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What is anal itching?Intersection

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Itching, I am afraid that everyone has experienced it. Some parts are used to be used, but some parts are not convenient to scratch, and it is useless.Walking on the street or sitting in the classroom, I suddenly felt itchy fart, and I was restless for a while, embarrassing and unbearable.Not only that, it also likes to attack at night. It is quiet at night. When you enter the dreamland, it starts to make a strangeness, making you not be peaceful … So why does anal itching appear?How to prevent life?There is a classic cross talk, and many people should have heard: Some people have skin diseases and itching. One day, this person feels itchy again. It happens to meet a person who sells ancestors on the street.I bought two packs at an enthusiasm. After I went home, I couldn’t wait to open it layer by layer. A small note inside read the word "scratch".

Today, let’s talk about a special itching

—— Anal itching.

01 What is anal itching?

In 1660, Samuel Hafenreffer defined "itching" as "a discomfort that can cause desire or reflection."Specifically, itching of anal itching is defined as a skin symptom, which is characterized by: anal area or persistent uncomfortable itching or burning sensation.Anal itching is a Latin language, which means anus itching.When using the term of pruritus alone, it only means the feeling of itchy, and there is no difference between itching (pruritus) and itching (itchy).

02 Features of theoretical disease of anal itching

(1) Incidence: 1%to 5%of the incidence of ordinary people;

(2) There are many young people: more common in people aged 20 to 40;

(3) High incidence of boys: There are fewer girls with patients than male patients;

(4) High incidence of people who do not exercise often: The chances of people who often exercise are low.

Itching of anal itching is divided into primary (specialty) or secondary.Primary anal itching is the most common type of anal itching, and in secondary anal itching, the most common diseases are due to local stimulation and anal rectal disease.

03 Common cause of anal itching

(1) Common cause of primary anal itching:

Anatomy factors: obesity, meat folds, polymlasmia;

Diet: coffee, tea, cola, beer, chocolate, tomato, citrus fruits, dairy products, spicy and heavy taste food, etc.;

Personal cleanliness: bad cleaning habits, excessive perianal hygiene;

Psychological: anxiety, neurasthenia, mental disorder, neurodermatitis, neurotic changes, "itching syndrome";

Local stimulation: feces pollution, humidity, soap, perfume, local drugs, toilet paper, wet towel, ethanol, northern American witch plum;

Drugs: Quinine, Plosth, IV steroids;

Others: wear tight clothes, long fiber fabrics (wool).

(2) Common cause of secondary anal itching:

Infectious: bacterial, virus, fungal, parasitic perianal infection (tapeworm, scabies, lice disease);

Dermatology: psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, specialty dermatitis, contact dermatitis, flat moss, hardening moss, chronic simplicity moss, local malignant tumor;

Systemic diseases: diabetes, chronic kidney disease, renal failure, liver disease, etc.;

Eyes and anal etiology: hemorrhoids, skin, chronic anal fissures, anal fistula (often accompanied by different degrees of leakage, prolapse and feces pollution);

Others: radioactive dermatitis, incontinence and anal leakage, gynecological diseases.

04 Prevention measures of anal itching

(1) Diet attention: minimize the following food intake, chocolate, tomato, citrus fruits, dairy products, strong tea, coffee, cola, beer and other irritating drinks, as well as spicy, irritating (fried and roasted smoked products)food.

(2) Pay attention to hygiene: hygiene habits are "too good" and "too bad".Excessive cleaning of anus or using irritating products will further damage the perianal skin.The hygiene habits are not good, the anal secretions are more clean and not timely, stimulating the skin, and it can also cause itching.

(3) Care anal: Use soft toilet paper to wear loose and breathable cotton underwear.(Error Demonstration: Scratching, excessive wiping, hot water hot, soap, alcohol, etc.)

(4) Avoid sedentary: It is recommended to get up for activities for 1 to 2 hours to avoid sedentary.

Finally, if anal itching occurs, it is necessary to treat it in time. Do not feel embarrassed. There are many reasons for itching. Do not blindly treat and choose medicines. Only by clearing the cause and the correct treatment can be cured as soon as possible.

This article mainly refers to the book ↓↓↓:

"American Colorectal Surgeon Society of Colorectal Surgery" (editor: Scott R. Steele; main translation: Li Xinxiang in Wuyong Wuyong, Zhang Hong)


Sun Feng, male, deputy chief physician, associate professor, doctor of surgery, and master’s tutor of the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Visit scholar at St. Mark Hospital in the UK; Lingnan famous doctor; outstanding young medical talents in Guangdong Province.

Deputy Chairman of the Intestinal Health Branch of the Guangdong Health Care Association; editorial board of the "China Gastrointestinal and Gastroenterology Magazine"; "Editor -in -chief of the Electronics Magazine of China Cermiars"; editorial board of the "Bullet Intestinal Anal Surgery"; the CSCRS Board (CSCRS Committee (CSCRS) National Youth Member; Member of the Youth Professional Committee of the Anorectal Branch of the Chinese Medical Association; Youth Member of the General Surgery Professional Committee of the Chinese and Western Medicine Society of the Chinese and Western Medicine Society; Standing Member of the Guangdong Branch of the China Noses Alliance; Youth Member of the Guangdong Medical Society of Medical Association;Member of the Large -intestine and Anal Committee of the Chinese and Western Medicine Society.

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