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During the holidays, the children returned home one after another.Filial piety to parents, learn these massage skills.Shu Wentao, deputy chief physician of Du’s orthopedic injury department of the Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Sichuan Province, introduced that after entering the autumn, the weather gradually became cool and dry. Although this climate will make people feel comfortable and comfortable, drySimple massage for parents can effectively prevent "autumn dryness" from harming the human body.

Press the inherit

The Chengyou acupoint is in the depression of the lower lip, rubbing here more than 10 times with the index finger, the thirst can disappear. In the case of no water, you don’t have to drink water repeatedly.This fluid can not only prevent autumn dryness, but also contain a mumps that delay aging, which can make people look rosy.

Massage the nose to open the lungs

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are open to the nose. Many people’s nasal mucosa is extremely sensitive to cold air. As soon as the cold wind blows in autumn, it will hurt the wind and catch a long time.So in early autumn, we should insist on washing your face cold water and massaging the nose to help nourish the lungs.


[Mo Nose]: Rub both hands with your fingers on each other. After there is a heat, you can massage 50 times with your fingers on the bridge of the nose and nose 50 times. It can enhance the resistance of the nose, and it can also treat the wind and the nasal congestion.

[Bathing Nose]: Make your nose in the water every morning and evening, keep your breath, and immerse it after breathing. You can also use a towel to dip the cold water and apply it to the nose, stick to the cold winter.

Rubbing abdomen detoxification

The autumn climate is dry, and the stools will be difficult to discharge. Many people even solve or use drugs to maintain the smooth stool in a few days. As a result, habitual constipation is caused. Massage is a simple and easy laxative method.Do it before going to bed at night or before getting up in the morning.The method is to rub the palms of both hands to the heat, then place the palm of the palm in the lower abdomen, massage in the direction of clockwise, and massage for 30 laps.


In the morning and before going to bed, there are chewing gum to do a big mouth for employment campaign.Then shut up, tongue against the upper palate, ruling 100 times, making the fluid full, and swallowed it slowly.Repeat 36 times.When chewing, gastrointestinal blood flow increases, and blood circulation is accelerated, which can resist the damage to the gastrointestinal and intestines in autumn.

Press the soles

Human feet are like the root of the tree, the old feet are declining, the roots of the tree are exhausted, and the feet are called the second heart of human.Each organs of the human body have its corresponding reflex areas on the feet.Through massage stimulation, the self -modulation of the corresponding part of the body is enhanced, the blood circulation is improved, the liver function is adjusted, and the human body anti -disease and detoxification ability is accelerated.Rub 100 times every morning and evening with your thumbs.

Often rubbing the tiger

Hegu acupoint is the tiger mouth we usually say.Tiger mouth, Ronggu, bone, mouth.The acupuncture points of Hegu VI belong to the Yangming Lagda Meridian are a very important and easy -to -use acupoint.Why is it called Hegu Acupoint?It was because he was located between the tiger’s mouth of the thumb and the index finger. The finger was like two mountains, and the tiger’s mouth was like a valley.

If there are toothache, tinnitus, redness of eyes, nosebleeds, sore throat, constipation, or acne on your face, you can keep the fire according to the harmony.Method: This acupoint massage is more convenient and does not need to be fixed.

Tap the eyes

In terms of lung and large intestine, the large intestine can slow down due to autumn exercise, forming seasonal constipation.Experts introduce a knocking method.At the upper and lower cheeks of the eyes, the large intestine meridians are connected. As long as it is regularly stimulated by the eyes or around the forehead, the intestinal function can be restored to normal.

Methods: Together with food, medium, and ring fingers, the rhythmic tap with the rhythm of the belly.10 to 15 minutes after breakfast is the most likely time for the large intestine.At this time, it can be immediately intended to make a few minutes of autumn.In the same way, the lungs are also strong, and the whole mental state will be significantly improved.

