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Pregnancy is the process of growing and developing the fetus in the mother’s body. It is a very complicated and extremely coordinated physiological process. The most common early pregnancy reaction during early pregnancy is nausea, vomiting, nausea, and vomiting.In the case of vomiting, Fang is a mother. If you do n’t vomit, you eat vegetables. "Pregnancy spitting is a common symptom that affects pregnant women and fetuses at the same time. It will not only reduce the quality of life of pregnant women, but also increase the cost of health care. Our hospitalGynecological clinics will be diagnosed with many patients with pregnancy drama every day, and many of them need to be more hospitalized. How to better cope with pregnancy drama vomiting?And listen to expert analysis …

1. What is pregnancy drama?

Pregnancy vomiting refers to severe nausea in early pregnancy, dehydration caused by vomiting, vomiting caused by dehydration, ketone, and even acidosis. Most of them appear around 6 weeks of pregnancy, reached the peak at 8-10 weeks, and disappeared by themselves about 12 weeks of pregnancy.The incidence of pregnancy drama is 0.3%-1%.

2. Symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting

① Frequent nausea and vomiting: The phenomenon of pregnancy of pregnant mothers is very serious, the nausea is very strong, and vomiting will be very frequent. Pregnancy can occur at any time.

② Do not eat: Pregnant mothers who are vomiting in pregnancy are tortured by pregnancy and can not swallow any food, and even water cannot swallow. Even if they are barely eating, they will spit out immediately.

③ Symptoms of dehydration: For example, the number of pregnant mothers decreased, and the color of urine was dark yellow.

4. Bald or coffee -like substances in vomits with blood, or vomit.

5. Light weight: Pregnant mothers with pregnancy drama will find that their weight will be reduced by 5%or more, and they are pale, skin dry, and blood pressure will decrease

3. What are the causes of pregnancy drama vomiting?

① hormone stimulation

② Evolution adaptation

③ Psychological factors and other specific personality types or specific psychology

④ Gastrointestinal dysfunction

4. What examinations do I need to do for pregnancy drama?

① Urine analysis

② Gynecological color ultrasound examination

③ Blood routine, thyroid function, liver and kidney work, electrolyte

5. How to treat pregnancy drama vomiting?

① Generally, in addition to psychological support and treatment, you should try to avoid contact with gas, food or additives that are likely to induce vomiting, avoid the morning an empty stomach, encourage less meals, drink water, eat light and dry and high -protein foods between the two meals.Given patient psychological guidance, informing the pregnancy drama vomiting meridians for 2-3 days, the condition improved quickly. Only a few pregnant women were recovered after discharge, and they needed to be admitted to the hospital again.

② Correct dehydration and electrolyte disorders, daily intravenous injection of glucose solution, physiological saline and balance liquid, including vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin C, etc., general potassium supplementation of 3-4g/d, and appropriately supplement carbonate carbonate according to the blood carbon dioxide level.Sodium or sodium lactate solution correct metabolic acid poisoning.

③ Turbidth, vitamin B6, metharocopramine, etc.

As far as most patients with pregnancy drama vomiting are concerned, the clinical clinic is benign. After positive and correct treatment, the condition will soon be improved and naturally retreat with the progress of pregnancy.However, severe pregnancy drama vomiting still needs to be valued. If the pregnancy drama is not treated in time for treatment, it may occur in hydrolysis disorders, Wernicke encephalopathy, multi -organ organs, etc.EssenceExperts remind that pregnant mothers should treat pregnancy and vomiting correctly, take a clinic early, treat early, and go through pregnancy.

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