"Born a child to drop a teeth" is a pregnant pot?This error still has a mother who is committed, the reason is

Giveting a child is the most important thing in a woman’s life, but many topics about having children in the past.

Most people say that if you do not pay attention to cold and warmth during pregnancy, it is particularly difficult to recover after giving birth.Some of them also said, why did they "destroy their teeth" for having a child?

Finally unloaded, Xiao Li entered the confinement period. Her mother said, "If you don’t let anything, you will rest, otherwise you will accompany your life after confinement."

This month after giving birth is really torment. The hottest bath cannot be washed, the head cannot be washed, and even the face does not allow washing, and the teeth are not allowed to brush.

Mom said, "Brushing your teeth will have a pain in the bed." I really felt that I was going to collapse, but I was worried about what disease would be lost.

The child has been three months old. Recently, a problem found that the teeth are a bit loose. In the past, their teeth were particularly good. Now I find that the teeth will hurt as long as they bite hard.

Not only that, there are two that dropped, it was so depressed.It is said that there is a child to destroy your teeth. Is this really the case?

The doctor gave such an answer. The doctor asked: "Do you have no timely brushing your teeth during the confinement? You are caused by dental caries. The only reason is that it can be caused in time without brushing your teeth in time."

After listening to the doctor’s answer, Xiao Li remembered this. Due to the wrong cognition, he destroyed his teeth and regret it was late.


The temperature of the bath must be controlled, because the bath is mainly to facilitate the skin metabolism, and it can wash away the smell left by the sweat stains on the body.

Therefore, no need for too long, postpartum rinse is generally controlled in 5-10 minutes.And the temperature should be appropriate. Do not be too hot or too cold. Too hot can cause hypoxia. If it is too cold, it will easily catch a cold.


After giving birth to a bath, you need to keep warm. You can first increase the temperature (warm wind) to the bathroom. When the temperature of the bathroom comes up, enter the bath.

The key parts of bathing cannot be omitted. They all know that postpartum metabolism will increase, so the mother will continue to sweat to discharge the moisture in the body, and these moisture will be discharged with the garbage in the body.

Clean the skin in a timely manner to clean the key parts, which can effectively prevent bacteria from breeding.

2) Wash your hair

There have been controversy in postpartum hair washing. Some people say that they want to wash, and some people say that they cannot wash them. Whether they can be washed. I believe many of them have troubled many mothers.

In fact, postpartum can be washed and hair was cleared. Due to a lot of sweat during production, these sweat stains remain on the scalp, which will also affect the metabolism of the scalp. At the same time, it will also provide a hotbed for bacteria, which will cause hair loss.

Correct cleaning method: After cleaning the hair, you need to blow dry your hair at the constant temperature of the bathroom, and then go out of the bathroom. This is to avoid causing a maternal cold in the cold and cold alternation.

3) Brush your teeth

It is unscientific to not brush your teeth after childbirth, because although it is afraid of cold after giving birth, diet will cause tartar on the teeth. If you do not clean up in time after the combination of tartar, it will cause dental caries. Dental caries are an important reason for destroying the teeth.

Correct brushing method: Do not miss any tooth surface and teeth.The brushing time is controlled at about 2-3 minutes, and it is fully brushed to each tooth gingival ditch and gums.The toothbrush and teeth are 45 °.The small horizontal tremor is trembling to the circular motion, the back and forth horizontal tremor is trembled 10 times, and then the toothbrush head is turned to brush all the dirty east and west of the gingival ditch.

After giving birth to brush, you can use a soft toothbrush. Do not use confinement toothbrushes. Because the confinement toothbrush cannot remove the tartar on the teeth well, it is not recommended to use it.

1) Brush your teeth, wash your teeth and regular inspections

How to take good care of your teeth, in fact, you should start from the time of pregnancy. The habit of brushing your teeth must be developed. Otherwise, long -term attachment of tartar will cause dental caries and teeth to fall off.

Washing and regular dental care are also very necessary. The purpose of washing the teeth is to remove stubborn calculus and avoid corrosion of healthy teeth for a long time.

Teeth are the most important existence of life. As the saying goes, the teeth are good, just have a good appetite.

2) Unplug the tooth decay after preparing for pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, if there is already a problem of tooth decay, it must be pulled out in time, mainly to prevent trouble during pregnancy.

3) Do not extract teeth after pregnancy

Remember not to extract teeth after pregnancy, because tooth extraction can cause inflammation. Once inflammation, it must be harmful to the body, and it will also endanger the baby in the abdomen at the same time. It is very dangerous.

On the teeth of nursing, it is necessary to protect it in time when preparing for pregnancy.The protection of teeth is very important. Therefore, protecting the teeth is urgent, and the child is destroyed. In fact, it is not to destroy the teeth, but the unscientific way of nursing.

【Mother Shirley Mother】

Please master the correct way of nursing so that each mother can have a healthy teeth.

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