11 Medical and Gynecology Department of the American Hospital of the United States pregnant, colleagues joked: There is a problem with the hospital’s water

According to foreign media reports, a "baby tide" broke out in a hospital in Missouri, USA. At the same time, 11 medical staff were pregnant. The photos lined up in pregnant women attracted attention on the Internet. Even the due date of the two nurses was the same day.Coincidentally, most of them are responsible for obstetrics and gynecology, and their colleagues joked that the water in the hospital was "problematic."

This hospital is located in Liberpi, Missouri, USA. Pregnant medical staff include 10 nurses and 1 doctor. Most of them are nurses in the birth center in the hospital. The earliest due date is May 27th, and the latest at the latest is in the expected period.Before and after November."We have never been pregnant at the same time at the same time," said Nicki Kolling, the director of the birth center, said it was very interesting. "

The 29 -year -old postpartum nurse Hannah Miller joked in an interview with the news program that some colleagues suspected that there was a problem with the hospital’s water. "Many nurses said that they should not drink the water in the hospital." Some nurses even started to work with their kettle.

The obstetrician Anna Gorman is pregnant with the second child. She said that the situation of her colleague’s pregnancy may indeed appear, but the number of people is still very exciting.

At the age of 26, Christen Burns was the first child, and she was the last one to share her pregnancy news.Burns believes that so many women around them are looking forward to the advent of new life. Everyone can share her mood and give suggestions to each other. This is very helpful to her and makes her feel more at ease.

The 29 -year -old Alex Atcheson’s due date is the earliest, and her 30 -year -old colleague Alison Harrell is on May 27.Atcheson is looking forward to her third child. "This is definitely a great experience. Our children will be born at the same time. I think we may be connected together for a lifetime. It is great to be able to support each other and experience pregnancy together."

Other hospitals have previously experienced similar "baby tide". In 2019, nine nurses of obstetrics in the Medical Center of Maine Medical Center in the United States have been pregnant in a similar time and produced between April and July, respectively.

In 2018, eight medical staff at Anderson Hospital in Illinois, USA, also became pregnant during the similar period, and 7 of them also took a group photo with their newborns after the production.

Some netizens are worried that the nurses are all out of maternity and leave, and the hospital should arrange people. Others said that if this situation appears in small companies, the company will go down.

However, for them, it is a very happy thing to go through pregnancy with colleagues, because they can be more empathetic, share joy with each other, and help each other to solve the difficulties during pregnancy.

Jiupai News Intern reporter Liang Xia

【Source: Nine Pai News】

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