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The "Smart Love Mother" Safety Drug Science Popularization promotes action projects. It aims to combine the majority of pharmacy science and technology workers and all sectors of society to conduct in -depth research and promotion of the science science science and resources of the safety drugs for women, organize and carry out health science popularization activities suitable for rural women, and popularize safetyKnowledge and skills in medication to promote the improvement of women’s scientific quality and health level.

Guests in this issue: Chen Lin, director of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Guangming.com: Does medication during pregnancy affect the fetus?

Chen Lin: During the pregnancy, the effect of drugs on the fetus is different.Generally, within two weeks after conception, it is early in the embryo. The main changes in the embryo are oval, foam formation, and the implantation of supporting facilities.Although the embryo at this time is easily affected by stimulating factors, there are few malformations. Because the inflammatory embryo dies, it is aborted, so the embryo is not a deformity period in the early stage of the embryo.From the third week after the fertilization, especially from the beginning of the fourth week to the eighth weekend, it is the most important period of the development of embryo organs. The tissue differentiation is rapid and the drug is the most sensitive.Causes malformations, and any abnormalities are irreversible.Therefore, this period is the period when the congenital deformity is the most dangerous, and then enter the fetal stage. It is eight weeks to be given in full -moon after fertilization. During this period, drugs can affect the growth and development of the fetus through the placenta, causing damage to the central nervous system system.Or the fetus growth is limited, and often does not lead to severe structural malformations.

Guangming.com: Women are pregnant without any medicine?For example, some treatment drugs that are taking should also stop the medicine immediately?

Chen Lin: Generally, there are such misunderstandings. I believe that no drugs can not be taken after pregnancy. Pregnancy or women’s medication during pregnancy should be cautious, but not any drugs cannot be used.First of all, women have some drugs that must be supplemented during pregnancy, such as folic acid, calcium, and iron. These drugs have obvious benefits to pregnant women and fetuses, which can reduce birth defects and complications during pregnancy.Take.In addition, some diseases may increase if not controlled during pregnancy, such as asthma, depression and other diseases.Taking asthma as an example, uncontrolled asthma is associated with complications of mothers and fetuses, including hypertension, dystocia, limited fetal growth, and premature birth.If asthma is well controlled throughout pregnancy, the risk of adverse complications in pregnant women and fetal adverse complications occurs. Generally speaking, the use of drugs used to treat asthma is safe during pregnancy.Large -scale studies have shown that the main congenital malformations of the baby born in the treatment of asthma before pregnancy or during pregnancy have not increased.Therefore, for the treatment of chronic diseases that have been taken before pregnancy, it is recommended to consult the corresponding doctors after pregnancy to stop the drug or replace other drugs. At the same time, evaluate the safety of the drugs used, and do not stop drugs.

Guangming.com: What are the more common consultations during pregnancy and breastfeeding pharmacists?

Chen Lin: The outpatient clinic for medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding has begun for almost three years. In the past three years, we have visited more than 7,000 patients in total. According to the analysis of the data of our data earlier this year, the top three issues of everyone’s consultation are ranked.Drugs are mainly Chinese medicine, antibacterial and cold medicine.The most common consultation problem is because of taking cold medicine, and then finding pregnancy, let us see if it has an impact, so colds should be regarded as a very common accompanying disease during pregnancy.

Guangming.com: There are often pregnant women who feel that a cold is a minor illness. It will not have much effect if you take some cold medicine casually. Is it true?

Chen Lin: Pregnant women really know that they are very cautious when choosing a cold medicine after pregnancy, but often take a cold medicine without knowing it.Because the types of cold medicines on the market are very complicated, such as several types of Chinese medicines, including acetaminol, ibuprofen; drugs for vascular collection, such as pseudohadine; antitramotic drugs, such as right Michafin and disease resistance to disease resistance and disease resistance.Poison;The current data show that most of these ingredients have a certain impact on the fetus, so pseudo ephedrine has found in some studies that it may increase the rupture or reduce the birth defects of the limbs.When experiments are experimented in rats, it is found that if it is greater than 50 mg per kilogram per kilogram per day, it may cause rats’ bad pregnancy ending.In the case report of data during pregnancy, this drug has such cases that use diamide to cause malformations.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women do not buy cold medicines in the pharmacy, and they should be cautious when they are clinic in community clinics.Because the clinic may have some cold medicines that are no longer practical, such as morpholine and amino Berbin.

Guangming.com: Everyone generally believes that Chinese medicine is relatively safe. Is there a impact on Chinese medicine during pregnancy?

Chen Lin: According to our data, there are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy.Pregnant women think that Chinese medicine is relatively mild and has no side effects.However, the safety information used by traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine during pregnancy is very insufficient, and most of the instructions are not clearly marked.In addition to the pharmaceutical manual, current Chinese medicine has a safety information during pregnancy, and it can also be obtained from two aspects. One is the classics from ancient and modern. According to some of the sex, effects, and toxicity of the Chinese medicineInformation.Second, use modern experimental technical methods to study the result of the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine reproduction.Then the traditional pregnancy taboos are divided into two types: disable and cautious. The disability belongs to the refusal medicine, which may have an impact on the embryo.For example, majestic yellow, spots, musk, etc.The drugs used carefully are mainly some drugs that promote blood circulation and blood stasis, which may cause abortion, such as safflower, rhubarb, and aconite.However, different ancient books recorded taboo information of pregnancy. It is not uniform, and there are also some problems with the problem of no consistency of the safety information between the pharmaceutical manuals and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.Therefore, the use of proprietary Chinese medicines must be cautious during pregnancy, and it is not recommended to go to the pharmacy for purchase.At the same time, some ingredients disabled in the Chinese patent medicine were accidentally taken during pregnancy. You can go to a special pharmacist or physician for consultation.

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