"Gray Nail" is dedicated to nail sterilization strategies of mothers during pregnancy

Why is it more likely to be infected with bacteria / norecoccoli during pregnancy during pregnancy?

During the birth of the child, the mother’s body immunity was the weakest. If the husband or family had bacteria, at this time, it was most likely to be infected by hand and foot bacteria, resulting in itching, blisters, erosion and other symptoms.Edema.

In another case, it is infected with hand and foot bacteria, weakened immunity, the skin cannot be lower than the erosion of fungi, a large amount of fungi reproduces, and frequent activities.It will also lead to worsening infection.

What should I do if I do infected with my hands and foot infection during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to take sterilization operations during special circumstances.It is recommended to perform sterilization during pregnancy and lactation.If it is very itchy during pregnancy or the symptoms of erosion, it can be temporarily relieved with light saline.

Infected file file:

Start dealing: December 20, 19, 19

Basically healing: May 11, 2019

Back to visit: June 13, 2020

Guidance suggestion: According to the symptoms, it is obviously thickened, and all nails are infected.First packet Baccales to remove the thickened nails, which is convenient for the penetration of the soup agent. After soaking, continue to packet bad armor, repair the bad armor, completely repair the bad armor, and continue to soak.To heal completely.

Analysis of the sterilization process:

Nails are significantly thickened.From the infected person, the infection time is about 3 years.During pregnancy, the situation suddenly worsened, and 10 toes began to thicken and ended.

(Figure 2) The asylon nails belong to the symptoms caused by exogenous fungi, and simply removing bad nails cannot deeply sterilize

(Figure 3) With the packet 6 days, the bad armor has softened, and the bad armor is repaired and then soaked.During the soaking, itching will be it.It is a normal bacterial reaction.With the removal of fungi, the reaction will disappear.The dead skin of the rear heel slowly shed.

(Figure 4) After soaking, the skin on the skin is talked to the skin.

(Figure 5) The nails are backlifted, and the symptoms of dandruff thickening can be relieved.

(Figure 6) The symptoms of thickening thickening of the thumb disappear and directly fit the growth.With the suspension, the soup color will disappear automatically.

(Figure 7) The soup fades away, and the nails return to light and translucent.


A fungal infection has strong infectivity. Although healthy skin armor has certain resistance, it is recommended that if family members have timely sterilization to avoid re -infection.In addition, some points need to be reminded:

First, the daily cleaning of shoes and socks, regular cleaning of the shoe cabinet, can be cleaned with sterilization of shoe socks.

2. Daily care of leather armor: warm water cleaning, coating skin dew;

Third, diet, work and rest, and healthy living habits are also important.

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