"We Ten Years" Zhang Mei was forced to get pregnant. I didn’t know that the other party killed her parents.

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In the "Ten Years of the Ten Years", Zhang Mei died from a younger parents and grew up by the village branch.

After graduating from Zhang Mei University, Zhou Jihai had been fighting Zhou Jihai, and Zhou Jihai wanted to let Zhang Mei use it forever, so that her son Zhou Daqi married her and broke the records of their Zhou family’s no culture.

Zhou Daqi made Zhang Mei, and Zhang Mei was pregnant and had to marry her.

Zhang Mei did not know that Zhou Daqi got her idea of Zhou Jihai. Her parents were also killed by Zhou Jihai. She actually recognized that the thief became his father for more than ten years, and she was pregnant with the son -in -law of the Zhou family. Nothing was more sad than this!

The Zhou family is very similar to the Zhao Xiaosheng family in "Punishment". The entire Zhao family is from the Zhao family. The entire Zhou Jiawan is from the Zhou family.

The upper beam is not right, and the lower beam is crooked. Zhou Jihai secretly did bad things. His son Zhou Daqi was also a kind of species. He wore a flower shirt all day.shape.

This is where Zhou Daqi is different from Zhou Jihai. Zhou Jihai has a brain. He has always been superficial and qi, with a knife behind him.

Zhou Daqi directly wrote "Lao Tzu’s World" on his face, dragging and greasy. When he encountered civil servants, he fists when he comes up and treats people like a mustard.

If Zhou Jihai was not pushing him down and dredging his relationship for him, Zhou Daqi would have died thousands of times.I have to say that Zhou Jihai will do a show!Such people are the most insidious.

Zhou Daqi took the lead in the water inspector and attracted the police.

Seeing that Zhou Jihai slapped his son in front of the police, he shouted to the police that it was best to shot Zhou Daqi, and thought he was a dad of a person.

But as soon as the policeman left, Zhou Jihai then changed his face, so that Dong Xueming, who was standing on the right side, became a target. He deliberately asked whether the water inspector was found by Dong Xueming and did not give him the opportunity to speak, so Dong Xueming became a traitorIt was isolated and scolded.

Zhou Jihai deliberately played such a play, with two purposes.

The first is to kill chickens and monkeys. Through the attitude towards Dong Xueming, he reminds others that no one who has a standing team is not on his side, there will be no good end.

The second is that Dong Xueming was running for the village committee. Zhou Jihai had been in the village branch for 30 years, that is, someone was covering it again, and it was time to step down. He wanted the Zhou family to continue to cover the sky, want his son Zhou Daqi to take over, and let Zhang Mei let Zhang MeiAuxiliary, forced Zhang Mei to be the female director, Dong Xueming passively offended the Zhou family and did not dare to have opinions.

Few young people were willing to stay in the village as soon as they graduated. Zhang Mei wanted to go to a big city to break through.

But Zhou Jihai didn’t wait for her to leave, and said to Zhang Mei:

"If you don’t, you will stay in our village, even if you have contributed to the construction of our Zhoujiawan Village."

Zhang Mei said that there was nothing she could do here and wanted to go to the city. Zhou Jihai immediately threatened her help for so many years:

"I said something you don’t like to hear. When you are teenage, your parents are gone because of a car accident. You see you and your sick grandma are raised by Zhoujiawan."

Zhou Jihai has abducted Zhang Mei morally. Zhang Mei has followed the Zhou family for so many years, and she won’t know their means. Even if Zhou Jihai leaves her leave, she will not be better in the future, so she can only accept the post of the women’s director’s post., Continue to be the Zhou family’s chess pieces.

Zhou Daqi likes raising pigeons. Zhou Jihai said to Zhou Daqi such a thing:

"I tell you Daqi, this raising pigeons, you want to make it obedient, one is tame, two are raising. Only tame and do not raise, lack of fire, only nourish and do not tame, you have thought, no, your dadWhy can I stay in the position of this village party for more than thirty years without falling? This tame is to make them afraid of you; raising is to respect you. You see, this is both afraid and respect, and they become docile.It’s. "

Zhou Jihai is actually taking raising pigeons as an example. The method of teaching Zhou Daqi to the concentrated people must be "raised" and "tame", and "raising" is to give them benefits.Essence

For example, those villagers who are willing to go to the soup of the Zhou family are bought by the benefits given by the Zhou family, and they are subject to them.

As for those villagers who did not want to "go back", the Zhou family threatened them with despicable means, causing them to hide from those who saw the Zhou family.

Zhang Mei is the same. Her grandma lives in a nursing home and is covered with a tube. She can live. In a word of Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi, her grandmother is her only relative, and she cannot abandon it.

Zhou Jihai wanted to let Zhang Mei enter the village team. There was only one purpose -to assist Zhou Daqi, because Zhou Daqi had no culture and stains. Some things could not be done. Zhang Mei had thoughts and culture, and he could support the facade.

