30+ women, the test tubes finally have double babies, and they are facing premature birth!Can the mother and child be crisis?

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【Basic Information】 Female 32 years old

[Types of Diseases] Breakal premature birth, double pregnancy, IVF, gestational diabetes

【Treatment Hospital】 Huangshi Central Hospital

[Treatment Plan] Clicpocardiac production+cibalidine prevention infection+shrinkin, alive heparin calcium anticoagulation+insulin control blood glucose+wound replacement

[Treatment cycle] 7 days of hospitalization

[Treatment effect] Successfully produce two live babies.

The first time I met with patients was one year ago. At that time, she had a long -term pregnancy to perform embryo transplantation auxiliary conception in our hospital because of her long -term pregnancy. At that time, two fresh embryos were transplanted and successfully survived.After the embryo transplantation, patients came to our hospital for check -up during pregnancy, which improved the related examinations such as NT color Doppler ultrasound, non -invasive DNA, small row color ultrasound, large color ultrasound, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Among them, the two fetuses of the large ultrasound were not discovered.The blood glucose examination of pregnant women found that slightly increased, and there was no obvious abnormalities.

So he asked patients to pay attention to diet, control blood glucose reasonably, and return to the hospital for examination on a regular basis.At 36+2 weeks of pregnancy, the patient suddenly occurred in vaginal bleeding when he was at home. He had no symptoms of abdominal pain and had fetal movement. Therefore, he immediately came to our hospital for a clinic.Pregnancy, IVF, and gestational diabetes "were admitted to the hospital.

After admission, in order to clarify the fetal condition, the fetal color Doppler ultrasound was performed. As a result, it was stated that the weight of the fetus was 3041g ± 444g and 2484g ± 363g.

At the same time, a special examination was conducted on the patient. Among them, the vaginal examination found that the cervical canal disappears, the palace mouth can be capable of two fingers, the first leakage of the fetus is the head, and the fetal membrane is not broken.The pelvic examination found that the patient’s side pelvis did not gather internally, and the crossing diameter of the exit was about 9cm.Combined with the current situation, if you want to produce now, it will not meet the requirements of the delivery, and the fetus is not yet full. It is recommended to continue to protect the fetus. Strictly observe the changes in the disease while conservative treatment.

The current condition was explained to the maternal and family members, and they agreed to my current treatment plan.Because this was their first child, I was very nervous. In order to alleviate the maternal emotions, I had psychologically told her and told her not to be too nervous. We will try our best to protect the mother and child peace.

On the afternoon of the day, the mother began to have regular contractions, and it became more and more intense, which was a sign of property.For safety reasons, it is recommended to perform cesarean section surgery. After the maternal and family members agree, the surgery consent is signed to actively improve the pre -surgery preparation.Surgery under lumbar anesthesia, the surgery was smooth, and both children were healthy.

Because the two babies are prematurely produced, the physical development of each body is not very complete, and the child is sent to the neonatal examination for observation and treatment after birth.After surgery, the maternal use cephalosporin to prevent infection, and at the same time, the uterine contraction is used to help the uterine shrinkage to promote the discharge of lochia.During the postpartum patients, in order to prevent deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs, the patient was used for anticoagulanting for patients with that heparin calcium.Use insulin to control blood sugar during the hospitalization and closely monitor blood sugar.Both the mother and the fetus are recovering well, and they are discharged on the fourth day after the operation, and the precautions for patients and their families will be explained.

1. After surgery, avoid the surgical wounds to dip the water and avoid infection. Family members should pay attention to observing the wound accessories.

2. When the cesarean section is used in cesarean, the patient may be more painful.

3. Pay attention to whether to exhaust after cesarean section. On the second day after surgery, you must start to get off the bed in appropriately, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

Through the above surgery and drug treatment, the maternal and two babies were very healthy in the end. The wound recovered after surgery was also very good. When the maternal was discharged from the hospital, there was no symptoms of discomfort, and the baby did not have abnormalities.The patient was told to review the hospital 2 weeks later, and the uterus recovery situation was reviewed after 6 weeks of discharge.

Explain that patients should adhere to the diabetes diet, and then adjust the sugar control plan after the results of the review.

1. Patients should pay attention to the diabetes diet in daily life, but they cannot be excessively controlled, so as not to induce hypoglycemia.

2. It is best to check breastfeeding after giving birth, which is conducive to the recovery of the uterus and ensure the baby’s nutrition.

3. Patients must monitor blood sugar in their daily basis, take drugs in accordance with the doctor, and return to the hospital regularly for review.

Bringing a child is a very difficult thing, and everyone is the greatest person in the world.The patient’s experience is particularly complicated. It was difficult to move the two babies through embryonic transfusion. During pregnancy, there was a pregnancy diabetes, and a threatened premature birth was also given a threatened premature birth.Fortunately, the mother and child were finally safe with the joint efforts of doctors and patients.

Premature babies generally refer to fetuses produced at 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.At that time, the two children of the patient showed signs of premature birth at 36+2 weeks of pregnancy.Due to the lack of full moon, the fetal development is incomplete, especially the fetal lung development is immature. After production, it is very prone to complications such as lung infection and newborn respiratory distress syndrome.With the continuous improvement of my country’s medical level, the survival rate of premature babies is constantly improving, but premature babies need to consume a lot of manpower and financial resources. We should try our best to prevent the occurrence of premature birth.

So how to prevent premature birth?First of all, both the couple should conduct relevant examinations when preparing for pregnancy and prepare for pregnancy under good physical condition.Secondly, during pregnancy, the production examination must be carried out.Finally, the most important thing. In the third trimester, pregnant women should pay attention to regulating their emotions and avoid being too nervous.In addition, the action must be slowed down when performing activities to avoid accidents.Avoid eating spicy foods in diet, and diet must be hygienic.There are many things that need attention to prevent premature birth. You cannot state one by one. In the end, it is the most important. If pregnant women have uncomfortable symptoms, they must seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition and affecting life safety.

Name: Zhang Yinxing

Unit: Huangshi Central Hospital

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Title: Deputy Chief Physician

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