"It’s better to be a mother than a mother." The 47 -year -old mother became pregnant with the 25 -year -old sister -in -law at the same time

Last year, my mother felt uncomfortable. After going to the hospital for examination, she discovered that she was pregnant, and when she found that the fetus was six months old.

My mother is 47 years old. As her menstruation stops, she thinks it is the reason for menopause.Half a year ago, she began to feel that she was getting fat, but she only thought that her diet was getting better and she ate more.

When my mother was pregnant, everyone felt incredible.She decided to give birth to a child after discussing with my father. After all, it has been six months, and the induction of labor is now more dangerous than being born.

However, my sister -in -law could not accept this decision.She hopes that my mother will have a miscarriage. Two reasons: First of all, she has been pregnant for three months. If my mother gave birth to a child, she would not help take care of her child; second, my parents are almost 50 years old.When the child is in his twenties, the sister -in -law is worried that he will eventually be borne by my brother.Therefore, she made a few times and asked my mother to induce labor.

My mother did not induce labor. A few months later, my sister was born.The sister -in -law was so angry that my brother obeyed the opinion of Xunzi and in favor of the division.My parents saw that my brother was so conscientious and felt cold, and he decided to separate.

After the separation, my parents returned to the countryside.They are old, and they have many problems with children, and they spend a lot of money.In order to make more money, my father contracted others’ fields and intends to sell more vegetables.However, one day he had an accident when he gave food, and he died before he was taken to the hospital.

After my father was buried, my mother was sad.I am worried that my mother is so old, and she has to take care of her children, and I am worried that she will have an accident.Therefore, I discussed with my brother and decided to take my mother to the county.

However, my sister -in -law responded a lot after hearing this decision.She said that this was the result of the two of them who had to have children, and said that she would never take care of my mother now.Later, I had no other way. I could only discuss with my husband and let my mother move to our house for a while for a while. When my sister grows up, she will send my mother to the countryside.

At first, my husband had no objection to this, and his mother lived in our house for several months.Until one day, my mother -in -law suddenly came to our house and scolded us in front of our mother without conscience.She said that her son worked hard to work hard to support other people’s children, and she even drove her mother and sister out of the door.I stopped her, but she even launched the door and threatened that if I did not send away my mother and sister, she would let my husband divorce me.

I went to ask my husband. He said that I was his wife, and my mother had her own home. Even if I had a job now, he could not accept me to take the money to take care of my mother and sister.Recently, he did have some opinions on this. He also agreed to let his mother and sister move out. This is not only the wishes of her mother -in -law, but also his wishes.

Now I am in trouble. My sister is only one year old, and my mother has not been in good condition since her production.However, my husband was unwilling to compromise.I can’t ignore my mother, but I don’t want to divorce.Do you have any good suggestions?

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