"Eat more vegetables" or "eat more fruits" during pregnancy. When giving birth, the gap will highlight

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"Eat more fruits when you are pregnant, because the fruit contains vitamin C, the child will be whiter in the future!"

When Xiaofeng was not pregnant, he often heard colleagues saying, and saw that the skin of several colleagues and children was relatively white and tender. Colleagues said that they would eat more fruits when they were pregnant!

When Xiaofeng was pregnant, it was the season for the grapes. There were grapes every day at home. Sometimes she had to eat one pound or even two pounds of grapes a day.

As a result, at 24 weeks of pregnancy, when she went to diabetes screening, she found that the empty blood glucose and blood sugar after meals increased.

The doctor said that the blood sugar is so high that he must pay attention to control the diet. It is recommended that she eat as little fruits as possible. If you want to eat, you should eat some sugar lift indexes.Pear and other fruits.

And rice can not be eaten so much, eat some coarse food.


Xiaofeng used to eat fruits and usually eat white rice. The doctor suddenly asked her to control it, and sometimes she was not controlled so well, so her weight increased quickly throughout the third trimester.

Every time I go to B -ultrasound, the doctor said that the child is relatively large. By the time she was more than 39 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor said that she had such a situation. It is estimated that there was no way to give birth to a cesarean section.

As a result, at 39+6 weeks, the child had 4.8 kg, that is, 9 catties, 6 pounds, and 6 pounds, and the child also had hypoglycemia, respiratory distress syndrome, and jaundice, which had been rested for nearly half a month in the newborn family.


After that, Xiao Feng began to persuade friends around him. After pregnancy, do not eat so many fruits and eat more vegetables.

The taste of fruits is indeed better than vegetables, because the fruits contain a lot of water, which can be replenished when eating fruits, and fruit sugar in the fruits, which tastes better.

But we recommend that eating more vegetables and less fruits during pregnancy.

In the "Chinese Women’s Balanced Dietary Pagoda during pregnancy" released by the Chinese Nutrition Society, it is recommended that mothers recommend 300 ~ 500 grams of vegetables every day during pregnancy, 200 ~ 400 grams of fruits, which are equivalent to one pound of vegetables and half a catty of fruits per day.That is, double the vegetables, twice as more fruits.

★ The probability of caesarean section

Because fruits contain a large amount of fruit sugar, if the mother eats too much fruits during pregnancy, and the insulin secretion is reduced during pregnancy, it is easy to cause the mother to have gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

If the mother has gestational diabetes during pregnancy, the nutrition absorbed by the fetus has a large amount of sugar, which will cause the fetus to grow and develop faster, resulting in a large fetus, and the fetus will affect production.

Therefore, when my mother eats more fruits during pregnancy, the probability of cesarean section may be higher.

If the mother eats more vegetables during pregnancy, because there are more dietary fiber and low calories, they can better control the mother’s weight, better control the weight of the fetus, and the probability of delivery will be higher.

If you want to give birth, eat more vegetables during pregnancy.

★ The weight of the newborn

Newborn weight 5 catties-8 catties is a normal level. If the mother eats more vegetables during pregnancy, the weight is controlled well. The weight of the fetus is generally at a normal level. Easy to give birth!

If the mother likes to eat fruits when she is pregnant, then the fruit sugar of fruits will cause the mother’s intake to increase the calories, and it will easily lead to a large fetus.

If the child weighs more than 8 catties when he is born, it is a huge child, and the huge child is not a good thing for the child’s health.

Except for production, there is no way to give birth, children may suffer hypoglycemia when they are born, and it is more likely that because they have been relatively large when they are young, children are prone to obese when they grow up.

Therefore, it is recommended that the mother eat more vegetables during pregnancy, and it is recommended that green leafy vegetables take more than half, which is more conducive to the mother’s own health and the health of the fetus.

If the mother’s blood sugar is not high, it is enough to eat half a catty of fruits a day. If the mother’s blood sugar is relatively high, it is even recommended that the fruit is enough to control around three or two.

Vegetables contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins, and low calories, which are higher in nutritional value for pregnant mothers.

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