"Easy to pregnancy" does not exist at all!It is it for many pregnancy …

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Hello, everyone, today is a very annoying floating gun!

Have you ever heard of "easy pregnancy"?

I still remember that a few years ago, after seeing that many sisters were pregnant, they would share on the Internet that they are susceptible to pregnancy. Through how scientific maintenance, I soon conceived my beloved baby.

However, recently, the floating gun found that the "easy pregnancy constitution" has changed … Many friends have issued a topic with the physical fitness constitution. As a result, the two sides have a fluke in the psychology.If you fall, or you are forced to change your life plan, you can see that the floating gun is really angry and distressed!

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So today, let’s talk about the "easy pregnancy constitution".

In fact, there is no "easy to get pregnant" at all!

The word "easy to get pregnant" looks like a magical buff.There are many "characteristics of pregnancy" on the Internet. It seems that when a girl has these characteristics, she is pregnant when I touch it (I am not exaggerated, someone really writes this).

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After reading it, I really feel extremely outrageous, some posts are comparable to fortune telling …

However, the truth is that there is no concept of "easy to get pregnant" in medicine. The crowd of pregnancy is a healthy child with health!As long as you are 15-49 years old and have normal fertility, you are a prevalence!It is not as magical as the Internet, and some strange health methods are needed to develop.

So, what does fertility normal and physical health mean?Let’s talk about it in detail, and I hope that in case sisters with related issues can be found as soon as possible and improved as soon as possible:

No ovulation disorders

As we all know, the most basic condition for pregnancy is eggs and Mi Qingzi. Eggs meet with Mi Qingzi to synthesize the fertilized eggs, and the fertilized eggs must be in the right position in the right time in a suitable time to get pregnant.It sounds simple, but if there is a problem in any of these links, it may directly affect our fertility.

For example, whether it is polycystic ovarian or premature ovarian failure, some reproductive endocrine diseases related to the ovaries will affect ovulation. When women do not have ovulation, fertility will naturally not be able to talk about it.

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Non -no reproductive organs

The uterus, fallopian tubes, and YIN doctors require normal structure in order to smoothly become pregnant.

The uterus is the position of fertilized eggs in bed. If uterine malformations, such as one -angle uterus, twin uterus, bipolar uterus, vertical uterine, etc., it will inevitably lead to uterine cavity malformation, which will affect the fertilized egg bed, which may cause abortion of abortion, which may cause abortionEven infertility.

Generally speaking, these uterine malformations may not have symptoms, and they are often found during physical examination or physical examination.If you find uterine malformations, you need to decide whether to try to get pregnant by yourself according to the specific situation. If you try to be unsuccessful or habitually abortion, you can correct it through surgery if necessary.

Disclosed fallopian tube development is very, very rare, and usually exist at the same time as uterine development. Common types are dehydration, dysplasia of fallopian tubes, unilateral or bilateral dual -tubes.Disposal development of fallopian tubes may affect the fertilization process and affect fertility.

The developmental deformity of the Yin Road affecting fertility mainly includes: congenital no Yin road, yin road atresia, etc. In fact, when yin roads have deformities, there are often abnormal uterus and cervical development. Therefore, the chance of fertility is also in this case.Very slim.

No important organ disease

In addition to abnormal development of women’s reproductive systems, if an important organs in our body have severe diseases or functional incompletes, it will also affect fertility.

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Our brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney and other important organs, if there are severe diseases, it is likely to be overwhelmed with the increase in the number of pregnancy weeks.Health and even life.

Non -malignant tumor

When women in childbearing age suffer from malignant tumors, they will also affect fertility.From the perspective of cure, the cleaner the sweeping, the more thoroughly, and the supplementary chemotherapy after surgery, the greater the prognosis of the malignant tumor.However, if some patients have fertility needs, they need to adjust the treatment plan and the timing of fertility.

No autoimmune disease

The disease mechanism of autoimmune disease is not clear, and the treatment methods are relatively limited.

For example, systemic lupus erythematosus, patients may affect the original disease during pregnancy, leading to the recurrence and aggravation of the disease, which may lead to abortion, premature birth, and even endangering the safety of themselves and children.Even if the doctor is actively trying to treat and strict monitoring during pregnancy, serious adverse consequences may occur.

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If you have a clear chromosomal abnormality, you must also let your partner also do a chromosome test before you are pregnant, and do a good job of adequate pre -pregnancy eugenics premium consultation to avoid passing abnormal chromosomes to future generations.

No mental illness

Sachs, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental illness seriously affect the quality of life of patients and families. Some we can use drugs to control, but these drugs may cause fetal growth and development.