So Zhou Jihai tentatively asked Zhang Mei, thinking about what Zhou Daqi was?Zhang Mei was very politely said that Director Zhou was good. In fact, Zhou Jihai was implying that Zhang Mei and Zhou Daqi were together.

After Zhang Mei, Zhou Jihai told his son that he should make good use of Zhang Mei.Zhou Jihai gave Zhou Daqi: "Let her obedient and simple, just marry her into the door."

Zhang Mei did not listen to Zhou Daqi’s words, but only to Zhou Jihai’s life, so Zhou Jihai deliberately arranged Zhang Mei to accompany Zhou Daqi out of his heart.

Zhou Daqi had long been prepared, prepared a bottle of water on the car, and drove Zhang Mei outside, and violently violently.

The two returned to the Zhou family the next day. Zhou Jihai looked angry, as if he was embarrassed for Zhang Mei, he said:

"Zhang Mei, don’t get used to her, don’t look at my old face, you just hit 110, call the police! You say he raped you and let him squat in prison for a lifetime!"

Zhou Jihai asked Zhou Daqi to apologize, and he slapped him in front of Zhang Mei’s face. In fact, he was all fake. He was happy for his daughter -in -law. He knew that Zhang Mei couldn’t take Zhou Daqi.

Zhou Daqi said that drinking together is two feelings, and the relationship occurs in the depths. Even if Zhang Mei wants to sue, there is no evidence. He has intimate photos in his hands. He also said that he would send it to the Internet for everyoneComment.

This is really insidious and despicable for father and son. If Zhou Daqi sent the video, it would have no impact on him. Instead, Zhang Mei would be verbally cut, and he would definitely be scolded by people.

Zhou Jihai said to Zhang Mei:

"It seems now, Da Qi really likes you, he is too anxious to do this kind of thing. If you think of this situation, it would not be good if you spread it. Otherwise, let’sThe big things are small, and bad things are good. "

Zhou Daqi likes Zhang Mei, Zhou Daqi is too anxious, how shameless!

Zhou Jihai’s purpose has been achieved, so he asked Zhang Mei to accept the fact that raw rice was cooked with mature rice. He promised to help her to the village branch letter, and then Ming media was marrying her.

Zhang Mei is not the kind of woman who is greedy for vanity. She is naturally unwilling, and she just wants to escape.

Zhou Jihai threatened Zhang Mei with her grandma again, and Zhang Mei could only be forced to accept it all.

Seeing Zhou Jihai’s father and son carrying Zhang Mei showing a proud and complicated expression, people hated teeth itchy and disgusting!

Poor Zhang Mei did not know what Zhou Daqi did to him. It was Zhou Jihai’s intention. If Zhou Jihai asked him to marry Zhang Mei, Zhou Daqi would not have Zhang Mei.

Zhang Mei was to repay Zhou Jihai’s grace, and the other was to be controlled by him before he was a cattle for him.

It wasn’t until her childhood child who was pregnant with Zhou Daqi for three months that Zhang Mei learned that Zhou Jihai was his own murderer. Zhou Jihai had killed Zhang Mei’s parents in order to destroy his mouth. It was simply destroying humanity!

This is too big to hit Zhang Mei!

Zhang Mei wanted to wait for her grandmother to be there, so she was completely away from this place, but now she is pregnant with her child again.

On the wedding day, the Zhou family had been rope. The child in Zhang Mei’s belly was a sin. Can you ask?

The Zhou family’s earth snake, without removing one day, the people will not be safe for a day.

The unit of "Xixiang Mingyue" is particularly similar to the popular "Punishment" that some time ago.

Zhao Xiao’s father and son in "Punishment", there is a huge protective umbrella cover behind him, and the Zhao family can be entangled over the years over Changwu. The entire Zhao family is their territory.Over time.

The same is true of Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi’s father and son in "Xixiang Mingyue". Zhou Jihai is a village party secretary. It is 30 years and there are protective umbrellas on it.Forget it, the father and son of the Zhou family were as easy as the ants, and most of them were scapegoats, so they were not afraid of the Lao Wang Laozi.

In the past three decades, Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi’s father and son did not make evil. The people of Zhou Jiawan seemed to be their slaves. Zhou Jihai only favored Zhang Mei who graduated from college.He wanted Zhang Mei to be his daughter -in -law and spread his leaves for their house.

This is the same. They have no culture, but they want to make people with culture use themselves, satisfy their desire to conquer, but also want to cover their vicious face with "culture".Culture establishes prestige.

As everyone knows, justice and comfort.

These evil forces of the Zhou family are a large cloud, and fairness and justice are the glory of the sun. The human heart is the brightness of the moon. The black clouds can never cover the light of the sun, and the evil will never be righteous!

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