure with you, you can’t get your understanding and care, and always complain.It is also so determined in buying a house. It feels that you have to say anything about everything. Maybe he feels tired in recent years.

So since he is so unhappy, what else will he have the courage to insist on this relationship?He has no confidence in your future, and then the marriage is naturally unattractive.

As for him to let you wait for him for a few years, this is actually to break up and it is difficult to say that you can count it for a few years.

And since he has not explicitly told you that he will have a relationship with you in recent years, from another perspective, that is, he is a spare tire.

What do you do, do you really have to be with him and decide yourself.

However, I want to tell you that all men need to be worshiped and needed. If they are not available, they will always be hit and suspected, then this relationship is difficult to last.

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