"Chen Xiao is here!" Dad died because of the public. After 13 years, her daughter restarted the father’s siren …

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There is a kind of honor called "I became you when I grew up"

They inherit the legacy of their loved ones to serve the motherland

The deepest thought is remembering

The best tribute is inheritance

Let’s listen to their story together

Dad, I am the most brave person as you

July 20, 2010

Chen Shui Yin encountered lightning strikes on the front line of flood resistance

Saturch after rescue invalidation unfortunately

Approved by the provincial government as a revolutionary martyr

And being awarded the national public security system

Honorary title of second -level English model

"I was 9 years old

In fact, there is no clear cognition

I only know, my dad has left me "

After his father died

Daughter Chen Xiao slowly germinated

The idea of "want to be a dad"

September 2022

She was successfully admitted to Jiujiang Public Security Bureau

Become a net security policeman

029114 alarm number inherited from his father

"Dad, after you leave

I can feel the power you bring to me

After entering the police

I also found that there are many people who are equally brave around

They are also working hard and struggling

I will follow the way you haven’t finished

Together with them, work hard "

Alert No. 030281 Restart

Daughter inherits the father’s number due to the death of the public

April 11, 2020

Police Li Jun, Public Security Bureau of Chuxiong City

When working in the office

Suddenly feel that my body is unwell and faint

His colleague then sent him to the hospital

Fully rescued by the doctor

In the end, I still failed to save his life

His life is fixed at 49 years old

In the past 31 years

Li Jun once arrested the suspect

And hard work overnight

Squatting on the cold winter night for 5 days

He spent 49 years of life history

Interpret the loyalty and responsibility of the people’s police

Li Jun’s wife said

"In his life, he has the most time with work

He almost missed all the important moments of the child ""

Nevertheless, when it comes to my father

Li Jun’s daughter Li Ziyi is still proud of

Maybe my father’s influence on her too deeply

She resolutely chose to embark on the path where this father walked

"Chu Xiong City Public Security Bureau, Yunnan Province

Police Li Jun, a police officer who sacrificed the public

The unblocking is now inherited by his daughter Li Ziyi ""

From this moment

Li Ziyi inherited his father’s alarm number

式 The alarm number unblocked ceremony suddenly sounded in the talked machine

"030281, the command center call!"

"030281, the Dongcheng Police Station calls!"

"030281, Call for Xicheng Police Station!"

"030281, …"

Brother saves people sacrifice

Sister joined the army to join the army

In 2009, Han Gang, who had a dream from a young age

With infinite longing for the barracks, he should join the army

He has not stepped into the barracks

The workers who rescued the accident during the application period

Unfortunate sacrifice

Life is fixed at 19 years old

He was later taught as a martyr

Han Gang’s predecessor photo

Han Linyang took a photo with his parents before he joined the army

After 14 years

A training base at the northern theater navy

A female soldier wore a fighting suit

Carrying automatic rifle

Quickly creeping under the low pile net

Standard action standard

With 27 seconds 39,

Refresh your tactical record again

A happy smile appeared on the face

She is the sister of the martyr Han Gang, Han Linyang

March this year

Han Linyang walked into the barracks

Become a naval warrior

Han Linyang after enlistment

In Han Linyang’s childhood memory

Brother is very yearning for military camp life

Talking about revolutionary heroes

There are light in both eyes

Look at my brother’s favorite military book

Watching his favorite military film

This is the unique way of Han Linyang’s missing brother

Brother’s longing and longing for military camp life

Self -dedication of self -dedication

It has become a spiritual force that nourishes her strong and brave

Han Linyang after adulthood

The idea of participating in the army is getting stronger and stronger

Han Linyang’s previous photo

"I want to inherit my brother’s legacy into the barracks"

After being admitted to college

Han Linyang revealed his voice to his parents

Parents’ thoughts of her very much support her

And proud of her choice

In March of this year, Han Linyang would embarked on it

The train to the barracks

Open the dream of continuing brother’s dream

Han Linyang (second from left) participated in queue training

Facing strange environment and strict management

Plus lack of personal exercise

The first test after entering the barracks

Just pour a pot of cold water for Han Linyang

39 sitting up on your back

Run 19 minutes and 56 seconds in 3 kilometers

Other all other things are not satisfactory

After training every day

Remove the installation on your body

The fatigue of muscle makes her difficult to fall asleep

I kept thinking in my mind

If my brother participates in the army

What will he do?