For menopausal women, you can massage these two points

Menopausal, generally more common in women, mostly starting around the age of 50, and menopause symptoms are more obvious and prominent."Suwen. The first ancient nature theory first" cloud: "Women, six, seven, three yang pulses are declining, and their faces are burnt and white;Therefore, the shape is bad and no son. "Shu Wentao said, this shows that the ancients had long known by menopause. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, menopause was caused by yin deficiency, especially caused by liver yin deficiency.

As the saying goes, "People have more than forty people, and my yin is half."Half half of the yin, human life will go downhill.Menopausal women have more men and fewer men. The symptoms of women’s performance are obvious. Men’s performance is not obvious. It is mainly that women are based on blood.There are more gas consumption than men, so menopausal women are more common, and symptoms are also obvious. Morning and evening in menopause mainly depends on the degree of liver yin deficiency.

Taixi acupoint

Out of "Lingshu · Ben Loin", it is the infusion and original acupoints of the foot Shaoyin’s kidney meridians."Huiyuan Acupuncture" cloud: "Taixi, the valleys of the mountains are in the stream, the streams are in the Sichuan.

"Celestial Point Solution" Yun: "The name of the acupoint is Taixi, the kidney is the water of the person, and from the surge of spring; the shape of the movement has not yet been seen, and the shape of the movement is not seen.It is the place where the water flows, and the artery is seen in the shape of the water, so it is called Taixi.The effect of acupoints focuses on nourishing the kidneys and has the effect of significantly improving kidney function.

"Yuanyin and Yuanyang are hidden in human kidneys. They are the foundation of growth and development. The five internal organs and the limbs are rooted in the kidneys."In the middle of the bone arterial artery", that is, on the inner side of the feet, behind the inner malleolus, when the depression between the tip of the interior and the Achilles tendon.When taking the Taixi acupoint, you can sit down, relax the muscles of the whole body, and retreat the socks to the heel. Use your thumbs to evenly press and carefully press between the interior and the Achilles tendon.Obviously and depressed places, that is, the accurate position of this acupoint.

You can also use the thumb of the opposite hand to knead, and you can also use a massage stick or a smooth wooden stick to rub. The power should be soft and feels softer. It feels sour as the degree.Because the Taixi Acupoint is a kidney meridian point and the original acupoint, it can be used to treat yin deficiency in the treatment of yin deficiency.There are no obvious contraindications in the literature and clinical clinics.

Taichong acupoint

Too, it is also big.Chong, rush to shoot.It is one of the important acupoints in the liver meridian and the original acupoint. It is one of the important acupoints in the human foot Jueyin liver meridian. The acupoint has the function of removing liver fire, eliminating fire, and relieving liver and relief.One can effectively alleviate mental stress. Because the liver is wood, aquatic wood, wood, fire, kidney and heart are divided into water and fire.

The liver belongs to wood, the wood is windy, the liver fire is strong, and the liver wind moves, the heart fire is blown, and the heart is strong, the kidney water cannot ignite, which will cause the monarch to be restless, the internal organs restless, the kidney water is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, the whole body is exhausted, and the whole body is exhausted. The whole body is exhausted. The whole body is exhausted.Disadvantage.The root cause of the internal liver wind lies in the anger of life, and pressed the Tai Chong acupoints.

When rubbing the acupoint, you can use the sitting position when you take the acupoint.Press the fingers along the toe and the second toe.Pressing your thumbs, you can use your thumb to press the Taichong acupoint from the back of the toe to the direction of the two toe seams, twice a day, and the effect is best to push 100 times each time.

In addition, Shu Wentao said that people with menopause must regulate their emotions and maintain an optimistic attitude. Long -term mood is not good, people will be depressed and liver stagnation.Qi depressed fire, and the fire hurts yinjin and aggravated liver and kidney yin deficiency.Therefore, it is very important to delay or smoothly spend the year to maintain optimism.

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