"Return" Fanwai 51: Duan Rou is pregnant, Xiao Xiao envy

During the gap of work, Duan Rou was lined up in the company’s courtyard.The sun in May is not strong, and the softness is just right. It is a good weather with the breeze.Gui Xiao stretched out a comfortable waist, Duan Rou also heard about yesterday’s incident, and asked with concern: "Yesterday, Chuyang School is fine! I haven’t encountered such a thing yet, and it is really a coincidence., I have been encountered by us. "

Gui Xiao thought of yesterday, she was still a little scared. Her daughter and husband had a relationship with an explosion at the same time.Gui Xiao shook his head, "It’s okay!"

Duan Rou lowered his head, rubbed his fingers with the water cup in his hand, and got along with Duan Rou for so many years. At a glance, he saw that Duan Rou had a heart."What’s wrong, I rarely see you like this and stop."

Duan Rou’s face was somewhat curious at first glance. She suddenly came to her mind and asked, "Duan Rou, do you have any situation?"

Duan Rou nodded slightly, and she thought about it. She came here to understand her mentality.Gui Xiao laughed: "This is a good thing, have you told Qin Mingyu."

Duan Rou shook his head, "I just found out, and I had to tell him yet. It feels strange to return to Xiao."She, he heard her open again: "We were ready before, but this suddenly came. I really couldn’t say what it felt. To be honest, I was a little scared."

"What are you afraid of."

"I’m afraid I can’t be a good mother."

Gui Xiao stood up and sat beside her, comforting: "How can you see how good you bring Qin Xiaonan with Qin Xiaonan, you have to believe yourself." Duanrou looked at Guo Xiao and smiled."Qin Mingyu is going home this week, he must be very happy when he knows."

On the weekend, as soon as Lu Chen arrived at home, he saw a smile on his face that was different from the usual smile.He just wanted to ask what happened, and he spoke: "Qin Mingyu is back with you today!"

Lu Chen nodded, and Gui Xiao pulled Lu Chen to the sofa very excitedly, and said to his ear.After a while, a smile appeared on Lu Chen’s face, and asked Guo Xiao: "Really?"

Nodded with affirmation, the excitement on his face was very obvious.

Lu Chen stared at her, and suddenly came: "It’s so happy?" Guo Xiao didn’t think too much, and replied directly: "Of course, this is a good thing!"

After speaking, watching Lu Chen looked at her intentionally, she asked, "What’s wrong?"

Lu Chen made a mouthful: "Isn’t he envious?" He slowly closer to her. "Otherwise, we will give birth to a younger brother for Chuyang." Guo Xiao pushed Lu Chen away and scolded: "I don’t do it, I don’t do it, I don’t do it, I don’t do it, I don’t do it, I don’t do it, I don’t do it,I finally raised my daughter so big, let’s talk about it! "After speaking, I fled and almost was seduced by Lu Chen.Lu Chen watched her departure with a smile, so he would not let Gui Xiao regenerate. Last time, she had a child with a child who had suffered a lot.

But what he didn’t know was that Lu Chen’s ingenious words made Gui Xiao get up again.She does not focus on men and girls, but what she originally intends to have two children, so they will not be alone.She was the only daughter, and she wanted to have a brother and sister when she was a child.It’s just that Chuyang is still so young, and she hasn’t thought about it yet.Lu Chen mentioned this today, it seems that she has to plan a good plan.

This is not to be born if you want to give birth, you have to ask your daughter’s opinions to soothe the child’s emotions.She has to prepare for everything, but she cannot be an irresponsible mother.

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