22 -year -old Japanese actress official Xuan Shengzi!During pregnancy, my husband is obscene minor, choose to forgive controversy

On June 26, there were media reports that the first phase of the Japanese female idol group, the first phase of the Japanese female idol group, the first phase of the Japanese female idol group, and the Japanese actress Kamura Kami, who was safe, and the health was very stable.

It is reported that in January this year, some media broke the news that Jinquan Youwei was pregnant. The object was Mahoto, a blogger of a video platform, and the two also planned to get married in the near future.The news of announcing marriage was so sudden that many people suspected that this was the marriage of Fengzi.

When the news broke out, it was questioned by many netizens, because not long ago, Jin Quanyou was also diagnosed with a new crown.Although she has been cured, it will inevitably affect the child.But now it seems that there should be no problem.

After a lapse of five months, Jin Quanyou Wei successfully gave birth to a child, and netizens also gave blessings.However, many netizens still think she is too stupid.

It turned out that during her pregnancy, her husband ran out to harass high school students.

In March of this year, some media broke the news that Watanabe Mahoto was suspected of molested a 15 -year -old high school student.He took the student’s large -scale photo as a threat and asked the other party to take a larger -scale photo.Not only that, he was also talking to the student, frankly that he wanted to divorce with Jinquan Youwei.After the incident, Watanabe was fired by the company and was arrested by the police for obscenity.

After seeing the true face of Watanabe Mahoto, everyone originally thought that Jin Quanyou would be divorced decisively, and colleagues and friends around him also advised her to break up quickly.Unexpectedly, she turned out to be a child, considering that her child could not have no father in the future, so she decided to forgive Watanabe Mahoto.

Not only that, earlier, Watanabe Mahoto was also exposed to the family violence against each other when he lived with his girlfriend in 2019, and even beaten the other party and injured. He was arrested by the police.

Not only did his family violent girlfriend, but also suspected of obscenity of minors. Such a harsh boyfriend, Jin Quanyou not only did not break up with him, but also gave birth to a child for him. I really do n’t know what she was in the picture?

Netizens said angrily, do she think the child needs a bad father?More hostages asked her why she had to find her husband in the garbage dump, isn’t she afraid that her child is also obscene?

However, since Quan Quanyouwei chose to forgive her husband, as an onlooker, we have no right to blame her choice.I just hope that her husband can fully recognize her past mistakes, treat her wife and children, and don’t have a scandal such as domestic violence and obscenity.

We also wish that Jinquan Youwei and children can live healthily and happily.

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Author: Yu Daba Shu

Responsible editor: Yu

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