"Pharmacists" and "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer". How do you choose the ginger in summer?How to eat healthy?

As soon as summer arrives, "eating radish in winter and eating ginger" has become popular again. Ginger that has been regarded as medicine and food since ancient times is a good medicine for cure.

Those who like to eat ginger can choose delicious ginger milk, pork feet ginger does not like to eat ginger, and may encounter ginger that is good at camouflage than potato chips in the chicken pot, duck meat in ginger mother duck …These may not be the same ginger

There are ginger, dry ginger, gun ginger, ginger charcoal, Gao Liang ginger, etc. in the pharmacy. There are ginger, sand ginger, south ginger, etc. in the kitchen.Let’s take a look together.

1. Ginger in the pharmacy

As a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, Jiang is divided into different types in the application of Chinese medicine. The effects are similar, but they are not the same.So what kind of ginger is divided into Chinese medicine?

01 ginger

Ginger flavor is slightly warm, and the surface is cold, which can disperse the cold, sweat and solve the table, such as the cold and cold and the cold and fever after the rain, and cook a bowl of ginger brown sugar water to alleviate the symptoms;A very domineering title- "vomiting family holy medicine", exogenous cold evil, cold stimulation of diet and cold stimulation, etc., vomiting caused by cold, nausea and vomiting of pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions, and motion sickness and museum vomiting are more suitable for conditioning with ginger;Because the cold cough caused by the cold wind cold can be used with the decentralized cold cough medicine; when the fish crab poison is relieved, the ginger should be added to pest the smell of crab to poison, reduce its coldness, and avoid spleen and stomach deficiency.After eating, it is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort, such as diarrhea and vomiting.

02 dry ginger

Dry ginger is obtained from dried ginger or low temperature drying. Those with fresh slices or low -temperature drying are called "dry ginger slices".Da Xin is hot, the main enters the spleen and stomach and the warmth, and the spleen yang is often used in the cold syndrome of the spleen and stomach.Yangtong pulse is used for heart and kidney yang deficiency, and the limbs are reversed and cold veins caused by the cold and cold.Drinking cough and asthma, cold back.

03 gun ginger

The gun ginger uses dry ginger as the raw material, stir -fry with sand, hot to the drum, and the surface is tan, that is, the gun ginger.The efficacy of guns and ginger is similar to dry ginger. Compared with dry ginger, the nature of Xinyan and the strength of the warmth weaken, but the effect is eased and lasting, longer than the warmth and pain, relieving diarrhea, warming, and hemostasis.Virtual cold bleeding.If yang deficiency is afraid of cold, bleeding, sweating, and urine, it is better to use gun ginger.

04 Ginger charcoal

Take the dry ginger and fry until the surface is black and the inside is tan, that is, ginger charcoal.After the Jiangan was made, Xinwei disappeared, stayed without leaving.many.

05 dry ginger skin

"Medical Forest Edit": "Jiangpi Xinhan, Vanpi is more anti -nature, so cold. Pipidi, Xin is able to do it, so it is puffy and hot., Enter the spleen and lungs, and the spleen and water can treat edema.

It is often used with Chenpi, Poria skin, mulberry skin, and large abdominal skin, which is the classic "five skin drinks" of Chinese medicine.

2. Ginger in the kitchen

Ginger is an indispensable seasoning in the kitchen. Ginger without ginger cannot be completed.So what are the common ginger in kitchen?What are the characteristics of each?

01 Ginger

Ginger is still old. Ginger is more "spicy" and more "slag". It is commonly known as the ginger mother. It is picked when mature and aged.Generally, stewed or pots of meat, and stir-fried dishes that need to be removed.It is best enough to do it with ginger.

02 Tsai (Zi) Ginger

The pink water spirit, crispy and spicy taste, is talking about ginger.When the ginger is picked, the fiber tissue is fine, the water is large, and the meat is soft.The tender ginger is relatively spicy and crispy. It is generally suitable for shredded as a sauce or pickled, such as vinegar soaked ginger, perilla tender ginger, etc.

03 Big Meat Ginger

Ginger block is hypertrophic, the epidermis is smooth, the fiber is small, the meat is thick and crispy, the spicy taste is moderate, and it is suitable for people who do n’t like ginger flavor, but they also want to remove fishy people.

04 Little Ginger

The skin is dry, slightly rough, gray -brown, pure yellow cut surface, spicy, thin fiber, rich ginger oil, heavy meat and ginger, wide use, medicinal, squeezing juice, making cakes, drinking, let alone don’t don’t stopIt has a flavor, such as making ginger bumping milk.

Sorted by spicyness and fiber sense, roughly: old ginger> small ginger> big meat ginger> Zai ginger.

Third, this ginger Fei Jiang

In addition to ginger and their artillery products, our pharmacies also include ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger, and ginger and south ginger in the kitchen. Does these have to do with ginger?

01 turmeric

The dry root of the ginger plant.Ginger tastes bitter and bitter, and warm.It has the effect of breaking blood and moving qi, and relieving pain and relieving pain.It is used for chest tingling, thoracic heart pain, dysmenorrhea, closure, symptoms, rheumatism shoulder and arm pain, swelling and pain, and also used to treat anorexia, rhinitis, liver and gallbladder disease, rheumatism and other diseases.


Turmeric has the characteristics of the same source of medicine and food. It can also be used as a food additive. Ginger powder (grinding from dry ginger) can be used for condiments such as curry powder and pickles. Ginger butter can be used as edible spices.Ginger can make the food bright warm yellow, and the aroma will also make the food have a unique compound flavor.

