33 years old, infertility for 10 years, polycystic laparoscopy and test tube babies are still inaccurate.


Ms. Li, who lives in Hebei, has been married for 10 years and has a secondary infertility. In 2012, she had a daughter. She was infertile in two or three years.Often not to have menstruation once or two for a month or two, ovulation must also be discharged from hormones. At the request of the doctor, laparoscopy surgery was performed.It was informed that he could get pregnant smoothly after surgery, and it was still inaccurate for two years of pregnancy. In 2017, he made a tubal fluid in the local area., Still infertile.

After being transferred to another hospital in 2018, at the request of the doctor’s suggestion, doing an X -line uterine fallopian tube angiography examination, showing that the left tubal of the left side was unobstructed, the right tubal was not connected, and the medicine was taken to prepare for pregnancy.From from 2015 to 2019, after four years of uninterrupted treatment, there was no pregnancy. Ms. Li was discouraged. At this timeThe transplantation was not successful twice, and it was hopeless for a while. Even if there were frozen embryos, they could continue to be transplanted. Under the multi -economic, psychological and physical pressure, Ms. Li and her family decided to terminate the transplantation and slowly.

On April 19, 2021, when I saw a similar case of seeing me on the Internet, I thought of myself, and came to the doctor with a trial attitude. I wanted to see if I could still get pregnant naturally.Method to give birth.

After a close inquiry and sorting out Ms. Li, I evaluated that there are two main factors affecting Ms. Li’s pregnancy. One is the problem of ovulation caused by polycysts. When two problems exist at the same time, the problem of fallopian tubes should be given priority.Secondly, ovulation problems, such as promoting or treatment, it is meaningful to prepare for the spontaneous development of mature follicles. None of the situation in both aspects is not enough to choose a test tube baby.The sequelae of laparoscopic surgery are not very hopeful. It is well known. As we all know, the sequelae of the laparoscopic surgery is the end of the fallopian tube umbrella, the formation of pelvic adhesion, and the heat damage of ovarian function. There are many.Patients, infertility after laparoscopy, more difficult to get pregnant or even hope after the formation of sequelae.Therefore, the first test to be done at present is the X -line uterine fallopian tubal angiography (painless without intubation), accurately assess the uterine cavity and fallopian tube conditions, and whether there is hope for treatment.

On the day of the X -offline uterine fallopian tubal angiography (painless and non -intertwined) showed that the uterine cavity was basically normal, the left fallopian tube was inferior, and the right tubal was not smooth. From the perspective of the overall situation, the fallopian tube could still be treated, There is a great hope of fertility, the treatment plan is as follows: 1. No involved in influential fallopian tube interventional treatment, one -time dredging treatment, no anesthesia, no hospitalization, painless and non -invasive. After surgeryEssence2. TCM Chinese medicine+enema, etc. It is generally expected to treat, usually three months to two years, and the comparison of the contrast of radiography every three months has improved. Pay attention to contraception during the treatment process to avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

After discussing with Ms. Li and her family, she chose non -invasive tubal intervention therapy. It was okay to evaluate the fallopian tube eggpy function during the operation. It is recommended to start preparing for pregnancy every other month.In September 2021, Ms. Li sent a newspaper good news. She had been checked in the palace for good pregnancy. I saw the pregnancy sac. Let us look forward to the birth of the baby together.


1. Infertility for more than a year, standard infertility items should be performed. Do not blindly perform surgical treatment to avoid the formation of the sequelae of surgery;

2. Polycystic women can achieve the purpose of restoring menstruation and ovulation through drugs+physical therapy+dietary motion adjustment; no laparoscopy is found to have creative surgery;

3. The test of the fallopian tube lesions is preferred to choose the X -offline uterine fallopian tube angiography.The cycle is short, the efficacy is directly and fast, and the pregnancy rate is high.

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