"At the age of 20, I am studying in my sophomore, and I will start school soon. What should I do if I get pregnant?"

A friend cousin was born in the remote rural areas in Dashan.

After a few lives, the relatives all worked towards the loess and facing the heavens and the earth, and it was easy to cultivate a college student. All relatives in the family were particularly happy.

It can be said without exaggeration that their family rely on her cousin to read, Guangzong Yaozu and jumped out of the farmer.

Although the new rural areas have been built very well and developed very well, the concept of several generations has always been that only big cities are the real place.

When the girl is married in the future, it is also best to marry the city. In this case, the whole family can raise her eyebrows, which can also be regarded as removing the "earth smell".

Cousin, this girl, looks handsome, looks at the cleverness, but her mind is still innocent.

When I read, I read more romance novels of all overbearing presidents. I always think that there must be a white horse prince in this world to meet her with her colorful clouds.In the end, both love stories of home.

However, the ideal is plump, and the reality is bone.

Without a sophomore, she became pregnant.

I didn’t dare to tell my parents that I was afraid that they would knock her leg, so I had to send a message to a friend, that is, her cousin said that she must give a trick.

Also left a message to ask, can you give birth to this "crystallization of love"?

This friend, although he is also an unmarried girl, is particularly rigid.

She has been bullied by the scumbag. It can be said that although she is not jealous of this world, but looking at the feelings, she has never been dragging water and seeing the door.

She replied to cousin and said: Born!Hurry up, you cry after giving birth!

Sophomores have no financial strength, and they have no time and ability to raise their children.

What is the most important in the sophomore stage?Academic.

If you have a child, you will be a loss.

She said, imagine, if you really plan to give birth, get married?If your parents are tight, do you want to prepare for the wedding?October, have you going to leave maternity and leave early, right?

After giving birth, the minimum of not less than 6 months is the lactation?

In general, without a year, there was no way to finish these things.

Even after the school is resting, the courses and credits must be postponed by post -year graduation than the students of the same period, and the potential opportunities for losing may be greater.

In addition, the child is always raised by the child?

After raising for a while, my mother was going to school.Excuse me to give it to the mother?Or give it to grandma?

No matter who to bring it to, everyone must know the suffering of "left -behind children".

Why do mothers who enjoy higher education, make such social problems, and because of their own Tu Le, turn their biological bones and flesh into such a poor child?

Furthermore, my mother is not around, and miss the child’s growth golden period. How can I make up in the future?

Mom is still a child. Dad may be just a child, and the child is just a child. How can a family of children deal with future information?

I believe that if children studying in universities are not particularly outstanding, they basically belong to the stage of supporting tuition and living expenses for parents. If they can have scholarships several times a year, it is also a dragon and phoenix among people.

Overall, it is a child who is raising college.

If the grandson came out early, the burden of the parents of both men and women actually increased a lot.

The maiden or husband’s house always wants a manpower to take care of the child, so it is impossible to do other wages of salary. This is the cost of sinking.

Also, children’s milk powder, diapers, sickness, and early early teach class, and prevent needle. What do you need money?Isn’t it the parents?

If the family is good, I don’t think there is any difference. If the family is difficult, the cost of these costs is really a heavy burden.

So, that’s the same sentence, the sophomore child has no financial strength, and the second has no time and ability to raise the child.

It is not recommended to give birth!

Now at this age, studying seriously is the right way. After reading the book, finding a good job, you can truly bear responsibility, can support your family, can raise your child with you, and be late!

What do you think?

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