12 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted and pregnant: those children who were sexually assaulted and abused, finally waited

Before starting today’s article, I want to tell you three stories to everyone.

These three stories are related to children.Like all their children, they are ignorant, naive, curious about the world, and trust their loved ones.But living in front of them, they were cruel and cold.

Who is the child in my belly?

I am 12 years old.Somehow recently, my belly has become bigger.It may be that I can eat too much during this time, and I have to lose weight when I gain weight.

Take a bath in the bathroom that day, my mother came in to get things, and her eyes fell on my belly. I don’t know why, she screamed.Persist in taking me to the village’s health center for inspection and asked who I was bullied.

Bully?Isn’t it bullying?The "romantic dream chasing" I met online said, this is the family!But after the test results came out, it showed that I was pregnant.And "romantic dream chasing" is not the child’s father.

Who is that?Let me think about it.Is it a school teacher in the school?He took me to the river embankment last year, and played that game with me like "Romantic Dream Chasing".Later, I gave me 50 yuan, so that I don’t want to say this to others.

But the police said that life teachers were not.

I am a little stunned.

A policeman took me out for a walk, gave me a pen, and a delicious popcorn.When I walked to Wetland Park, I suddenly remembered some particularly bad things and didn’t want to go forward.The auntie of the police asked me what happened, and I told her that Grandpa Qi in Wetland Park was a big bad guy!Because since I am ten years old, he has forced me to play with him many times.I still remember that he asked me to go to his house for the first time. He hurt me that day, but he gave me deliciously so that I would not tell others.

The police arrested Grandpa Qi, and they said he was the real criminal.

However, I no longer want to go out to see people.What should I do if my child in my belly?I am still a child!

He told me, just send a photo

I am 13 years old.

At the age of 12, my mother applied for the QQ number to let me try to contact the world.There are many gods on the Internet, and there are so many great gods in the forum.I found that the world is too colorful. The knowledge learned online is far more richer than the book.

I often send some selfies to the forum, and someone will leave a message, saying that I am beautiful.

I met someone.He said he liked my selfies.Leave the QQ number for me and say that I want to be friends with me.

On QQ, he is very humorous. Since my father divorced and my mother, I rarely say so much to men who are older than me.Every night, we are chatting online and sleeping with each other again. I really like him.

Later, one day, he left me a message saying that he would make a good deal with me. I cried and said disagree. He said, you let me see your chest, and I will be good with you.

I still did not agree and deleted him cruelly.

However, he found a classmate in my school and forced me to add him again.It also threatened me that if you don’t send nude photos, you have to make a rumor at school.

I yielded.That day, I closed the door of the room and took a picture of bare body. When I was wearing pants, my mother came in.Seeing me like this, she captured the phone and after watching the chat history, she collapsed.

My mother said she was going to sue him.But the police told her that this virtual network was not "obscene."

She locked me at home and didn’t let me come out.However, she doesn’t lock me, and I don’t want to talk and associate with anyone anymore.

I think I don’t want to believe anyone anymore in my life.

Mom, thank you, I finally died.

My parents are quarreling.The sound was loud, and the mother was crying.

Since the notation, my parents have been noisy.They like to destroy everything in the family, coffee tables, cups, ashtrays, and beer bottles that dads drink every day, and glass residue.

I hid in the corner, dare not move, and I didn’t dare to come out.I’m afraid they will see me, and let Qi on me again.

Every time they finished the fight, Dad always fell out of the door, and my mother always found me and hit me again.

I scolded me while fighting and let me die.I kept crying, running and hiding, but the stick kept hitting me, on my legs.I cried, "Mom, I dare not dare next time!"

However, I really did nothing wrong.

She is very hard, I know.In order to raise me, she did several jobs.The hair has been white, and I have never bought new clothes for several years, but I am willing to buy a book for me.She wants to make me good, I know, so I feel distressed.

Mom has a mobile phone, very old.There are a few keys that can’t be pressed, but she has been using it.Dad called her occasionally, just hitting this phone.

She usually doesn’t let me move this phone, but I have secretly held it several times.I think this year I am nine years old. When I grow up to 16, I can go to find a job, make some money, and buy her a new phone.

On that day, after a big snow, we were out of school in advance.My mother was still at work. I had nothing to do with it. I turned around at home and found that my mother’s mobile phone fell at home. I took the phone into the yard, pretended to answer the phone, pretending that the phone was a father.

I think, if my father calls a few more calls, will the mother be happier?

Looking at the heavy snow, I remembered the scene of fighting snow with my father when I was very young. At that time, I was so happy. I ran into the embrace of my father and put my cold face on the stubble of my father.

Just play yourself, pretend to fight snow with his father.I played with the fantasy "dad" for a long time, and the snowball was thrown away.

After a long time, I suddenly discovered that my mother’s mobile phone was gone! If I couldn’t find my mobile phone, my mother would kill me!It’s about to be dark, and my mother is coming back.Is there really a snow child?Can you come out and help me?


