"Daughter is 16 years old, and the school dormitory has given birth": The desperate child is destroyed in sex education

When news such as "children’s sexual assault" and "underage human assault" was exposed again and again, the first feeling of many people was heavy, shame, and dare not face … It seems that few people will think about it behind the case of sexual assault in children.In the deeper reasons, few people are willing to mention how to avoid the next tragedy.


Her name is Xiao Meng, who is 16 years old and is reading the first day.

Half a month ago, with the big bleeding and the baby’s crying, she gave birth to a child in the school dormitory.

Yes, she is a mother, but the child’s father is a rapist, and she is a victim.

If it wasn’t for media reports, we wouldn’t even know that those who raped her would be the father of their classmates.

The time returned to the summer of 2021, when Xiao Meng was studying in the sixth grade of elementary school.Because of the age of parents and farming at home, she is more independent than her peers and has more responsibility than her peers.

That day, she was going to return to school from her home, and her classmate’s father Cai Moumou said "kindly" that she could send her.

She never thought that her life that hadn’t bloomed yet was destined to fall into the dark ending from this moment.

On the way, Cai Moumou forcibly had a relationship with her.

We really can’t figure it out. How did Cai Moumou bear and stretched the magic claws to this little girl who was older as his child.

However, the evil of human nature is far more than that.

Later, Cai Moumou violated her twice and threatened her not to talk to anyone.

Who would have thought that the classmate father who had a kind and loved classmate was so shameless, despicable, and without bottom line in his back.

On May 6, 2022, Xiao Meng attracted public opinion after birth in the school dormitory.

When we were angry with Xiaomeng’s encounter, a set of data on April 16, 2020 directly refreshed the cognition.According to the Supreme Procuratorate, the procuratorial organs in the first three months of the year sued a total of 4,151 crimes of sexual assault.

What are the ones who have not been defeated and have not been exposed?I dare not think!


In the education of children, we only mentioned that letting children be alert to strangers.

However, according to the "Girl Protection" 2018 sexual assault children’s case statistics and the report of children’s anti -sexual assault education survey report ", in 2017, 317 exposure sexual assault cases were exposed, with more than 750 victims, of which the proportion of acquaintances performed was 66.25%.

They always showed their teeth with their children.

In 2015, after a couple who worked on a migrant worker in Dazhou, Sichuan, found that the 6 -year -old daughter was in a poor mental state, and the amount of rice was very small, and even the water could not drink.

After taking the child to the hospital for examination, he shocked him.

The 6 -year -old daughter was sexually assaulted and lasted for a whole year!

After investigation by the police, the suspect was actually the uncle of his daughter.

Coincidentally, on June 18, 2020, "Surging News" reported that a 7 -year -old girl in Chongqing was found by doctors in a medical examination and was found to be full of unknown pussy and perianal. It may be serious sexually transmitted diseases.

Subsequently, the doctor’s doctor issued a document to confirm the authenticity of the news.

In subsequent investigations, the root cause of sexual diseases may come from the long -term sexual assault of Grandpa.

Zhejiang’s one-sided man, Lin, used snacks to trick two young girls 6-8 years old to take them home for obscenity and sexual assault;

Zhenjiang’s 43 -year -old man deceived the neighbor’s house under the age of 12 to watch the "small movie" at home. He sexually assaulted 3 times in half a year;

… …


Together with an angry and heartbroken case, we refresh our bottom line.After the relevant news occurs, some people will say "sex education is urgent" and "to make children alert the acquaintance around them."

Compared with the exposure of private goods, sexual hints, and indecent motion exposed in textbooks in the past few days, it is particularly important that children to receive regular sex education in positive and bright.

It is just that few people can realize whether you can receive such sex education and really look at luck!

Here you need to clarify a concept: Sexual education is needed!

But the fact is that the long -term lack of or even stigma in Chinese education has led many parents to be ashamed of sex. They even think that their children are not yet adult and cannot contact these "bad contents".

The Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences has conducted a survey: 46%of parents "never mentioned" sex education related content. Parents’ concerns are very simple "Children are too small", "they are inappropriate", "sorry to say" ..Then, then

Since parents are inconvenient to educate, they will be educated in class.What about the result?

When some parents saw their children’s sex education textbooks, they even felt that the scale was too large and reported angrily.

In February 2017, a mother of a primary school student said on the Internet that the "Reading of Primary Schools Health Education" that the child learned to distribute was too large.As a result, an excellent childhood education textbook has been resisted by many parents.

Those scientific nouns used for sex education have become dirty things in a blink of an eye.

By this time, we think about it again, is this really a good thing?

Under the news of "Girls in the First Girls’ Sexual Promotion", some netizens commented like this:

"Only after giving birth to the police said that they were sexually assaulted?"

The implication is simple. If the child can establish a sense of sexual protection early, if you can receive a complete sex education, it may not be the ending today.

What is even more scary is that the family has responded to the child’s sexual assault, which shows that parents already know.But just under this kind of knowing that children were sexually assaulted, no one was willing to stand up.

Perhaps, in the eyes of some parents, sexual talk is impure, and "good children" are not sexual.

As everyone knows, they just regard their vision as purity, and to keep children from understanding as the best protection.


Regarding sexual education, it is mentioned countless times, but it is still emphasized here.

The most unspeakable in the world is the sun and the other is human heart.

You can never pass the bonus without standard, simply judging whether a heart is good or evil.

This requires that when we do parents, we must learn to protect our children.

① Do a good job in sexual education

I really hope that every parent can correct their attitude towards sex, and then subconsciously convey to the child’s "private view" about sex.For example, the reproductive organs are privacy, and others cannot say casually casually; for example, after being sexually assaulted, they should boldly say to parents.

② Be wary of the "acquaintances" around you

Be sure to tell your child, no matter how familiar with the other party is, whether the other party is the opposite sex or the same sex, he should keep the "safety line"!

③ Exchange more with children

Be sure to communicate more with your child. Only in this way, the child will communicate with the parents as soon as possible after any problems.

Finally, as a parent, I hope that everyone can care more about their children, especially when they find that there are some strangeness on them, it may be a manifestation of infringement:

The child’s underwear is not clean; the private part is injured or the lower body is inexplicable; the negative emotions such as anxiety, panic, and insomnia are inexplicable; they often have nightmares; they have mastered sexual knowledge beyond their age;Essence

Because, it is sad that the little dream in the above above is pregnant to the child, and the body has changed dramatically, but from school, to teachers, and even parents, no one pays attention.

Sexual education will never be too early!I just hope that every parent can understand that if you are afraid of the sex education at the beginning to make yourself blush, then you may make yourself red.

Finally, I hope that every sexual assault suspect will be chemically castrated!

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