"Seeing redness" as soon as you are pregnant. What is this trouble?Come here to share the thrilling "bleeding" experience!

I was pregnant, but I saw it the next day, and I couldn’t help but "stun". What was the situation?

Next, look at the experience of as mothers:

The key to this kind of thing is to keep your own mood and not think about it. If you do what the doctor said, it will be fine.

Seeing red, it usually means that the fetus in the abdomen is about to start, the childbirth is about to begin, and the mother and baby are about to meet.

However, some people have seen red just after testing. Is this normal?In response to this phenomenon, the online remarks are also speaking, which is mixed.

Don’t be too nervous, as long as the embryo is good and the fetal heart is normal, there is no need to worry.

In the early pregnancy, about 45-60%of expectant mothers experienced different degrees of "seeing red bleeding" incidents.More than half of the prospective mothers have spent this level safely, and very few problems such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal tires will occur.

We also found from the messages of our mothers that many expectant mothers have encountered redness in the early stages of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers will think of abortion directly when they find that they see red bleeding, and then all kinds of anxiety, secretly sadness, sadness and sadness.Tears, thinking what happened in the abdomen.Rumor: "Seeing red" is the sign of miscarriage.

Among them, this is to scare herself. If the expectant mother can learn more about the relevant knowledge in advance, it will not be so worried.

The arrival of a small life is exciting and nervous, and then facing various small conditions.For example, in the early stages of pregnancy, bleeding occurs, and the color of bleeding may be pink, brown, or bright red.

These situations are normal:

1. The fertilized eggs that occur at 2-4 weeks after pregnancy bleed the bed, and the amount of bleeding was small, and it was dripped;

2. The bleeding color is pink, brown or brown;

3. Occasionally appear once, and the rest will improve for 1-2 days.

These situations are more dangerous and need to seek medical treatment in time:

1. The amount of bleeding is large, bright red, and also accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, which may be a sign of a threatened abortion;

2. The amount of bleeding is more than the amount of menstrual period, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, extremely painful, pale complexion, faster heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, etc., and even blood loss, may be a precursor of ectopic pregnancy, the consequences are very serious;

3. Irregular vaginal bleeding occurred in about 2-4 months of menopause. At the beginning of the beginning, there are relatively few time, and it will gradually increase in the future.fetal.

4. More and more bleeding, or blood flow.

These situations are relatively serious, and you need to go to the hospital in time.

In any case, we need some positive energy, especially during pregnancy.

One night when I was 6 weeks pregnant, I felt a little wrong when I went to the toilet. At first glance, I murmured in my heart.So I went to the hospital for examination the next morning.

The doctor opened the B -ultrasound. Fortunately, the baby already had fetal heart buds, and he did not find that there was a effusion in the uterus.The doctor did not let me take medicine to protect the fetus, and told me not to take it too much.

My personal experience is that when you see red, you don’t have to protect your fetus. Don’t worry about anxiety, and nervousness will also affect your baby.If you find red, try to go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm what is caused by the reason, and then protect the tire according to the actual situation.

I saw red 35 days of pregnancy, and then I took fetal medicine according to the doctor’s suggestion, resting in bed, and it was normal after two days. Now my baby is born healthy.

I started to flow dark brown blood from the 5th week of pregnancy. I went to the hospital later. The doctor asked me to rest in bed. I didn’t care too much. I was about 10 days.EssenceHowever, I still feel that it depends on the situation, because everyone’s constitution is different.

I am 12 weeks of pregnancy. I just saw it when I was pregnant. I did n’t do much. Later, the bleeding color was brown. Later, I went to the hospital. The doctor said that it was possible for ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Then, I was resting in bed, and brown blood was always produced during this period, and it was intermittent.Wait for the 45th day to go to the hospital to test B -ultrasound for B -ultrasound, the result is not ideal.

After returning home, I started to take progesterone, take two shots every day, and take fetal medicine. After a week, progesterone rose doubled.I went to B -ultrasound the next day, but it showed that there was a fetal bud and fetal heart, but I was happy.Recently, B -ultrasound, the fetus was normal, my hanging heart finally landed.

I am also bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, brown secretions, and severe pregnancy vomiting, what to eat and vomit.I have always told myself that my baby can be happy.

For more than 40 days, do the B time, there is no yolk sac, there is only one fetal sac.Now that I have been more than 50 days, the fetal buds have the fetal heart, and the moment I heard the fetal heart really jumped up.

All in all, if you are always uneasy about a certain situation after pregnancy, and what you think you think it is necessary to see a doctor, you can call your doctor or go to the hospital immediately for examination. After allMood is critical to the development of the fetus.

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