Han Linyang’s hands worn the skin

Both arms and legs are damaged

When the leg pain is unbearable after training

The squad leader helped her apply safflower oil

When you stick to your teeth

She has gained the eyes and encouragement of comrades -in -arms

Excellent troops have the backbone of Han Linyang to grant guns

In the recent test

Han Linyang’s various training scores

It has reached excellent

She with a significant grade

Also selected by the camp as a enhanced player

Actively prepare for the base of the Base Pioneer Combat Campaign

In the daily touches

Get your tenacity and perseverance

Han Linyang conducts curved arm hanging training

Brother’s 19 -year -old application for application for application

Han Linyang also entered the barracks at the age of 19

She has her own outstanding performance

Continue the legacy of my brother

Tribute to the brothers and sisters!

The sister of the anti -drug martyr jumped into the deep ditch by the drug dealer chasing the drug dealer

Yin Mingyan is currently serving as the Yunnan Dehong Border Management Detachment

Deputy Captain of the Law Enforcement Investigation Team

It is the former Dehong Public Security Border Defense Division

Martyr Yin Mingzhi’s sister

August 3, 1997

When Yin Mingzhi was arrested drug dealers

Fighting the heroic vendor with multiple handheld weapons

More than ten knives in the body are still holding the drug dealers and not let go

Eventually sacrifice

one year later

Yin Mingyan took the steel gun of the martyr brother

Pointing to poisoning by Xinjiang

In one execution task

Yin Mingyan jumped into the deep ditch chasing a drug dealer

At that time, she just wanted to catch the drug dealers in her heart

I only knew I was pregnant afterwards

So far, Yin Mingyan has participated in more than 100 cases of various drugs

More than 230 suspicions of illegal crimes

Search more than 400 kilograms of drugs

By the National Women’s Federation

Yunnan Women’s Federation

Yunnan Entry -Exit Border Inspection Terminal rated as

"Women’s Forming Model" "Outstanding Women’s Police Officer.

The police sacrificed for 2 years after the public sacrificed

Daughter inherit the legacy


A girl in Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Admitted by the People’s Public Security University of China

Her father

The police who sacrificed two years ago due to public sacrifice


July 11

According to Mao Ping, a police officer who was sacrificed by the public two years ago, revealed that

Mao Ping’s daughter’s total score of 643 points in college entrance examination

Admitted by the People’s Public Security University of China

Mao Ping’s family said

Girl is very hard

My father didn’t go through the way

Daughter continues to move forward

Two years ago

Girl’s father, Comrade Mao Ping

Due to sudden heart -derived dying due to sudden heart source when performing tasks

Rescue is invalid

At 9:50 am on September 30, 2021

Due to public sacrifice, 43 years old

Mao Ping was born on October 18, 1977

June 1996

Graduated from the Hunan Provincial People’s Police School

Joined the Communist Party of China in 1998

Highlights due to work

Mao Ping has won three grades 3 times

6 times by the superior to the Lingjia prize

Mao Ping’s light of life

Light the police emblem

It also left the power to urge comrades to advance

Knowing Mao Ping’s daughter

After being admitted to the People’s Public Security University of China

Police from all over the country have expressed

The gratitude of the child’s inheritance of his father’s legacy

Netizens also expressed

Tribute and blessing

The father’s unprepared road

Daughter continues to go

Police soul is long and vast

Tribute to inheritance!

They are not born heroes,

Just chose to be brave!

Hope every policeman

Every time you go out, you can return safely!

Source: Central Youth League Central Committee

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