Therefore, before pregnancy, we must fully consult a psychiatrist and obstetricians to decide whether the drug can be discontinued during pregnancy and how to avoid and control the big outbreak of mental illness during pregnancy.If the condition is serious and the medicine cannot stop, it is not recommended to get pregnant.

No bad habits

In addition to some diseases, many of our bad living habits may affect fertility.This part may be a pit that sisters will step on, such as:

Multiple pregnancy, multiple abortion; irregular daily life; smoking and passive smoking; alcoholism.

Under the influence of these bad living habits for a long time, the endocrine of the body will be disturbed and will affect fertility in severe cases.

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In short, as long as you are in good health and in the age of childbearing age, it is a pregnancy -prone person. If you do n’t have to get pregnant, please take protection measures!If you happen to have the above situation, it is an infertile person, you must take safety measures if necessary, because if you are pregnant by accident, you may have a greater impact on your and your baby’s body.

Oh yes, the floating cannon has to remind you again, and it is not recommended that you operate it in reverse. Don’t deliberately damage your body in order to make yourself not easy to get pregnant. We are not worth it at all!IntersectionIntersection

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Why do you really feel that there are people around you?

Although I said so much, I feel like someone is very easy to get pregnant?Isn’t they pregnant?

The analysis of the floating gun may cause this idea to have the following two reasons:

No correct contraception

Some friends do not know enough about the sexual knowledge and do not have the right contraception, which caused the situation where they thought they had contraceptive but were still pregnancy, and then mistakenly thought that they were a magical "easy pregnancy constitution."

In fact, there are many methods that have been widely circulated but there are no contraceptives, such as safe contraception, in vitro contraception, "I just stab" …

First of all, the safety period is not safe, and it is not even a contraceptive method.

From the perspective of our country’s data, even if women with menstruation are in the same room in the same period, the probability of pregnancy is 14.4%to 47%!

In other words, the probability of nearly half of the major things that changes life in pregnancy appear, don’t try it!Incorrect safety during the safety period leads to pregnancy, it is not called accidental pregnancy, nor is it easy to get pregnant, that is naturally …

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Secondly, "I just stunned", "I can take it out for a while", "I am out", and it is not reliable.

Because the prostate fluid also contains a small amount of Mi Qingzi, as long as it comes into contact with the Yin Road, even if it is just not entering, there is a possibility of pregnancy!Not to mention wearing a sleeve.

Boys can’t control the prostate fluid at all. When it flows out, the boy cannot detect it, and in the process, the woman may conceive.

In addition, there are any ways to rinse, run jumps, and cola … all are unreliable.

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In the end, even if you avoid these pits, you must use reliable methods such as taking short -acting contraceptives or wearing contraceptives, you must use it correctly.

In addition, it should be noted that the failure rate of emergency contraceptives is also relatively high. It can only be used as a remedy for remedy, not a conventional contraceptive method.

So you see, do those sisters who say that they are susceptible to pregnancy or accidental pregnancy, have they stepped on these thunder?


Of course, although the success rate of short -acting contraceptives and condoms is as high as 98 ~ 99%. Except for some error operations, there may still be a very low probability that causes failure.We will be affected, and we feel that the world around us is that the chance of accidental pregnancy will be very high.

In fact, those standard conventional contraception methods have done many experiments after R & D, production and promotion. The probability of failure is far lower than those unreliable contraceptive methods. Everyone still believes in science!

If you don’t want to get pregnant unexpectedly, please do this well

Now, the two most convenient and common contraceptive methods are introduced to sisters in need:


The condom is the most recommended, because it can not only prevent pregnancy, but also prevent sex diseases.Its contraceptive success is as high as 98%, simple and fast, and it has no harm to men and women’s bodies.

Before wearing, you must distinguish the opposite side. If you wear it back, it is not only difficult to wear, but it is also easy to break.In addition, when the secretion is worn on the reverse, it may also cause pregnancy, so you need to change the new.

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When wearing, you need to pinch the storage seminal vesicles and squeeze the air inside to ensure that there is a storage space for the rice green fluid, otherwise it will be diverted to both sides to increase risk.

Finally, after the end, you need to take it out as soon as possible. Don’t put anything in the inside. It is not uncommon to slip away after weakness. It is also a crisis.

Short -acting contraceptive

The short -acting contraceptive pill is taken properly by the instructions. The contraceptive success rate can be as high as 98 ~ 99%. It can be said that it is a very efficient contraceptive method.

It can adjust menstruation and improve skin state.But the disadvantages are also obvious: Many women will leak and misunderstand because of busy or carelessness, which is the most common cause of contraceptive failure.

In addition, it is not suitable for every woman, and everyone has to choose according to their physical condition.

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