"Unclea Pig" and "Three Disorders" uterine inflammation

Sow breeding disorder syndrome is very complicated. It can be divided into infectious diseases and non -infectious diseases. Infectious diseases can be divided into three major diseases: viral infectious diseases, bacterial infectious diseases, and parasitic diseases.Non -infectious diseases include feed mold, variety, nutritional disorders, genetic factors, poor management, etc., can cause sows to reproduce disorders. Sometimes they may also cause mothers due to improper artificial fertilized gymnastics or inadequate disinfection of equipment.Pig reproductive tract infection.

According to the author’s many years of work experience, it is believed that the pig’s breeding obstacle syndrome, especially the sow, has the most serious impact on production results.MMA occurs after giving birth, a significant decrease in lactation or sudden milk. After the piglets suck the milk of the sick sow, diarrhea occurs at 3 to 5 days.This phenomenon occurs all year round. It is particularly obvious and common in the high temperature season, which seriously affects the production of sows, weaning of piglets, and growth and development.The author talks about the situation of clinical reality on the situation of the three -united disease (MMA), and I hope it can help farmers!

Sow suffering from uterine inflammation-breast inflammation-dairy-free syndrome (MMA)

1. "Non -clean pig" and "Three United Disorders"

The onset sow began to show "unclean pigs", that is, postpartum sows continued to discharge purulent yellow and white or red liquid from the vagina due to endometritis.The incidence of professional households can reach 3 ~ 10%. If it is not treated and treated in time for unclean pigs, it will then develop into sow’s uterine inflammation-breastitis-no milk or less milk, that is, sow pig postpartum symptoms.

2. Reasons for formation

Sow suffering from uterineitis-breastitis-milkless syndrome (MMA) is because the luteal that has the effect of sowing after giving birth is not fully dissolved, resulting in a higher level of progesterone in the sow, and the insufficient secretion of endogenous PGF2α causedof.The poor effect of sows after giving birth, the adverse effects of insufficient secretion of endogenous PGF2α:

1) Decreasing the pH of the reproductive tract makes the pathogenic bacteria easily invaded.

2) The permeability of the endometrium is reduced to germs and leukocytes.

3) The lymphocyte movement and macrophages in the sows are reduced.

4) Sow’s immune response delay.

5) Dowating the sow’s uterus to shrink weakness, and the uterine dew is left.

The relics of the uterine relics cause pathogenic bacteria infection and manifests as endometritis. The pathogenic products of the pathogenic inflammation enter the blood circulation. The pathogenic bacteria break through the local defense into the uterus into the whole body, causing postpartum sows fever, waste food, lactitis and poisonous hemoscisis.Some sows can manifest three recycles, and sows with severe symptoms die.

The main causes of sow suffering from triple disease are sows’ long -term production processes, endocrine disorders, lack of exercise, constipation, too thin and lean, germ tract bacterial infection, production stress, etc.Dirty, disinfected, and insufficient feed nutrition.

3. After giving birth to uterine inflammation-breast inflammation-milk-free syndrome MMA, the adverse consequences

1) Due to failure or insufficient milk, pigs died or weaned significantly.

2) Sow cannot be estrus in time within 10 days after weaning.

3) Several cycles need to be matched after the estrus of the sow to be tire.

4) The sows are eliminated for repeatedly with infertility.

5) After the sow has less milk, poor quality, piglets are weak, hungry, and death.

Other prevention measures are as follows:

1. Improve the environment and reduce stress: It is necessary to be quiet, clean, good ventilation, and appropriate temperature in the delivery room. Do not change materials and temporarily replace breeding managers in the delivery of sows.

2. Strengthen breeding management and drug health care

1) The delivery room and the sow are completely disinfected before giving birth, and the supply is sufficient clean and hygienic drinking water.

2) During pregnancy, especially after 84 days of pregnancy, increase the amount of feeding and maintain the normal body condition of the sows, so that the sows will not be too fat or thin;

In short, it is mainly preventive and supplemented by treatment.Because once sows suffer from breast inflammation-uterineitis-no milk syndrome, after effective means to treat rehabilitation, the production performance of sows will also decrease a lot, not to mention that many sows often have lurking hidden uterine enditis.Dangerous, the final ending is still facing elimination, but cannot continue to breed

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