"Cefei Guide Guide": Six -questioning cephalosporin side effects

Author: Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Previously, the classification and characteristics of the "cephalosporin" and the commonly used "cephalosporin" methods of "cephalosporin" are given in detail.This article will be used to introduce the side effects of "cephalosporin" by one question and one answer.

——Pharmacist, using "cephalosporin", erythema and itching on the body, how to deal with it?

——In the use of the "cephalosporin" process, the rash, itching, erythema, and urticaria appear appeared as a drug -based rash.Most of the symptoms are mild. Generally, it can be disappeared by itself after stopping the drug, but there are also a few rashes that can continue to develop and life -threatening. Therefore, the rash has been discontinued in time. If the symptoms are severe and continue to develop, you should seek medical treatment in time.

——Pharmacist, using "cephalosporin", now sore throat, hoarse sound, and difficulty breathing. What should I do?

——This is acute throat edema, which must be discontinued immediately and treated in a timely manner.Acute throat edema is common in 1 to 72 hours after injection. The subordinate tissue edema of the throat occurs, causing sore throat, hoarse sound, respiratory tract blockage, and difficulty in breathing, which leads to serious consequences such as suffocation, shock or death.Discontinue the medicine immediately.

——Pharmacist, using "cephalosporin", erythema and itching on the body, how to deal with it?

——This is antibiotic -related diarrhea, which should be stopped immediately or adjusted antibiotics.Antibiotic -related diarrhea symptoms can be severe or light. For those with light, only 2 to 3 times/day, basically alleviate within 3 days after stopping the drug; severe cases can endanger life.Its severity is related to the use of antibiotics and levels. Generally, the longer the use time of antibiotics, the more combined use, the wider the antibacterial range, the greater the risk of diarrhea.

——Pharmacist, used the "cephalosporin" injection, now panic, dizziness, irritability, and began to be hazy. What should I do?

—— (Immediate emergency medical treatment. This may be the prelude to allergic shock. Allergic shock is a serious systemic allergic reaction. If you do not treat it immediately, it can cause death. Generally, it will occur within 5 minutes of medication, and a few appear in the medication.Half an hour later, suddenly occurred. The patient had a conscious obstacle.

——Mill pharmacist, can "cephalosporin" during pregnancy (breastfeeding)?

—— "Cobe" antibiotics are relatively safe for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can generally be used, but the medication must be clearly indicated.For lactating women, if you have worries, you can consider stopping breastfeeding during the medication. Generally, after the drug is stopped 24 hours (48 hours of cephalosporin), you can continue breastfeeding.

——Pharmacist, the renal function is not good, can you use "cephalosporin"?

—— Generally, it can be used, but it is necessary to adjust the dosage or change the number of times according to creatinine clearance.This is to refer to the specification of specific drugs.In addition, the renal function is not good. Try to choose the third and fourth generations with less renal toxic or no renal toxicity to avoid the first and second generations.This is still recommended to choose the medicine and adjust the dose or number of times when the doctor is recommended.

Did the above question and answer let you understand the side effects of the cephalosporin?In the next article, we will continue to introduce monitoring measures about using such drugs.Everyone is not scattered.

Review expert: Yuan Suo, Beijing Century Hospital

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