"My boyfriend has no car and no room, what should I do if I am pregnant?"


A reader named Miao Miao left a message in the background that her life is currently in a dilemma, and her heart wants to die.

The passage is like this.

Miao Miao is just 25 years old and has a secondary school degree. After graduation, he has been a teacher in kindergarten.

Just at the age of marriage and marriage, the beautiful seedlings with a good figure, there are many suitors around them.

If she is willing, there is a lot of marriage objects with a car and a house, but she is obsessed with a handsome and poor egg, and she is pregnant with his child.

During the time when I was pregnant, I was caught up with the kindergarten to relocate. Miao Miao had to have a monthly vacation with the principal because of the redness of Dongxi.Since then, the news of her pregnancy has spread.

The principal euphemistically hinted at Miao Miao’s resignation, and An Anxin had a tire at home. In case of any accidents, what should I do!

Miao Miao’s face was thin, and she agreed with the requirements of the principal. Since then, she has stayed at home to raise her tires.

Originally, she was easy to think about it during pregnancy. In addition, she was still unmarried and she was in her home. At present, Miao Miao’s emotions are very unstable. She is often hysterical. She feels endless confusion and helplessness to the future.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to kill the child, after all, he was a small life; on the other hand, he didn’t want to marry his child’s father.

Where to go in the future, Miao Miao suddenly lost the backbone, and only the bitter grievances of a belly and endless confusion despair.


Seriously, I don’t know how to comfort Miao Miao.Once some roads go wrong, they often regret it.

Every life is worthy of respect. If the child is developing normally, he wants to kill him from his stomach. This decision is too cruel.

There is no car or a house to earn it slowly, but the behavior of killing the child will become guilty and regrets for a lifetime.

Of course, this is just my personal thoughts. In this era, the flow of people has been commonplace, and more women removed the children who removed their children.

"If you can’t give him a good life, then don’t let him come to this world."

They have a word, treating people’s flow as a good thing for righteous words.In such a mentality, they ran to the hospital with peace of mind to do the flow of people. What’s more, they had forgotten the pain, and their bodies recovered for a long time.

Once, some of the wanton abortion women I saw on the Internet were almost outrageous.

"Don’t look at I am 26 years old, but have been aborted 8 times. This is not to say that I am a bad woman. I always have only one man is her husband."

"A friend of my friend was 10 times, and he could always be pregnant. She would be pregnant when she touched without contraceptive measures. The society was so unfair."

"Oh! I had 11 and gave birth to two babies. Because I couldn’t ligate, I went to the ring, and I took contraceptive measures every time, but I was pregnant. I was speechless."

I don’t know, I was startled at a glance.I really can’t believe that there are so many women in the world who watch the flow of people in the world. Their behaviors are only angry, angry, and angry.


Each gift in destiny has long been marked in secret.

How many women have been unable to succeed in the last half of their lives because of a flow surgery.

I heard a friend said before that a college classmate had to be pregnant because she was unexpectedly pregnant during school. In order not to affect her academic and future, she had to have a abortion surgery.

Hate, in order to avoid the responsibility, her boyfriend did not admit that the child was him, and even the cost of abortion surgery was borrowed by girls.

Lying on the cold operating table, the girl’s heart and death have all the hearts. Compared with the pain brought by the surgery, her boyfriend’s ruthless ruthlessness makes her hate.

How many times spent the previous month and how many times, the Ya Yushan League, but in the end it was so vulnerable.If time can come back, she would rather not fall in love for a lifetime, and would never choose him as a boyfriend.

After the abortion surgery, she was weak because of her funds, and she was embarrassed to find her family and friends for money, so that even the most basic nutrition could not be guaranteed. Only eating steamed buns every day was miserable.

Because of this, the colorful college life became a shadow of her lifelong lingering. She only hoped that she graduated from college early to start a new life.

I look forward to looking forward to graduating from college, joining the job, and marrying a man who loves him.

Shortly after marriage, she became pregnant again.Compared with the last time, this pregnancy only brought her to the joy that could not be said. She loved the child’s father, and the child’s father also loved her.They all love this child deeply.

Whenever she thought of this child, she couldn’t help but ripple happiness.She is looking forward to coming to this world safely, and she will take care of him in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the child did not keep it in the end.After two months of pregnancy, the child was aborted inexplicably.

To make matters worse, since then, several pregnancy failed. The doctor told her that it may be the habitual abortion caused by the first abortion surgery.

After walking out of the doctor’s office, she was dark in front of her, and her legs were heavy. She scolded God why she was so thin, and how could she live without a child in the next half of her life.


It is said that the chance of a woman’s life is 400-500 times, and the number of fertility is 1-2 times. Almost 95%of the time requires contraception.

Every time your negligence or error will have the risk of accidental pregnancy, but pregnancy is not terrible. It is terrible that the flow of people after accidents.

The flow of people to women is very harmful to women. Improper abortion may cause uterine cavity infections, uterine perforation, infertility, and even threatening life safety.

Some women repeatedly flow and are still pregnant; some women may never have their own children because of an accident.

Regardless of whether it is responsible for his own health or a small life, a woman should take good measures when they do not intend to want a child, and do not get pregnant unexpectedly.

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