"Husband, what are the rewards when I get pregnant?" "Reward a divorce certificate, send your male girlfriend"

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Mr. Lu now really feels that his wife is particularly shameless. He does not know that his wife is pregnant. What face tells him about this and even ask him to reward. He thinks he is a very generous manIntersectionDo you think he is a man who can tolerate it?

Mr. Lu has been married to his wife for 3 years. In fact, in the three years when he married his wife, he really felt particularly disappointed with his marriage, and even felt that he and his wifeThis marriage between them is a mistake and a particularly big mistake.

At first he and his wife met in a bar. At that time, he felt that his wife was a bold woman, and he also had a special appetite. Therefore, after knowing his wife, he also pursued it.His wife promised to have a relationship with him for 1 year.

But for his feelings, many friends around him are particularly not optimistic, because the friends around him feel that his wife is not a good woman. If he marrys such a woman, his marriage life will definitely liveIt was particularly unhappy, and even many friends let him not continue with his wife.

But at that time, he couldn’t listen to his friends, and even under the persuasion of his wife, he chose to break the contact with his friend, and surrounded him all his own time on his wife.He is a good woman. He feels that he lives with his wife, and he will have a particularly happy life.

So he ignored all his friends around him at that time, and ignored his parents who liked his wife.When he gets married, his future life will only be happy and happy.

It is indeed the first year when he just married his wife. He felt that his marriage life was particularly happy, because his wife was really a special woman at that time. Except for work, his wifeIt was spent on their family, and he thought that his marriage life would always be happy.

But in the second year of the two of them married, the marriage life between them has changed a lot, because at that time he found that there was a male girlfriend around his wife, and his wife, the male girlfriend, and his wifeIt has been known for many years. Before they got married, his wife did not tell him.

And the reason why he discovered that his wife had a male girlfriend because he returned home in advance at that business trip and found that his wife and a man were at home. His wife also told him at that time.There is only a relationship between the two people, and there is no other relationship at all.

He also chose to believe his wife at that time, and did not think about other aspects.But later, he slowly found that there was an unspeakable secret between his wife and her male girlfriend, and even his wife and her male girlfriend usually had some intimate relationships.

After he learned about these things, he also told his wife that he himself cared for this matter. He really didn’t want her to continue to contact her male girlfriend, but it seemed that his wife had never regarded this matter.In my heart, I even felt that things between her and her male girlfriend could be concealed.

Because of these methods of his wife, he was particularly dissatisfied with his marriage, and he could even be said to have some disappointment. If his wife did not do anything too much, he would not walk with his wifeIn the step of divorce, I wouldn’t feel that the green hat on my head was really too green.

Some time ago, he just returned home on a business trip. His wife said to him directly that she was pregnant and the child had been a month.Hearing his wife’s words, he only felt particularly chill, because a month ago, he was on a business trip in a business trip, and he was not at home at all, which was enough to prove that the child was not his.

If there is no male girlfriend around his wife and no mess with the man outside, he learned that after his wife was pregnant, his own heart would definitely feel particularly happy and happy.But such a thing happened, he really didn’t have any other feeling except the chill.

So when his wife said that she was pregnant and he had any rewards, he told his wife directly to send a divorce certificate to her and her male girlfriend, and also wished the two of them for a hundred years.Mr. Lu felt that he really paid enough for his marriage, but his wife made him feel very disappointed, and he really didn’t want to continue to maintain this marriage anymore.

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