"Breeding in the early stages of pregnancy" is the 7 reasons. Take a look at it first.

Since having a baby, pregnant mothers have to pay attention to their bodies at all times, for fear of affecting the healthy development of the baby.

But life during pregnancy is not so smooth. For example, "vaginal bleeding" is the symptoms that pregnant mothers are most afraid of seeing. Isn’t it a miscarriage?

Today, Xiaobian revealed the things hidden behind the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy for pregnant mothers!


Bed bleeding

Indeed, some people have a small amount of vaginal bleeding about one week after the ovulation period. This may be that fertilized eggs cause a small amount of endometrium bleeding during the bed, which will usually last for two or three days. There are no obvious symptoms.


Underscending blood bleeding

With the development of fertilized eggs, choric membranes gradually formed.The main function of the choric membrane is to wrap the fetus and amniotic fluid and closely fit the endometrium.

In some cases, the choric membrane is separated from the endometrium, causing bleeding.

Some pregnant mothers will find that there are hematomas next to the pregnancy sac at the 7 or eight weeks of pregnancy, and usually feel that the belly is tight or slightly discomfort.

Generally speaking, with the increasing development of the baby, this situation disappears.


Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy refers to the stage when pregnancy is performed to detect with biochemical methods. It has not developed to the stage of diagnosis of gestational sacs with ultrasound. It is a type of early pregnancy loss.

Simply put, the essence eggs have been combined, but they did not go to the uterus in bed or failed to bed.

Biochemical pregnancy is generally not good in the quality of the embryo itself, or occasionally chromosomal mutations, or natural survival of the fittest.

It is usually manifested as a delay of menstruation for about a week before the vagina began to bleed slowly, and the amount of bleeding is similar to that of menstrual flow.


Threatened abortion

Because the embryo bed is not stable before the placenta development, many factors are prone to abortion.

When abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall will be separated to varying degrees. Once the blood vessels that separate the surface are ruptured, vaginal bleeding will cause vaginal bleeding.


Ectopic pregnancy

I have performed artificial abortion, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic adhesion, or infinement surgery, ectopic pregnancy surgery, etc., which are risk factors that cause ectopic pregnancy.

If the fertilized eggs are not in the uterus, they are called ectopic pregnancy outside the uterus. The incidence rate is about 1%, and 95%of the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.

Picture source: network invasion and deletion

Because the tube wall of the fallopian tube is very thin, the blood circulation and nutrition of sufficient embryo cannot be provided. Therefore, abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, and even severe abdominal pain or a large amount of bleeding in the abdomen.



Portuguese tires are a benign chorionic disease, with an incidence of about one thousandth.

Early symptoms of hydatiditic tires are sometimes difficult to distinguish between normal pregnancy, but the pregnancy reactions of hydatidal fetus are often severe, the amount of bleeding is more, and repeated occurrences are discharged.

Due to the rapid growth of Portuguese, the uterus expands rapidly, and the abdomen is increasingly inconsistent with the age of the moon.

Pregnant mothers often feel abdominal mass and lower abdomen pain.


Cervical lesion

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is easy to ignore the problem of cervix.

Severe inflammation of the cervix leads to erosion, or that there is already cervical polyps, which can easily cause surface microvascular rupture due to changes in pregnancy hormones.

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