Turmeric is also a natural color agent. Among them, gingerine, due to good stability, small amount of use, high heat resistance, strong color power, etc.Silk, bamboo fiber, etc. dyeing.

02 Gao Lianghuang

Gao Liangjiang is also known as Feng Ginger, Xiaoliang Ginger, and Creamy Ginger. It is the dry root stem of Gao Liang ginger in the family of ginger family.It is used for cold pain, cold and vomiting of stomach, sourness, and sourness. It treats stomach pain, indigestion and loss of appetite, chronic enteritis, and thin stool.

Gao Liang ginger

Gao Liangjiang, as one of the "Top Ten Southern Medicine", is mainly produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places. It has the characteristics of the same source of medicine and food. It is often used in daily life., They are made of Gao Liangjiang as the main raw materials.

03 sand ginger

Sand and ginger, also known as mountains, is the dry root of the ginger herbaceous plant.The sand and ginger flavor is warm and warm, and the meridians return to the stomach.It has the effect of getting diet, eliminating diet, analgesic effects.For chest bloating, cold abdominal pain, diet.People with yin deficiency and blood loss and stomach stagnation are not suitable for consumption of sand and ginger.


Sand and ginger have a unique taste, which can add scent of food, remove the difference in fishy, and stimulate people’s appetite.Many classic Cantonese cuisine in Guangdong can use sand and ginger as the condiments during cooking. Sand ginger pig hands, sand ginger pork belly, sand ginger chicken, etc., is even more flavorful.

04 Da Gao Liang Jiang (Nan Jiang)

Da Gao Liang Jiang, also known as Nan Jiang, Daliang Ginger, Ginger, Ginger, Ginger, is Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger, which is covered in Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, and Yunnan.Fruit is red cardamom, for medicinal, and has the functions of removing dampness, dispersing cold, awakening the spleen, and eliminating food.The rhizome is the Nan ginger commonly used in our daily life.

Da Gao Liang Jiang (Nan Jiang)

Nanjiang is widely used in the Lingnan region in Southeast Asia. One of the three most important spices of traditional Thai cuisine and winter yin exercises is Nan Jiang (young Gao Liangliang Jiang, Arrow Leaf Orange and Citizens)."Supreme guest", especially in the Chaoshan area, stewed meat, loquat, cooking noodles, and fruits use south ginger, marinating a variety of ingredients, and Nan ginger is also indispensable members.Orange and so on.

Fourth, ginger’s various dietary combinations

As the saying goes, "Home prepares a small ginger, don’t panic in minor illnesses", treat the kitchen as a pharmacy, treat food as a drug, use a few flavors of ginger in the kitchen, and make healthy and delicious food ~ 01 Perilla tender ginger

Materials: 500g of ginger, 100g of perilla leaves, 250g of rock sugar, 250ml of white vinegar, an appropriate amount of salt.


1. Wash the ginger, rub it with salt a few times, put it for 3-4 hours, wash and dry, cut the thin slices;

2. Wash and drain the water, add white vinegar and rock sugar, cook in the pan, add an appropriate amount of salt, turn off the heat, and cool the residue.

3. Put the ginger slices into the prepared bottle, pour in the purple vinegar juice, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, and put it for 2-3 days to eat.

Efficacy: Solution to disperse cold, qi and stomach.Excure the cold, warm the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, and eliminate food.

02 Ginger jujube tea

Materials: 3 slices of ginger, 3 red dates (removed), and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Method: Boil red dates and ginger with water, cook for 15 minutes, add brown sugar.

Efficacy: Wenzhong is scattered cold, and blood nourish blood.For crowds of spleen and stomach deficiency, cold condensation and stasis.

03 Ginger bump milk

Materials: 15g of ginger juice (small ginger), 250ml of water milk (or milk content with a protein content of 3.3g/100), and a moderate amount of sugar.


1. Small ginger peel, grind into mud, squeeze the ginger juice, and take 15g of ginger juice to put it in the bowl.

2. 250ml of water milk, add an appropriate amount of white sugar, and cook to about 80 ° C in low heat (that is, the milk is slightly bubbling, do not boil).

3. Stir the ginger juice in the bowl evenly, quickly hit the ginger juice high, and cover the lid for 10 minutes.

Efficacy: Jiang San cold and warm the stomach, milk nourishing qi and blood and moisturizing the skin.

04 Pig feet ginger

Materials: 2 pounds of pig feet, 1 catties of ginger (or big meat ginger), 2 pounds of sweet vinegar, a few eggs.


1. Ginger washed and peeled, patted or sliced with the back of the knife, put the ginger in the pot, and stir -fry the water in low heat.

2. Pour the sweet vinegar into the casserole and boil it. Add the dry ginger. The low heat is half an hour. Turn off the heat and let the ginger soak in the sweet vinegar overnight.

3. Wash the pig’s feet, simmer the water, then put the pig’s feet in the pot and stir -fry the water, cook the eggs, peel off the shell.

4. Put the pig with dried dried water into the sweet vinegar. After cooking on the high heat, cooked it for half an hour, add the eggs, cook for half an hour, turn off the heat, soak the pig’s feet and eggs in ginger vinegar and soak in the ginger vinegar.Specifies overnight (repeated boils for three or four consecutive days and soak overnight).

5. Boil the pork feet ginger and vinegar and eat it.

Efficacy: Qufeng disperse cold, nourish blood and stasis.Replenish qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach.

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Review: Chen Lianhong, director in charge of Chinese Medicine Hospital in Guangdong Province

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