38 weeks of pregnancy various precautions

Precautions for physiological precautions at 38 weeks of pregnancy:

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of expectant mothers will still increase by 0.45kg, and expectant mothers at this stage will be in contradiction.I hope that the baby can meet him early, but he will be afraid of the trouble of pain when giving birth.

There will be fake pain before the production of expectant mothers. False pain is different from real pain, and there is no regular pain. As long as you exercise slightly, the pain will disappear naturally. When the baby is about to be born, the expectant mothers will be born, the expectant mothers willThe feet will have swelling. Such symptoms are normal. Such a phenomenon will disappear automatically after the baby is born.

Nutrition precautions at 38 weeks of pregnancy:

During 38 weeks of pregnancy, you still have to eat like that before, eat less meals, eat some nutritious foods, and keep water supplement. You cannot drink carbonated drinks, otherwise it will cause swelling.Diet watermelon will directly affect the quality of sleep, and the balance of diet is also very important. It is best not to eat foods that affect emotions, such as coffee and fried foods, especially those with saturated fatty acids in foods will change the body in the bodyThe secretion of hormones causes a lot of discomfort.

Precautions for life at 38 weeks of pregnancy:

1. During 38 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience lower limb edema. This phenomenon is normal, especially when the baby is about to be born. If the body is swollen, if there are serious other parts of the body, there are serious serious parts of the body.If the edema is swollen, then go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

2. At this stage, it is not easy for expectant mothers to want to be comfortable.Therefore, it is best to rest more during the day during the day. This may be the rest of the mother who has no burden to relax.At this stage, we must continue to adhere to the baby’s fetal movement.Although the baby’s activity venue is not large now, it will continue to exercise.

3. Dreaming at night: At this stage, do expectant mothers often dream, and the dreams are so real. This is a problem that many expectant mothers will occur at this stage.

4. The must -have list for production: You are very close to the production time. It is recommended that expectant mothers prepare the items required during childbirth. Do not be caught off guard at that time.

5. Don’t live sex: Only two weeks to produce. If you have sex at this stage, you will be prone to symptoms of premature birth, and the uterine mouth is very easy to open, and bacteria will easily attack.

6. Premature breakthroughs: When the baby is about to be born, there will not be any situation. If you suddenly feel that a lot of liquids are discharged from the lower body, this phenomenon is called the premature breakthrough. At this timeLying on the bed, raising the buttocks, and calling to the doctor. In fact, having a child is a happy and painful thing, and often causes great harm to mothers due to certain sudden illness.If you have a good understanding of such issues before giving birth, you must make the right choice and fully cooperate with the doctor, so that it will turn danger.(99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) special manuscript, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)

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