"Ligging" Women and ex -boyfriend one night, she naturally became pregnant and gave birth to a triggea boy.

There is no strange world in the world, and there are too many incredible worlds in this world.What is related to this news is about children.We know that children are the hope of many families, and families with children mean huge hope.According to the Sun, 28 -year -old Charliann Broadhurs, 28 -year -old from Weiring Berler, Beandan County, England, although ligated, he still gave birth to trilogy naturally.

This is the case. Before she was pregnant with a trigger boy, she was already the mother of three girls.These children are 8 -year -old Cassiley, 7 -year -old Kella and 5 -year -old Syena.Because there are three girls.The lady chose to ligate because she didn’t want to ask her children anymore.Later, one day she met Ryan Hill, a "childhood sweetheart" of her bamboo horse.Their love spark was ignited again.

Surprisingly, this time, this time she was ligated, her arms!pregnant!It’s!You know, this appeared in a ligatory state, plus occasional once, so in terms of probability, it is very small.But things are so amazing.She was pregnant at once.She mentioned, "No one believes. Ryan Hill is my lover of my bamboo horse. We were together at the age of 15. Wei’s twins were a miracle."

"This is a fairy tale. I have no plan to have a child at all, let alone a triplet. When I go to the doctor, the doctor told me the result, I was stunned." She mentionedAfter Katelin’s General Hospital, after scanning, she found that she was outside the twins, but there was a small black dot."When I told Ryan Hill, he almost hit someone else’s car."

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, she told her three daughters that they were going to be a sister.Moreover, she specifically proposed that she was not a sister’s sister, but as the sister of the three younger brothers.The process of pregnancy is very difficult. In the meantime, they were told that babies may suffer from twin and two -tabbing syndrome (TTTS) that causes babies to stop growing.

Then they decided to give their children a caesarean section in advance.On May 31, 2019, Chalian Broand Hett, who was pregnant at 33 weeks of pregnancy, underwent surgery at Nottingham Hospital.At 12:31 pm that day, the three children were born.Today, in the words of Chalian Broand, children taking a bath and eating are like fighting.However, she is also very happy.What do you think about this?Welcome to leave a message.

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