3 months of pregnancy, how big the stomach is normal, what should you pay attention to?

It is said that you are pregnant in October, but in fact, the hardest thing is the first three months. Not only did the response, the pregnant mother did not adapt to it, but it was also a critical period for children to develop. One would be easy to cause a child without paying attention to children.So do you know all kinds of knowledge of three months of pregnancy?Let’s talk about it.

1, how big the belly is

As soon as you mention pregnancy, everyone thinks of a big belly. We often listen to people and say, "Look at your belly, are you almost born?"How big is my stomach when I was three months pregnant?Is it really like everyone said, not at all?

When I was three months pregnant, the baby was about only one fist and a few grams of weight, so I couldn’t see anything from the appearance of the Baoma slightly fatter from the outside.But if you are usually thinner for pregnant mothers, you may only have a slightly raised abdomen at this time.

I would like to awaken here. If you really want a child, you must be prepared.Don’t be pregnant, and don’t pay attention to anything. As a result, one or two months before pregnancy, you can easily hurt your children.

2. Fetal changes

By the third month, the fetus has actually developed initially, but the details are not complete.At this time, the child basically had a preliminary form, and the eyes and fingers could be distinguished.Generally, the fetus is still curled at this time, and occasionally stretching her arms and stretching her legs.

At this time, the whole body of the fetus seemed to be transparent, and he could even see the internal organs of the fetus through the skin, and his ears of the ears seemed complete.The overall image is like a lizard, with a long tail under the big head, and four small hands.

And until the third month, the child can already swallow amniotic fluid and excrete it.But the fetal head accounts for 1/2 of the body.It can be said that the first three months are the critical period of children’s development. If there is something wrong, it is easy to cause miscarriage or deformity. The mother must pay attention to her own diet in the first three months, protect the body, and try not to get sick.

3, precautions

(1) Healthy diet, we often say that the disease comes out of the mouth. At this time, the mother of Baoma most affects the fetus, I am afraid that it is a problem of eating.Like some particularly cold foods, try not to eat it often, and at this time you need to provide sufficient nutrition for the fetus, so your nutrition must be enough.

(2) The rules of schedule, maybe we are usually a night owl, but we must pay attention to the rules of schedules during pregnancy. After all, bad schedules can easily affect the hormone regulation of pregnant mothers and our own mental state.Pregnancy is a very hard thing. If the mental state is not good, then your body can’t stand.

(3) Don’t get sick. Even if your body is very good, don’t "challenge the limit" at this time. When it is cold, add clothes. Do n’t eat cold, because if you want to get sick, you should take it yourself.Either take medicine, and if you take medicine, it will affect the child.

(4) Direct medical treatment in time, even if we are careful, there may be any forks, so if the pregnant mother has vaginal bleeding or the stomach is uncomfortable, we must go to the hospital for examination in time, and we dare not be sloppy.Do inspections in time. Even if something goes wrong, the lesson is different during pregnancy. Everyone is not a professional. If you have a split, the consequences are serious.

Even if I say that I have irregular diet and the schedule is not good, but it is not sick. Is there any problem?If you think so, you are wrong, because your body is good, it does not mean that the fetus in your belly is also good. Although you are not sick, these unhealthy behaviors will also affect the child’s development.

4, taboo

What taboos have taboos in pregnancy three months ago? In fact, it is often said in our daily life.Stay away from things that may hurt children, such as walking carefully, stay away from radiation (microwave oven, electromagnetic cookers such as large radiation electrical appliances), do not go out, try not to go to the hospitalThere are many source, so it is easier to be infected)

Correct bad eating habits. At the same time, pregnant women still need to eat, including foods that help fetal development.

5, physiological changes

(1) Pregnancy vomiting: Many pregnant mothers often often eat what they eat during pregnancy. When they see what they eat, they seem not a big problem, but in fact, this small thing that affects life is the most grinding.And for the child’s nutrition, pregnant mothers still have to endure nausea and forcibly eat.

(2) Breast development: At this time, the breasts began to change due to hormone regulation, breasts increased, and the color of the areola will be darker.

(3) Urine frequency urgency: Although it was only three months pregnant, the uterus will still increase compared to before. This will affect the bladder in front. Therefore, after three months, pregnant women are likely to have frequent urination.It will sometimes feel like a stool in the later pregnancy.

(4) Weight: This is based on individuals. Some Baoma will lose weight after pregnancy, while some pregnant mothers are due to the reaction during pregnancy. They ca n’t eat anything and cause weight loss.But no matter what kind of weight, there will be fluctuations, which is different from peace.

6, appearance change

If the development of the baby in the first three months is mainly nervous, the fetus will grow up quickly in the next few months, and the stomach of the pregnant mother will quickly bulge.This has to be mentioned that women are very headache: stretch marks.Because at this time, the fetus is constantly developing and the belly bulge will cause damage to the abdominal muscles, and the blue -purple stretch marks that extend from the edge to the umbilicus.

At this time, the breasts became larger, and they were even accompanied by slight pain. This is normal. Pregnant mothers need not worry too much.Now it is mainly to regulate the mood and pay attention to the development of the child. It can also adjust the dress according to the current reflection, which is more loose and more comfortable to wear.

7, actively do inspection

We said earlier that the child has developed very well at this time, so the inspection should be prepared. After all, the problems that the child may have at this time can be exposed at this time.

But the more focus is on the body’s own physical indicators of the pregnant mother. After all, how the child is, to a large extent depends on the physical condition of the pregnant mother.Therefore, if you go to the hospital for examination, the height and weight and blood pressure are indispensable. Many of them will also do high -abdominal circumference and blood routine, and liver and kidney function must be checked.

And at this time, doctors will actively communicate with the mother, ask the medical history, make a record, and prepare for the various things later.

Do not feel trouble at this time at this time, or conceal the condition. If you are unclear, you should even ask your parents.After all, things that are usually very small may be enlarged infinitely in the future of children’s development or subsequent delivery or caesarean section.

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