"My girlfriend is pregnant, but fortunately the child is not mine"

The elder brother called me for a few nights and did not receive it. When he returned to the sky during the day, he did not receive it. That’s it. The phone was always missing.

When I was free at work yesterday, I tried to call him again, but this time I didn’t expect to connect.

Ask him: What’s wrong, I called it for a few consecutive nights, unlike your faction?

You can’t find anyone now, I don’t answer any point at night.The elder brother was bulling me.

There is no way. At night, my mobile phones are quiet. I have moved to the computer on the computer. I have recently moved to the computer. Sometimes I get 11 or two o’clock. I do n’t even have enough time to sleep. I still have time to watch my phone!

I complained to him to calm down the storm that I didn’t receive the phone, and asked him what was in a hurry.

He replied: It’s nothing, but in a bad mood, I want to talk to you.

My God, my elder brother, I really envy you. We are busy for life to be squeezed in the time of eating and sleeping.What happened!

I really, sincerely, I have made an envious of the unhappy mood of the elder brother. He does not buy it. Come directly: Pull it down, my girlfriend is pregnant, she said that the child is not mine!

I … Before I reflected how to console him, he came again to surprise my heart: Fortunately, it’s mine!

What is okay?IntersectionThat’s not a small life!Your daughter is raised by your old mother without a father and no mother.

As soon as he said that, when he thought of his daughter, and then thought of his elderly father and mother, my temper came up.

Since the divorce with his ex -wife, the elder brother has been floating out, and the only daughter under his knees was lost by his 80 -year -old mother. The child thought that his father had not been free for a few days.

I have persuaded him countless times, even if he was considered for his daughter, he found a job with peace of mind, took some salary to raise a good daughter, don’t go out all day to think about business, and find any good project investment to make a lot of money.

It is unpleasant, all ordinary people, and there is nothing and resources. Even if there are good projects, they will not give him!

But he couldn’t listen to it, and he always loved someone to toss outside. This is okay. The money has not tossed, and a small life is tossed, not him.

I forcibly dragged it back by my thoughts, and then asked him: What do you plan to do?

The child is not mine. Naturally, I will not be so annoying, but who knows if she is talking about it. We have been quarreling recently.She said it was true or false.The elder brother said his concerns.

You still have a little conscience, and you have no ruthless face because your child is not yours.I said he was so angry.

But what should you do?

Brother’s question really embarrassed me, yeah, what should I do? Whether the child is the elder brother or not, he is a man, and the two of them are still the relationship between men and women, so they have to plant the fruit of their own fruits.Responsible to the end.

How many men, when they are with women, love you, say a good thing in love, but after the woman is pregnant, the soles of the feet are faster than the mouse.

See if a person really loves you, not to listen to what he said, but to see what he did.This truth is requested to ask a girl must be alert.

In the end, my elder brother and I could not reasonize good countermeasures. I just hope that this world will not have an extra innocent life.

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