"It’s so hot! I want to eat ice cream!" Mother -in -law: "I can’t eat ice cream during pregnancy!"

In the hot summer, the heat is unbearable. Both adults and children want to eat some foods that cool down and relieve heat. Ice cream is the first choice for many people to cool down.So, do pregnant women who want to eat ice cream with high body temperature? Many people think that eating cold and cold food during pregnancy is not good for pregnant women and fetuses. Can we study ice cream together today?

Can pregnant women eat ice cream?

Before discussing this topic, let’s study the general composition of ice cream.Each hundred grams of ice cream is mainly composed of three nutritional ingredients, that is, fat (4.2%to 32%) general popsicles (such as old popsicles, fruit popsicles, mung bean popsicles) less fat, chocolate flavor, ice cream, metes, sweet cylinder,High fat, sugar (14%to 20%) ice cream popsicles are generally high sugar and protein (accounting for 1%to 8%, of which the main source of fat is milk and eggs, and it contains more lecithinHuman memory. The sugar and protein in ice cream are also nutrients needed by the human body. But in addition to the above nutrients, ice cream also contain additives such as sweeteners, flavors, pigments.

Secondly, we also need to consider various germs that may contain ice cream.Although many people think that the germs can be killed at low temperature at low temperatures, there will still be some cold bacteria and mold resistance, which may cause gastrointestinal diseases such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.The above are the factors that pregnant women should consider when eating ice cream.

Therefore, in general, pregnant women can eat ice cream, but pregnancy is a relatively special period. For the growth of the baby and the mother’s own health, expectant mothers should still restrain the desire to eat ice cream and reduce the risks that may bring.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat ice cream

Although pregnant women can eat a small amount of ice cream, they still need to pay attention to the following points

1. Pay attention to food safety.When eating ice cream, expectant mothers must choose to produce regular manufacturers and qualified products during the shelf life.

2. Control the amount of consumption.First of all, eating too much may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.Secondly, the cold ice cream may stimulate the fetus and cause frequent fetal movement.In addition, high sugar in ice cream causes blood glucose to fluctuate in gestational glycogen resistance and expectant mothers of gestational diabetes, resulting in exceeding the standard of blood sugar.

Suggestions for pregnant women to eat ice cream

During pregnancy, it is a very special period in itself. Many changes have taken place in the body of pregnant women. Therefore, there are still many places worthy of attention to mothers. For pregnant women, there are the following suggestions:

1. Read the food label and buy the ice cream and popsicles with a low -fat formula, that is, do not choose the cream taste too heavy, and the ice cream with additives such as additives with too many pigments.A large amount of fat intake will cause extended stomach retention time, and the risk of inducing pregnancy will increase.

2. If pregnant women have gastrointestinal diseases or sensitive intestinal tract, don’t eat ice cream anymore.Otherwise it may increase gastrointestinal discomfort.

3. If pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes, they cannot eat ice cream, and the high sugar points in the ice cream will aggravate the condition.

4. If pregnant women feel unwell after eating ice cream, they must stop eating immediately.If contractions occur, you must go to the hospital for examination.

The harm of eating ice cream in pregnancy

Some expectant mothers couldn’t control their mouths during pregnancy, and they secretly ate ice cream by themselves, but after eating, they blamed that the ice cream would be harmful to the fetus.In fact, the consumption of a small amount of ice cream in pregnant women will not directly affect the fetus in the abdomen, but a large amount of ice cream will affect the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women, which will endanger the baby’s healthy development.So what are the dangers of pregnant women eating ice cream?

1. Due to changes in the body during pregnancy, the respiratory tract mucosa of the pregnant woman’s nose and pharynx is often congested and edema. If you eat too much ice cream and other cold drinks, the blood vessels will suddenly shrink, resulting in local resistance such as nasal and pharynx, causing throat pain, Cough and so on.In severe cases, it may cause upper respiratory tract infection.

2. If the pregnant woman eats too much ice cream, because the cold stimulation may cause the fetus to be restless and cause contraction, which may cause abortion or premature birth.

3. Pregnant women who consume ice cream for excessive consumption may also damage gastric mucosa, shrink the blood vessels of the gastric mucosa, reduce gastric secretion, affect the absorption of nutrients, cause gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

4. The cumulative number of sugar in excess ice cream is considerable, and some pregnant women will increase their blood sugar, which will grow too fast and increase the risk of suffering from gestational diabetes.

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