"No one tells me before pregnancy."

In those "what no one told me before pregnancy",

Gestational diabetes

Absolutely one, and it is a very important one.

Most pregnant mothers did not hear the word for the first time until six months of pregnancy.When the doctor was informed of diabetes, many people were shocked, and they did not expect that they could hang up with these three words.

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I was good, and my life was not very unhealthy. How can I have diabetes when I am pregnant?IntersectionIntersection

In fact, this is already a very severe problem.

my country ’s 2014 data shows that the incidence of gestational diabetes has reached 18.9%[1].

In the past ten years, this number has continued to rise.According to feedback from the obstetrics and gynecologists in some hospitals, nearly 30% of pregnant mothers are stuck in this level.

Once diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it not only means that the frequency and treatment cost of returning to hospitals have greatly increased, and there will be a high chance of developing it into real type 2 diabetes in the future. At the same time, fetal abnormalities and premature bad conditions such as development are more prone to.

Of course, if you can control well, many risks can be avoided, but it is not easy to control blood sugar.

In short, gestational diabetes will bring heavy economic burden, living burden, and psychological burden on pregnant mothers.

If you know it early and deal with it early, most of the pregnancy sugar can be avoided.Unfortunately, the changes in body metabolism after pregnancy generally know too little or too late.

After pregnancy, blood sugar metabolism

There will be tremendous changes

After pregnancy, the blood sugar rises, in fact, it is not what pregnant mothers do the wrong, which will bring it by pregnancy itself.

More precisely, it was the little guy in the stomach.

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Under normal circumstances, the sugar in food is absorbed into the blood and transported to the whole body.Then, insulin will "carry" sugar from the blood to various organs and tissues to provide them with energy, and blood sugar drops.

The situation after pregnancy is different. The fetal development requires sugar, and the mother’s blood sugar becomes higher, so that more nutrients can be transported to you through the umbilical cord.

Therefore, the placenta will secrete a series of placenta, such as placental prolactin, placental insulin enzymes, etc., to release the mother’s body, creating a state of "insulin resistance".[2]

If the sugar that enters the maternal organs and tissues becomes less, the blood sugar will keep high and transport it to the fetus through the umbilical cord.

Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, some pregnant mothers’ insulin will still be insufficient, and blood sugar is not unparalleled.

When human evolution, most of the time is insufficient nutrition. Therefore, it can manipulate mother’s blood sugar and transport them to their own fetal genes.

However, when the material is extremely rich, the situation is different.Not only will the mother do not lack nutrition after pregnancy, they will also "make up."

This made the blood sugar that was originally rising.

Modern lifestyle

Make blood sugar more unstable

Due to the impact of hormones, many pregnant mothers will appetite, and high -calorie foods that have not dared to eat before greeted them.

Not to mention the care from the elders, braised pork trotters, rock sugar bird’s nest, brown sugar lotus seed eight treasure porridge, white soup rich in thick fat … are all kindness that cannot be rejected.

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In addition, the amount of activity during pregnancy is greatly reduced, let alone lack of nutrition, and even the fetus is too much energy.

A large amount of sugar poured into the blood but could not get out of the blood, and it could not be consumed. In the end, the diabetes occurred by the limits of the body’s blood sugar regulating ability.

To make matters worse, many people’s blood glucose function before pregnancy is not very good, but they don’t know.

Modern lifestyle and dietary structure make "insulin resistance" and "pre -diabetes" very common.The survey shows that [3] The prevalence of China’s "pre -diabetes" has reached 35%, and about 20% of young people aged 18 to 29 are at this stage.

This means that one of the five young people has one, and the blood glucose regulation function has been damaged.

Even if you consider gender, the probability of falling on the pregnant mother’s head is really not small.In this case, blood sugar is more likely to "break defensive."

For the health of yourself and your child and the quality of subsequent life, you must start preparing for sufficient early.

Win the battle of pregnancy sugar

Need pregnant women and family to work together

1⃣️ Usually physical examination and first pregnancy check, check blood sugar

In the new version of "Guidelines for Pregnancy Hyperglycemia Diagnosis and Treatment (2022)", "Anti -Blood Globe Screening for Pregnant Women for the first prenatal examination" is recommended.[4]

Note that it is the first time.

This is mainly to discover that the blood glucose before pregnancy is abnormal and intervene in time.

In addition, before pregnancy, we must pay attention to the annual physical examination, especially those with a family history of diabetes, and also need to pay attention to the empty blood glucose in the physical examination items. If the value is abnormal, it is recommended. It is recommended to go to the Department of Endocrinology for further investigation and early discovery and control.

2⃣️ Don’t be afraid of exercise, there are many good health benefits

The "Guide" clearly mentioned that exercise can significantly reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes!

The regular exercise before and early pregnancy can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes by 51% and 48%, respectively.

Picture source: reference [4]

Many pregnant mothers and families are worried about risks, not only dare not exercise, but even daily activities. In fact, it is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and children.

As long as there is no taboos, pregnant mothers can choose 5 days a week for 30 minutes of medium -intensity exercise.

The recommended sports forms in the "Guide" include walking, fast walking, swimming, fixed bicycle sports, yoga, jogging and strength training.

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Specifications such as high -risk exercise such as high -risk exercise such as motion of hypotension, prone to fall, injury or collision, high temperature yoga, etc. cause high body temperature to avoid.

If you have conditions, you can also conduct under the guidance of professional pregnancy coaches.

3⃣️ Stick to a healthy diet, don’t relax

Try to avoid high oil, high sugar, and high -energy diet, appropriately increase food with rich dietary fiber such as fruits and vegetables to ensure the intake of grains, dairy products, and egg beans.

In particular, don’t suddenly relax after pregnancy. "Killing the ring" for high -sugar -high GI foods, and blood sugar is caught off guard.

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Pregnant mothers not only have to hold their mouths by themselves, but their families must also feed less high -calorie foods ~

4⃣️ After pregnancy, control weight

It is not good to grow too fast during pregnancy. The overall weight increase during pregnancy and the target of weight growth at each stage can be referred to the figure below:

Picture source: reference [4]

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5⃣️ has already giving sugar, you must actively control

If you diagnose gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you must "ruthless" yourself: you can control your mouth, open your legs, and do your hands (seriously testing blood sugar).

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When it is necessary to increase the treatment of insulin and other drugs, it should also be treated with treatment.

At the same time, the birth checkup should also be done according to the frequency required by the doctor. The health of the pregnant mother and the growth and development of the fetus can be intervened in time.

6⃣️ Do not relax after giving birth, blood glucose control hanging the heart

Nearly one -third of women in postpartum will still cause damage to diabetes or sugar tolerance, and the chances of 15% to 50% will develop into type 2 diabetes in the long run. [5]

Therefore, it is even better to make the postpartum mark. Do not take it lightly and make up for special supplements.Maintain a healthy diet, exercise appropriately, and breastfeeding is also conducive to blood sugar recovery. After 6 weeks after delivery, it will review sugar.

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To be honest, it is not easy to do these things. It is necessary to work together to work together.

I would like to use this document to mother, who is about to become mothers, and prepare to be mothers. Happy Mother’s Day, you have worked hard!

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