"I’m pregnant, the child is not yours" The couple chat history is exposed …

Source: Girl Rabbit (ID: IIILASS)

Sister Rabbit has published a comic before:

Send a message to my boyfriend, saying that I am pregnant

See what response from the other party

What about most boys

After hearing the news, I am super excited and excited

The feedback given is both cute and warm

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A few days ago, a girl took this small routine

"Spoof" your boyfriend

However, what makes people unexpected is

Things developed in a strange direction

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Boys’ answers are simple and powerful, firm and thorough

There is no problem to pick

There are really not many responsible treasure boys like this

I thought it was the end of the reunion

The girl was touched

Fortunately, I met the right person

Who knows that the girl is not dying

Do not want to give your boyfriend a fatal blow

"If the child is not yours"

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It’s really good to return

It’s not my own, why do I need to take it

Should the treasure boy be bullied?

If you are derailed, you will break up. Isn’t this the common sense of adults?

But this heroine regardless of your rational discussion

She took out a trial and uncomfortable killer

"Well, just be happy"

"You are not so generous"

"So good boyfriends are from other people’s houses"

This means:

The good boyfriends in her definition are all charity green hats

When the boy assumes that the identity is exchanged, if he is derailed

Ask his girlfriend what should she do

The girl answered decisively, breaking up

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Ask your boyfriend earlier

The focus of not seeing things

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In order to be able to win the boyfriend to let the other party apologize

The focus of this incident is

"No focus"

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I don’t listen to the truth

Logic I don’t talk

You have to play with me

Tears of tears tonight

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Woman: "If I am pregnant, what should I do if the child is not yours?"

Male: "I believe you will not be derailed"

So where is this question logic

It lies in the girl’s endless "work"

It is that boys must obey trust without brainlessness unconditional

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"If I am pregnant, what should I do if my child is not yours?"

"I believe you won’t be derailed" "I am talking about if! If !!!"

"Then since you are derailed, just break up." "What I said is if, are you blind?"

… …

The next quarrel

Fet into a dead cycle

If you want to see it, go on a sliding picture

Sister Rabbit really can’t stand it anymore

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Always tentatively tentatively

The reply is not satisfied and angry

But this man is really sick

I think he is blind, so he doesn’t break up?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

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The sentence of the ending girl is really annoying

Obviously you are joking and no degree

True air

Strive your boyfriend not love yourself enough to understand yourself

General girls test boyfriend

It’s nothing more than a couple amused

Get it if you see it, it’s almost enough

If you don’t have a lot of trouble in your heart

It will only make people disgust

Sister Rabbit watched a video a few days ago:


The video should be shot

But it does reflect the state of many couples in love

Maybe someone will say that this is testing the desire to survive my boyfriend

Why do you want to do a small problem

At first glance, I haven’t been in love

But how much feelings have died on this kind of question?

Everyone loves to see "desire to survive"

If you accidentally become the "proposition" of the relationship between the two people

Some time ago, there was a special topic

“Is wrong with him?” “

@Know almost

At first glance, it is indeed a boyfriend’s fault

I let you order a takeaway and you can make mistakes

I don’t like what I order, let you retreat and don’t retreat

Am I not angry?

But think about it

Is it really worth so angry?

"My boyfriend gave me some takeaway for more than half an hour and didn’t order it."

If you want to eat, don’t discount, if you don’t want to eat discounts, don’t want to eat

Coupled with distribution fees, lunch box fees, full reduction and discount products are not superimposed

For choosing a syndrome, it is normal for half an hour


Can you just say what you want to eat?

"I let him retreat, he refuses"

Looking at the background of the discussion, the male and female owners should be a different place

Boyfriend in a different place is worried that you can’t eat well and don’t fit your appetite

Considered it for half an hour

In the end, are you going back?

Because you don’t like to eat

"I have explicitly told him which store is some store"

Now that you clearly say which takeaway you want to order

Why don’t you like to eat it?

Why do some girls no matter what

The first time I think of is angry

Don’t want to solve the problem, just want to solve the problem

Do you think this scene seems to have known each other

Male: What to eat at night?

Woman: casually.

Male: Is that hot pot?

Woman: No, it’s too tired, I lose weight.

Male: That’s light call, drink some porridge?

Woman: Too faint.

Male: emmmm … what do you want to eat?

Woman: casually.

Male: Is that fried noodles?

Woman: I don’t like to eat fried noodles

Man: Then what do you say to eat?

Woman: What do you mean by your tone?I think I am annoyed

Male: No ~

Woman: Sure enough men are the same

Men: I really don’t!IntersectionIntersection

Woman: No, no, why do you roar me!

Man: Where did I roar you, why are you angry again

Woman: Why am I angry, do you not count in your heart?

The mind of a girl like a mysterious girl

This behavior is not just naive

And it is irresponsible to feelings

Anyone has his own temper and limit

Don’t think you love him, he loves you

You can vent, test and consumption without bottom line

The right test is the regulator of love

Excessive provocation is the cremation field of love

It’s not coquettish to die without making trouble, no brain to die

It’s not interesting to touch the bottom line of others

It’s like a girl who has been asking for help recently

I am angry because my boyfriend doesn’t understand what he said

Finally, her boyfriend kneels to coax her

As a result, she sent the photos of her boyfriend kneeling to the circle of friends

@Know almost

Seven -foot man in the dignified church, because he loves you

Loos and kneel down with a smile. You laugh at you

You don’t leave a little dignity for others

Also send a circle of friends to show off nakedly

Have you considered the other party’s feelings?

Such behavior

What is the difference between sending a girlfriend to a girl in the circle of friends?

Hey, daily reflection why this kind of woman can find a boyfriend

And many good girls can’t find it

Girl, you are here to fall in love

Don’t come to someone to be abused by you

Occasionally "work" is really easy to make


Little "doing" with love, big "doing" injuries

Strong "making" gray flying smoke

In this case, it’s better to sit down and talk well

Men are from Mars, women are from Mercury

Those noisy issues may be just misunderstandings

@Baidu Encyclopedia

Sometimes, it’s not that boys deliberately provoke you angry

But straight men really don’t understand the hints of girls

On the contrary, girls have more thoughts

Like to fight against each other again and again

Lenovo jump of brain hole is comparable to detective Conan

There is a tattoo on her boyfriend

I suspect I am imposing my ex -girlfriend

Swipe pictures to view all

turn out……

@现 scene

Girls because of a bottle of ginger -flavored facial cleanser

Decide to break up with your boyfriend


Men and women really come from two planets

There is a big difference in thinking, different cognition of things

Don’t want boys to read mental skills

What am I thinking, but I just don’t say

I think you should know what I am thinking

You don’t know just don’t love me

Don’t get angry, don’t turn around

Have something to say, communicate well

Really important

When contradictions occur, don’t think about being angry for the first time

Instead, try to change the way of communication


Ask the other party:

"After so long, I haven’t ordered takeaway, are you encountered any problems?"

"You don’t want to pick, let me come", "Takeaway is not delicious, let’s do it yourself next time"

Try once with less:

"What if the child is not yours?"

Love is not if

How much feelings died on "if"

Understand: Xiao Zuo is happy, big masterpieces are injured

Recognize: different men and women, change the mentality

Believe in each other, definitely each other

Learn to understand, know how to respect

Only then will harvest long love

Author: Sister Rabbit, VIP member of the Universe Painted Wife Association, super popular beauty cartoonist, the most understandable girl’s heart: Girl Rabbit (IIILASS)

Finally, I hope to pay attention to my dogs

They all get sweet love!

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