"Performatone is low = need to be kept", is it really this?

Recently, a case of a pregnant mother who was bleeding in the early pregnancy in the outpatient clinic, the HCG value showed normal, and the progesterone was lower. The doctor suggested that she go home to observe, but she would live and live a life.There is no impact on it; no matter how much it is guaranteed, no problem will be promised in the future. If there is something wrong, it may cause disputes …

What is progesterone?

There are many cases in clinical practice. Pregnancy bleeding, checking blood result is poor, but the HCG value is normal.Turn the blood to check the progesterone again, and the results of the review are often normal.

Such cases are generally not recommended to use fetal medicine, because this is not bleeding caused by low hormone levels.

To understand this problem, we first understand what progesterone is.

Welon, it is a progesterone secreted by pregnancy lutein.It can promote the endometrium molting of the uterine, for good embryos, and induce the immune protection mechanism to avoid the embryo from being "excluded" by the mother; it can also reduce the sensitivity of the smooth muscle of the uterine level and play a role of "tire".

Earlier studies have proved that progesterone’s physiological effect on fertility is beyond doubt.E progression can maintain embryo development within eight weeks of early pregnancy.Because of this, many doctors attach importance to checking progesterone.

I don’t know when it started, some pregnant mothers also developed a bad habit. As soon as they were pregnant, they began to draw blood to check HCG and progesterone, and they repeatedly took blood tests.Many people pump a lot of blood in vain, and they have been put on a heavy "low progesterone" hat.

People like to monitor the level of progesterone during the early pregnancy because they are afraid of abortion. They are worried that it is due to the lack of progesterone due to lack of pregnancy.

Tell you very clearly, not necessarily.

The progesterone value during pregnancy is constantly changing.The secretion of progesterone in early pregnancy is pulse, and the horizontal fluctuations are very large, sometimes as low as 5ng/ml.The range of progesterone is basically in a platform period in the range of 6-10 weeks of pregnancy, and physiology will decrease at 7-9 weeks of pregnancy, and then rebound.Therefore, even if the progesterone value is measured, it does not indicate that the embryo must be abnormal.

Secondly, not all abortion will have a low progesterone value.There is an important set of data that about 85%of pregnant women who are suspected to have a threatened abortion in the early pregnancy are low, and about 15%of pregnant women are normal.This shows that low progesterone does not necessarily cause abortion.

It is important to tell you here that progesterone measurement is not a reliable indicator for monitoring and predicting abortion during pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother is only low and HCG is normal, some are the cause of the hormone level of themselves, some are a transient hormone level change, or it may be the error of the detection.It should be reviewed or focused on HCG results.This situation does not need to be treated with tire protection.

Under normal circumstances, doctors do not give pregnant mothers a "fetal", which can be said to be a good thing. Pregnant mothers must follow the doctor’s order.You know, doctors and you hope that your baby can be healthy and healthy, and come to us smoothly!

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