"Popular science" is still pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives. Can the baby ask?

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day just passed. On this day, in addition to romantic dating, couples will also ponder to do something that loves to do. It is inevitable that there will be accidents: no contraceptive measures or no contraceptive measures.Essence

At this time, you can only eat the "fire -saving captain" in the contraceptive industry -emergency contraceptives.

However, the reality is always cruel … After taking emergency contraceptives, there is still the possibility of "winning the bid"!This is how to do?Can a baby who is unexpectedly harvested?

I believe this problem must have troubled many women. Today, let’s understand it together ~

Emergency contraceptives are remedial contraceptive measures afterwards. The most commonly used on the market is Zuo Nuo progesterone.The medicine ended with the word "Ting") is mainly to inhibit ovulation, prevent the bed in bed, and change the consistency of cervical mucus to make the sperm difficult to pass through and play a contraceptive effect.

Zuojino progesterone is an emergency contraceptive of unilateral progesterone. Its failure rate is about 20%. The main reasons are the following points:

Time to take is wrong

If ovulation has been ovulated before taking the medication, a large number of sperm has been found to find eggs through the cervix and upstream to the fallopian tube. The medication cannot change the cervical mucus to prevent the sperm penetration from penetrating, and it cannot prevent the formation of the fertilized eggs.

Take the right time:

Take it within 72 hours after no protection measures, and as soon as possible (the longer the interval, the worse the effect), and it should be noted that if vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, take 1 tablet immediately.

Therefore, if you take too late or have no vomiting, you may cause contraceptive failure.

Affected by other drugs

If you take other drugs during the emergency contraceptive pill, you may reduce the blood concentration of left germination ketone, which will affect the efficacy.

Individual Differences

Due to the differences in individual absorption, the emergency contraceptive itself cannot achieve 100%contraception. Even if the medicine is taken in time, there will be some people clinically, and some people will have pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives are just an emergency rescue measure, which is only effective for a single non -protection sexual behavior;

It cannot be used as a regular contraception. Frequent use can cause side effects such as menstrual disorders, so it cannot be eaten frequently!

The time of emergency contraceptive pills is within 72 hours after the same room. At this time, the medication belongs to the "full" or "none" period:

What is "full" or "none"?

The effect of medication within two weeks after fertilization has a "full" or "no" effect on the fetus, that is, the effect of medication during this period has two results on the fetus:

First, due to adversely affected, naturally eliminated, abortion is out of the bureau;

The second is that it is not affected by the drug and can continue pregnancy.

In addition, studies have shown that exposure to emergency contraceptives is similar to the types and incidence of innate malformations that are not exposed, so temporary use of emergency contraceptives will not lead to an increase in fetal teratogenic risk.

Of course, if you do n’t intend to have a child or you ca n’t pass your heart, go to the hospital as soon as possible to deal with the next step to minimize the damage.

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