God is completely dark.The light outside the door was lit, and I knew that my mother was back.While my mother stared at my eyes, she walked towards the stick behind the door and asked, "Where is my mobile phone?"

I cried, and I said I was lost by me.

The stick was invincible, and it fell on my body. It hurts, as if every time I hit my bones.

Every time she hit me, she always cried. This time, she did not cry, but gritted her teeth.As if exhausting the strength of her whole body …

I no longer shout.The stick stopped.

"Mom … mom … I’m so thirsty …"

With a difficult breath, tears have already flowed.When my mother heard my voice, she went to the kitchen and took a little water and feed me a few mouthfuls.

I thought she had forgive me and was not angry.So she smiled at her.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t know when she took a roll of tape and tied my hands and feet and body!

The stick fell on me again.I no longer ask for mercy, I want to die now.Because I hurt.

When the teacher was in class, he talked about "despair". At that time, I didn’t understand it, and now I understand.

The night is very deep.I no longer move.

Mom, thank you for letting me get rid of it.Thank you, I finally died.

When I wrote three stories, my eyes were wet.

And each of these three stories are not stories, and they are real events.Every injured child in the incident has undergone sexual assault, obscenity, abuse … These do not belong to the pain of their age.

Case 1:

On April 2, 2016, Xing, a village in Tanghe County, Henan Province, called the police, saying that her sixth grade daughter was raped.After investigation, Zhang, Li, and Qi Mou had sexually assaulted Xing’s daughter with coaxing. Among them, Qi Mou had a sexual assault crime that lasted two years.After a comparative analysis of DNA, Qi, 63, was finally determined that Qi, a 63 -year -old was the father in the abdomen.

Case 2:

In January 2017, the defendant, Luo, added a 13 -year -old girl Xiaoyu as a friend through QQ software.After learning that Xiaoyu was a second grade student, Luo still asked him to ask him for nude photos through words.Xiaoyu was forced to take ten selfies of selfies as required.Later, Luo also threatened Xiaoyu’s nude photos, demanding that he met and attempted to implement obscenity behavior.Because Xiaoyu reported the case to the public security organs, Luo was arrested on the way to the hotel on a contract.

Case 3:

On January 5, 2018, a 9 -year -old boy in Taixing, Jiangsu, lost his phone when he went out to play, and looked for a few hours.After learning about it, the mother was very angry. She tied her children’s hands and feet and body with a tape. She beat it from 6 pm to 11 o’clock in the evening with a wooden stick.Early the next morning, the boy wore thin autumn pants, lay on the cold floor, and closed his eyes forever.

After experiencing these children, the pain they bear is far from what we can imagine.The conviction and punishment method of criminals also made parents suffer a suffering process. It was really inexplicable, and the criminal blade!

We will think that children are still young and will understand in the future.But the criminal never thinks that the child is young.Even if we tell the children that they let them protect themselves, but the criminals will use various means to invade, as long as they think.

And the reason why we have nowhere to infringe the criminals that violate minors is not only because they violate our children, but because of the many criminal acts in the protection law of the minor protection law, they also need to be more accurate more accurate more accuratePositioning and supplementation, for example, is the "excessive intimacy" of his biological father?Is it a abuse to kill your child?

And just the day before yesterday, on November 18, 2018, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate released online to obtain obscenity and infringe on the rights and interests of minors, giving a new specific judgment guidance:

Fast heart!

In this sword referring to the documents that violate the crime of minors’ rights and interests, we see:

For sexual assault obscene minors, we saw:

There is also one in the document. The Ministry of Education will further improve the institutional mechanism of preventing sexual assault children and primary and secondary school students, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the relevant system of sexual assault on campus.

And this guidance was a year since the Shanghai Ctrip parent -child child abuse and the Beijing Red, yellow and blue kindergarten incident in 2017.

How many people remember for a year?

In November 2017, how many children were crying and how many parents were running around.I wrote down anger

"Beating children, filled with mustard … even if you kneel, I don’t want to forgive you!"and

"Red and Yellow and Blue Incident", in October this year because of a five -year -old boy being abused, I wrote it

"Five -year -old boy was knocked on his stepmother hammer!Parents and devil are only one step away. "A few days ago, because of the excessive intimacy of the father on the high -speed rail, I wrote angrily

"Opinion minor is a criminal, nor does his biological father do not work!".

I believe the vicious incident of child abuse is just the tip of the iceberg that exposes the water.So we have been paying attention to incidents that have similar sexual assault, obscenity, and abuse of children. If we happen again, what should we do and what?

Fortunately, we waited.

Although it is only a little bit supplemented.

But even if there is only this, the child has a layer of protected feathers.

I can’t help but think of the Korean movie "Furnace" again. In the film, through the efforts of everyone with conscience, and even sacrificing, the law finally was rewritten.

I believe that we can.One day, our children, whether they are three years old or at the age of thirteen, can be safely, no matter where they are, they can bloom their originally innocent smiles.

Still, we fight all the way, not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us.

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