"Popular Science" common problems with common problems with women and children’s clinics, maybe you want to ask (Checkpiece)

Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Frequently Aspirate problems


1. What time is appropriate?

(1) Clean menstruation for 3 to 7 days to avoid sexual life. After the doctor diagnosed and improves various auxiliary examinations (leucorrhea routine, blood routine, and preoperative infection), there is no abnormalities.To the first floor of the radiology department for fallopian tubal angiography.

(2) Time of fallopian tube angiography: Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 11:30 am, 13:30 to 16:30 pm) statutory holidays.

2. How do pregnant women do 75 grams of sugar tolerance?

Pregnant women who do 75 grams of sugar tolerance only need to bring the prescription and payment invoice or voucher for the payment of the payment to the central 釆 blood chamber waiting area.


(1) Fasting, water forbidden water until the next day before the inspection until the next morning;

(2) Extraction blood glucose before 9 o’clock the next morning (at the latest does not exceed 9 am);

(3) Sitting and smoking during the inspection period. The whole process needs to be fasted. From the first time of drinking sugar water, take blood every hour every hour and take 3 blood;

(4) Please come to the hospital at 8 o’clock on the day of inspection, we will provide a disposable water glass;

(5) If you have discomfort after blood collection, please tell me immediately that we will provide you with satisfactory services.

3. What are the requirements for semen examination?

(1) For more than 48 hours before ~ within 7 days, no semen has been discharged; no sauna is not washed, no drinking, and high fever.

(2) Check time: Monday to Friday 16 o’clock.

4. Pregnant women’s fever, cold, cough, abnormal liver function, abnormal thyroid function, etc.

Hanging Neutty Clinic Number

(Inpatient clinic on the first floor of Building 1)

5. What are the families of postpartum milk, fever, lack of milk, nipple cracked, etc.?

Hanging Rehabilitation Department Outpatient number

(Rehabilitation department on the fourth floor of Building 1)

6. Infant muscle tension, oblique neck, leg lines asymmetric (hip development).

Please hang the Rehabilitation Outpatient Section (West District, Fourth Floor, Building 1)

Or the high -risk clinic (4th floor of Building 3)

7. How to inject cervical cancer vaccine?

Divided into two -valent, four -valent, nine -valent vaccine.Domestic two-priced injections are 16-45 years old, with a total of three stitches, with a price of 329 yuan per needle. According to the scheme in January January and June, every Tuesday is injected throughout the day.The four -price injection population is 16-45 years old, with a total of three stitches at a total of 798 yuan per needle. According to the scheme of June and June of June, every Thursday is injected every Thursday.The nine-valent injection crowd is 16-45 years old, with a total of 3 stitches, with a price of 1298 yuan per needle. According to the scheme of June and June of June, it is injected every Wednesday every Wednesday.

Text: Teng Junping, Outpatient Department

Edit: Yao Meng

Supervision: Ma Xinmei

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