"Small prescriptions for the treatment of polycysts" TCM expert Duan Xiaofang: Polycystic can be controlled and can be pregnant

Pharmaceutical prescriptions? Women usually attach importance to their own reproductive organs. The health of reproductive organs and the complete indication of women’s health. If women’s ovarian disease occurs, it means that there may be women’s fertility problems. Many women may suffer this problem.Passion, this problem allows women to withstand heavy mental stress, so everyone should actively treat treatment.

Small prescriptions for the treatment of polycystic

If you want to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome, it is recommended to use the corresponding drug to treat the balance of hormone levels in the body. Patients should pay more attention to exercise, control weight, prevent endocrine and metabolic disorders. If the patient’s ovarian development is poor, it is necessary to use related drugs to use itPromote ovulation.

Many people do not know how to treat traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively slow, and the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine needs to be performed according to different situations.Duan Xiaofang, an expert in Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine, instructed that Chinese medicine believes that "kidney is the foundation of innate" and "kidney is the basis of reproduction." Many studies have confirmed that the kidneys of Chinese medicine play a very important role in the reproductive endocrine of modern medicine.Hulkar-pituitary-ovarian axis regulate menstruation, treatment of infertility, etc.The polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by a variety of reasons. Some of the polycystic ovary syndrome patients’ hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis disorders are the main manifestations.

Therefore, congenital endowment is not filled, kidney qi is insufficient, energy is insufficient, body overdraft, excessive fatigue, and loss of kidney qi can cause polycystic ovary syndrome.At present, Chinese medicine is a common method for treating polycystic ovary cysts. At present, there are many successful treatment cases. Active treatment can help people recover health. Doctors will prescribe medicines that are suitable for their physical condition according to our condition, and then actively treat them., To restore a healthy body as soon as possible.

You can eat some cucumber during treatment. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and trace elements. The diet method can be fried with cucumber or eggs, or it can be supplemented by protein. Winter melon is a very good food and has great benefits to patients with polycystic ovary. WeYou can do winter melon stewed lean meat.There are still many ways to treat polycystic ovary, and there are many causes of this disease.No matter what kind of treatment you take, you must choose the treatment method that suits you. Symptoms are the key. Polycystic ovary disease can cause a variety of diseases, so female friends should attach great importance to it.

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