"Why do you bring two condoms and get pregnant?" These 4 o’clock did wrong, worn = white wear

According to an improper investigation, a man, 20-29 years old, about 2920 sets, 1278 years of age 30-39 years old, 730 years of age 40-49 years …

Calculating according to this formula, a man must use 5731 sets in his life, connected to the sleeve, you can go around the earth …

Forget it, how much lazy you are too lazy, this is indeed a good phenomenon, but Xiao Bian can still hear someone say:

"He said wearing two more insurance, but I was still pregnant"

"Every time I wear a set, I will fall off halfway, so I am too disappointed …"

It ’s not that I said that some people have worn so many times and may not wear it once. Otherwise, where is so many contraceptive failure rates?

Today, I will boldly explore the shame topics that young people are interested in -condoms!


How important is the condom?

Why do people sweat?

In a condom, in the act of applauding both the lovers, it plays a very important role, which makes people have to say: a condom, really you ~


Realize contraceptive effect

There are no regrets in the world, but some are condoms. The biggest effect of condoms is of course contraceptive.

The principle is to put sperm to prevent it from entering the vagina and avoid encountering eggs to achieve the effect of contraception. It is a barrier and contraceptive method.

Similar to traffic control during the epidemic, sperm is in Shanghai, and eggs are in other cities. If you cannot contact, you cannot cause pregnancy.

The correct use of condoms is the safest and most effective measure so far, and the contraceptive effect can reach 98%.

The success rate is higher than that of 80%of emergency contraceptives, 78%in vitro essence contraceptives, and 76%of safety phase contraceptives, etc., second only to short -acting contraceptives.

Moreover, for some reasons (such as fallopian tubeitis, dysplasia of uterine, endometriosis, etc.), it is likely to cause ectopic pregnancy.

This contraceptive method cannot prevent ectopic pregnancy, but condoms can be.


Prevent a variety of diseases

A condom, also named "condom", can prevent diseases in addition to contraception.

Diseases transmitted by sexual behaviors, condoms can isolate the contact of male and female reproductive organs, and can block the spread of pathogens from the source.

Correct use of condoms can greatly reduce the infection rate of disease transmission through sexual behavior, such as AIDS, HPV (human papilloma virus).

The condom also avoids the emergence of bacteria, reduces the risk of vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, and can also prevent "cervical cancer" malignant tumors.

There are many causes of this disease. One thing is to be related to the virus and skin dirt in the husband’s semen, and the condom can block contact from the source.

There is no absolutely secure sexual partner, only relatively safe sexual behavior, so the benefits of using condoms correctly. To sum up, it is:

Conditions = contraceptive responsibility + prevention and health care.


Misunderstanding of condoms?

Why do people sweat?


Wear two more insurance?

Let’s emphasize first: condoms, only one at a time.

Don’t think that wearing two, that is, dual insurance, there is nothing good to be a double, otherwise, why not wear ten sex at one time?

Can look bigger (I don’t mean that ~

Most of the condoms are made of latex and have a certain friction on the surface. If you wear two at one time, it will greatly increase the surface friction and increase the possibility of damage.

The risk of pregnancy, or infectious transmission of diseases will also greatly increase (serious face face

Moreover, the one that is placed outside may slip into the vagina, and it is already a big project to take it out.


The bigger the buy, the better?

The shoes are not suitable, only the feet know;

Then, the suit is not suitable, only …

If you buy it small, it will be too tight when used. The phenomenon of ischemia in the blood circulation of Ding Ding, it is very easy to break, and the probability of pregnancy will increase.

But this generally does not need to be reminded.

What needs to be reminded is that if you have to force to buy any supreme and large size, the sleeve cannot fit the Tintin, it will easily fall off, which will cause semen to return.

I hope that boys can be down -to -earth, don’t be stubborn, thank you.


Wash it and then use it?

Emphasize once:

Please do not use the condom after cleaning!Intersection

Don’t use condoms if you don’t clean it!Intersection

Many people may find it unnecessary. No one should not know that the condom is one -time.

However, the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mentioned the problem on Twitter and wrote: "We said this because people did this."

The condom was originally used after one -time use. The use of condoms used is more likely to be damaged, and the contraceptive effect has been lost.

Moreover, cleaning cannot clearly remove all bacteria, body fluids and substances that are prone to infection, which may make you face the risk of infection.

In addition, the design purpose of the condom is to follow Tintin quickly and easily. Once it is expanded, it is difficult to wear it again.

