"Yang" has no appetite afterwards?Society of throat?Recommend these 6 types of foods to help you get through the difficulties!

In recent days, some of my dad’s evaluation have begun to have a fever. The test is two bright two bars -the positive of the new crown lung inflammation.The partners in the disease have also experienced various symptoms–

Obviously a colleague, the infected "poison strains" are different.

Taking medicine can be reduced, but how can these uncomfortable symptoms be relieved?Can you only carry it hard?

The intimate food researcher Ms., helped everyone find some foods that can quickly reduce discomfort and bring happiness.Parents are effective, don’t miss it!

In addition to saying "Baojuan, my throat", try these foods for the blade of the blade-

01 ice sweets

On weekdays, Ice creams that dare not eat, ice drinks that are dare not drink, at this time not to eat, do not drink, and when will it be!

Cold -cold food can shrink the local capillaries, play a role in cooling, hemostasis, pain relief, and preventing swelling. It can temporarily reduce the pain of swallowing, make the throat comfortable, and let us eat more things.

There are fewer ice creams that can be bought in winter. You can also try frozen fruits, frozen juice ice cubes, iced mung bean soup …

The little partner said: "Drink a bowl of ice tiles Sydney soup, and the ears are echoing the BGM of" China on the Tip of the Tongue "."

In short, when you open your mind, you can consider what you love to eat, what are you at home, and put it in the refrigerator as appropriate to refrigerate or freeze!Another order, although eating ice can relieve sore throat, don’t eat too much, beware of the pain and the pain and stomach pain.

02 Pure Honey

Friends who have a cough in a throat, you can eat honey (remember not to dilute).

Sticky honey, like cough syrup, can relieve the throat and achieve the effect of alleviating cough ~

Honey is covered with the surface of the throat mucosa. To a certain extent, it can reduce the irritation of the inflammation to the mucous membrane.

It should be noted that babies under the age of 1 are not recommended to eat honey.Children over 1 year old can try on demand, and each time you eat a small spoon (2 to 5 ml).

03 Mint sugar

When the throat is sore, it is happy to brush the teeth with mint toothpaste.

The cool taste of mint can relieve the pain of the throat; the effect of sugar is similar to honey, which can relieve the throat.

Friends who are not afraid of spicy mint, you can buy mints stronger, or you can try your childhood memories of golden throat.

Some friends are infected with "dried rice" make people enviable.

And most of my friends, either they can’t eat anything sore, or have a sense of taste or appetite at all.

If you have no appetite and taste, you can eat desserts to quickly replenish energy.Finally, each dessert received the highest evaluation of desserts by Chinese people: "Not too sweet."

01 Jelly & Pudding

The jelly and pudding taste is smooth, and the sugar content is high, it is easy to swallow, and can quickly replenish energy.If you buy a jelly with canned peaches, you can also enjoy the two happiness of cans and jelly together.

02 cake

A cakes that are afraid of fat and sugar do not dare to eat can also eat. The happiness index has 5 stars.

The protein, carbohydrates and fat content of animal cream cakes are very high, which can quickly replenish energy, and it is also a sharp weapon that makes people feel happy.

If you can eat the seasonal strawberry cake, you can forget a headache for an hour.

03 cooking fruits

If you can’t buy canned yellow peach, you can change your mind.

Cook the fruits at home. If you are not sweet enough, add some sugar or honey, isn’t it the canned fruit?

Boil apples and radish stewed pears. Simply process it, delicious and easy to swallow.You don’t have to eat fruits with your head hard, and experience the feeling of the sword’s throat.

Pears and oranges can also steam a whole, more convenient.I heard that salt steaming oranges has the effect of relieving cough. Welcome friends who have tried to comment on the comment area.

Dad always recommends that you drink less milk tea and eat less ice cream, because these foods have high sugar content, but nutrition is not very good.But in this special period, if you recruit, you can eat the food mentioned above.

Not only can it relieve discomfort, but also some energy and moisture, which is very important for those who vomit or have no appetite.

I hope that these foods can make your infection period better, I wish all of us can turn shade soon!

Quietly, don’t take this opportunity to eat too much, especially the friends who may be "dried rice"!After all, experts say that the new crown will be good in a few days, but the meat growing on the body does not know when it will fall!

Hurry up and share it with friends who are uncomfortable and take care of TA!

Don’t rush!There is also a "epidemic prevention science package" here, please receive.

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