"ma"?"ma"?I asked my colleagues to have a milk tea, but the result was too embarrassing …

Recently, Shanghai Consumer Yang reported

May 15th,

Is he hungry?

356 yuan "Grandma handmade" milk tea.

After arriving at the hand, I was reminded by colleagues,

He found the "Mao" of "Grandma" (Note: Read Mó)

It turned into "嬷" (Note: read mó).

Mr. Yang immediately asked the hungry complaint to refund the complaint,

And get off the shops of counterfeit brands.

at present

The merchant involved has issued a statement response and said

All have been removed and destroyed related products

Expressing sincere apology to infringement

And already made compensation

Small program suspension of orders

Are you hungry? Put an order: delivery time for 147 minutes

Mr. Yang said that on May 15th, he originally wanted to go on an order to ask colleagues to drink milk tea on the "Grandma’s hand -made" applet.So he chose to order on the hungry.

After searching for "Grandma’s Hand" when he was hungry, Mr. Yang saw the first place in "Grandma’s hand work".Driners in the shops such as 29 yuan, Michami Potato, and a longan gardenia coconut with 30 yuan, the names and prices are exactly the same as the genuine "Grandma handicraft"."I didn’t notice it at the time, this grandma was not his grandma."

In addition, the "Grandma handicraft" has a long delivery time, even longer than the running leg purchase time."Seeing the delivery time is 147 minutes, I thought it was too hot, it must be delicious!"

The name of the pirated "Grandma handmade" product is not much different from the genuine version

Mr. Yang did not find any difference after getting his hands."Grandma handwork" is not much different from the genuine "Grandma hand work" on the packaging bag, but the outsourcing bag of "Grandma handwork" is the heating bag, and the genuine is a paper bag.

The left is the outer packaging for "Grandma’s hand -made", and the right side is the genuine "Grandma handicap"

After reminding colleagues, Mr. Yang found that the outer wall of the "Grandma’s hand -made" milk cup was written on the outer wall of the milk cup, and the font and the pattern were significantly different from the genuine "Grandma handwork".Judging from the label of milk tea, the genuine "Grandma hand work" will be posted with the "birth certificate" marked with the origin of milk tea raw materials, and "Grandma handmade" is just the name of milk tea."Then I realized that I bought the Li Gui version."

The difference between pirated "Grandma hand work" and genuine "Grandma hand work"

After discovering that he bought the pirated "Grandma hand work", Mr. Yang complained to the hungry platform to refund and removed the "Grandma handmade"."I hope to get off the merchant who obviously wipes the brands that imitate the brands, and less people will be deceived!"

"Grandma hand work" reply comments:

Milk tea is made by people.

The reporter searched for "Grandma Handiculum" in the hungry app and found that in Shanghai, in addition to the "Grandma handicap" mentioned by Mr. Yang, there is another "Grandma hand -drinking".The genuine "Grandma handmade" shops all need to "run the legs."

The details of "Grandma’s hand work" read: "Non -chain brand, mind don’t order."However, its LOGO using genuine "Grandma handwork" is used as the avatar, and the product and price are exactly the same as the genuine "Grandma handicraft".This operation obviously misleads many consumers to buy orders, and there are many bad reviews in the comment area of the store.Some consumers commented: "I thought it was a new store next to it. I did not expect it to be fake. The packaging and the name of the name and the Internet Red Store were not the net red shop, everyone chose carefully."

In this regard, "Grandma’s hand -made" replied: "I want to ask you, isn’t milk tea made? Where can there be real and imitation, if you feel that there is a problem with the taste, I can accept it."Surging news reporters have recently reported to the hungry customer service "Grandma handmade". The customer service said that it would be transferred to the relevant departments for processing.

Consumer evaluation in the "Grandma Handicraft" comment area

The merchant involved issued an apology statement

Now all have been removed and destroyed

The reporter then learned that "Grandma’s handwork" has issued an apology statement on the store interface on the store that the product, packaging, and propaganda materials that include the "Grandma handmade" trademarks containing the "Grandma hand work" trademarks are not obtained.The permission of the "trademark of the trademark of the trademark of the trademark right holder, Guangxi Shuangcun Catering Management Co., Ltd., has now been removed and destroyed. He expressed sincere apology for infringement and has made compensation.

Merchant apology statement



Source of this article: Surging News, Newsfang

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