One sleeve can only be used once. As for how many sets you need to use in one -time life, it varies from person to person.

I hope everyone can have a long snack, milk powder money is much more expensive than money, isn’t it?


Do you wear it before sprinting?

Not to mention all, about 50%of people are worn halfway.

Because they feel that this will not be uncomfortable because of the sleeve nor accidental pregnancy.

However, this idea is completely wrong.Intersection

In the process of applauding for love, not only do girls secrete their love liquid, but boys will also secrete prostate fluid. Among them, there are a certain number of sperm, and the opportunity to cross the fire will come.

The correct approach is: before the foreplay, before the sexual organs contact, the big brother can wear a condom at the beginning, and must be used throughout the process.


How to wear it correctly?

Why do people sweat?


Check first

I dare to promise: I won’t check it before we wear 80%.

But if you don’t check, in case you have the old old set from the wallet clip, it has long passed the shelf life.

In particular, those who like to go home in Double Eleven, but they can’t send it to the field.

Once it expires, latex may be aging and loses elasticity. It is easier to crack during use, increases the risk of pregnancy, and may also be infected with spreading diseases.

And long -term condoms with high temperature or low -temperature environment may occur before the valid date.

Therefore, when you take out the sleeve, don’t be excited first, see the shelf life, and check whether the packaging is intact and ensure that it is not damaged before you can continue to use it ~


Tip the condom with your hand

Some men like to tear up the sleeve with their teeth. I always think that it will be handsome. Are you a little movie?

Tooth to tear the condom, you will be torn by you accidentally by the way. Do you think you are handsome and handsome after holding a child in ten months?

If you want to show the charm of men, let’s talk with strength.

It should be noted that in addition to the teeth, it cannot be used to tear the condom with a nail knife/scissors, which will also cause the condom to be damaged and increase the risk of pregnancy.

The correct method: Use your flexible fingers to tear out the outer packaging of the condom from the gap. In short, be gentle, don’t be simple and rude, so on.


Three rules of wearing a set

Please remember that wearing a set can be divided into three steps, each step is very important:

Step 1: Be sure to pinch the top of the sleeve with your fingers first, and discharge the excess air inside.

The excess air can easily lead to increased pressure in the sac after ejaculation, which can break the condom and fail the contraceptive.

Step 2: Be sure to distinguish the positive and anti -righteousness. When wearing, the rolling edge of the sleeve opens should be outside, which is the side that fits Tintin.

If you wear it, you will obviously feel difficult to wear, and it is easy to break. At this time, you must change the new one. As long as the sleeve encounters Tintin, it may be exposed to sperm.

Step 3: It is necessary to ensure that the sleeve is a state of "front loosening and tightness", and the front end must be left with a gap to store sperm.

In the process of wearing, we must also wear the sleeve to the most root to ensure that it is firmly tight, so that it will not easily fall off.

(Hush, don’t say that Ding Ding is too long, I can’t listen to you blindly.)


Please take off soon after finishing the matter

Remember, you must take off immediately.

Because after BIU’s sound, Tintin will soften, and semen may flow from the sleeve to the woman’s body, resulting in the possibility of pregnancy.

Therefore, for safety, you should take advantage of your own toughness. He holds your hand at the bottom of the sleeve with your hands as soon as possible.

If you are willing to give the woman a little more warmth, this is worth praising, but at this time, you should still ensure that everything is lost, and then stay in gentle town.


Emergency remedy measure

If the condom is accidentally broken, don’t be lucky. Some people say that "squat immediately" is fine, and it is very wrong.

This can indeed exclude some semen, but it is indispensable for those sperm that has entered the uterine cavity.

The most effective remedy at present is to immediately take emergency contraceptives.

Don’t think that emergency contraceptives hurt your body, it is much stronger than the damage of accidental pregnancy, it is not appropriate to use it as a remedy.

Of course, it is still necessary to remind: emergency contraceptive pills will cause irregular menstruation, retreat bleeding, breast bloating and tingling, nausea and vomiting gastrointestinal disorders.

Remember, emergency contraceptives can only be used as an unexpected emergency, and must not be used as a way of contraceptive.

Of course, if you can, I hope you will never use this.

There are tens of millions of roads, the first one;

The driving was not standardized, and two lines of tears afterwards.

I hope everyone, the next night for love to turn the clouds, can take the contraception to take good use of it. In this case, you are good.

And Xiaobian, I am different …

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