4 kinds of vegetables are risk of carcinogenic, and they have more carcinogens. Really?Don’t be deceived

"Mom, I want to eat dolls. You remember to buy me a little back to the street today." Xiao Li is 27 years old and has been pregnant for 6 months.

Xiao Li’s mother said, "Isn’t it just cabbage? You are pregnant now. This kind of dish is better to eat less."

"Why? The doctor didn’t say it. You should eat more vegetables during pregnancy to ensure the healthy development of the fetus. You won’t you even eat vegetables, right?" Xiao Li said wondering.

Xiao Li’s mother said, "Isn’t this for you and children? I heard that these vegetables were put in a lot of pesticides and had some carcinogenicity. You are pregnant now.Eat, use two people, let’s not take this danger, good! "

Xiao Li listened to her mother reluctantly.However, she was very curious. She usually loves the dolls that she usually eats?Is what the mother said is it really or fake?To this end, she also searched the answer with her mobile phone. I did not expect that in addition to saying that dolls have carcinogenic possibilities, some vegetables were also included in the "carcinogenic list". Next, let’s see if it is true or not!

Vegetables are a must -eat food for daily diet. It can help the human body with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.It is understood that 90%of vitamin C and 60%of vitamin A in the human body comes from vegetables, and the various trace elements in the body also need to pass the supply of vegetables.Reasonable consumption of vegetables can not only help the body supplement multiple nutrients, but also improve immunity and disease resistance, and help the human body effectively prevent various chronic or degenerative diseases.

Under normal circumstances, eating vegetables is beneficial to the body. If you eat vegetables in an incorrect way, it may really cause some harm to the body.In addition, there are some rumors that after eating the following vegetables, it will cause cancer.

1. Doll vegetables

The shape of baby vegetables looks like small cabbage, and its nutritional value is roughly the same as Chinese cabbage.Its taste is sweet, nutritious, rich in trace elements, as well as nutrients such as carotene, protein, and trace elements. Eating dolls in moderation can help promote the development of intelligence and have a certain assistance effect on the health of the brain.

Doll vegetables can not only be used to make dishes, but also have certain medicinal value, because the nature of baby vegetables is slightly cold and non -toxic, and eating dolls often can help the body clearing heat and detoxifying and diuretic.However, dolls are defined as carcinogenic foods by some people. What is going on?

It turns out that because the storage time of baby vegetables is relatively short, the illegal merchants use formaldehyde to soak in order to keep the dolls fresh and sell it. However, formaldehyde is one of the carcinogens.After consumption, you will cause chronic damage to the body, and over time will increase the risk of cancer.

In fact, not all dolls have been soaked in formaldehyde.Doctor of Food Engineering Yun Wuxin once pointed out: If you are worried that the baby vegetables have been blown in formaldehyde, you can smell its taste before buying.EssenceIt can be fully cleaned before cooking dolls. After heating through high temperature, it usually does not cause harm to the body.

2. Houttuynia

Houttuynia cordata is a dual -used food. Its taste is custard, cold and cold, and the main class of lungs.The medicinal value of Houttuynia cordata is relatively wide.Under the guidance, the application of Houttuynia cordata combined with other drugs for treatment can help improve the disease.

However, Houttuynia cordata is considered a carcinogenic food because of its ingredients contains aristidine.This is an unnecessary charges for both edible and medicinal Houttuynia cordata.

The reason why this is because the aristolochide is a metabolites of aristoline, which is different substances, so its effects and effects are different.According to research, the ingredients of the aristure bell in Houttuynia cordata are not only very low, but no clinical data has proved that these substances are carcinogenic.Although aristolin acid has certain carcinogenicity, it does not have carcinogenic ingredients in Houttuynia cordata.

3, zucchini

The zucchini is a kind of gourd family. The surface of the fruit is smooth. When the fruits of the zucchini are still tender, their skin is thin, juice, and thick to eat.It is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, glucose, calcium, and can help the body supplement nutrition after eating.In addition, zucchini has a certain medicinal value.

Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that zucchini can clear heat and diuretic, eliminate thirst, eliminate swelling, and diuretic cough.However, some people think that after being cooked by the zucchini, acrylamide will be released, which is a carcinogen. After eating, it will increase the incidence of cancer.However, this statement is not clearly supported by clear research, because any food may generate this ingredient after being fried.

In addition, the acrylamide composition in food is limited, and the occurrence of cancer is not just caused by the intake of acrylamide, so it is not a big problem to reasonably consume zucchini.

4. Mushroom

Mushrooms are a kind of food that many people love to eat. It has rich nutritional value, unique tastes, and many types.However, some people think that mushrooms are a kind of fungus food. It is easy to absorb heavy metals. It is not only easy to poison raw, but it will also damage health after cooking and eat.

However, mushrooms are not as scary as everyone thinks.Although it is fungus, it is edible. Although it is stronger than other vegetables, it does not mean that it will cause cancer after eating.And most of the mushrooms sold in the market are planted by greenhouses. The planting environment usually does not contain heavy metals. Therefore, mushrooms with good growth environment are not prone to heavy metals exceeding standards.

The above four kinds of vegetables are inexplicably linked to the "carcinogenic hat". Don’t easily believe in these false rumors.Next, I will introduce several foods that are really susceptible to cancer.

Everyone is afraid of cancer. Some cancers are inherited. Some cancers are related to the day after tomorrow’s diet and living habits.If you eat a lot of food in daily life, you must correct it in time.

1. Fry food

Speaking of fried foods such as barbecue and fried chicken, many people expressed their wanting to eat.However, although such foods are very delicious, they have a certain negative impact on health.

Because food may produce carcinogens such as benzene and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons after high -temperature frying.

The reason why benzene is carcinogenic is mainly because of benzene.It belongs to the multi -ring aromatic hydrogen hydrogen hydrogenation compound, and is prone to chemical reactions under acidic conditions.When the food containing benzene is entered into the stomach, the gastric acid is digested and decomposed by it, which will cause a large number of molecular intermediates. The structure of the target cells may be violated by the substance, resulting in damage to DNA.And polygon aromatic hydrocarbons can block the connection between tumor cells and peripheral cells, and create a chance for breeding for tumors.

If a large amount of substances containing pupar, polygon aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and rings for a long time may cause cellular malignant changes and increase the incidence of cancer.At the same time, it will also cause chronic damage to the body’s stomach and vascular and increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease.Therefore, it is recommended that you eat as little fried food as much as possible.

2. Expired, moldy food

Many foods have a certain shelf life, and they usually need to be eaten during the shelf life.However, some people continue to eat because they are reluctant, causing their bodies to be harmed.Because the food exceeds the shelf life, it may have deteriorated.In addition, in the case of improper storage, it is possible to deteriorate and mold. If you find that the food is visible to the naked eye, it can be discarded directly.

However, after some food deteriorates, its mildew cannot be seen directly through the naked eye, or after removing the moldy parts, it will cause food poisoning after eating.Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

Especially foods containing chloride toxin are more carcinogenic.You know, cinotoxylin is a type 1 carcinogen. After long -term consumption, it will cause gastrointestinal and liver to be constantly violated by toxins. Among them, liver cells are constantly attacked by toxins. The detoxification function decreases, and abnormal cells are more prone to liver cancer.

3. Rough fiber food

Oral mucosa and it are easily damaged by sharp and excessive food.Especially foods with rough fibers often damage it repeatedly.

Speaking of rough fiber food, what is the first reaction?Yes, it is betel nut.The fiber of this kind of food is rough. When chewing, it will cause damage to the delicate oral mucosa and damage it.If you develop the habit of chewing betel nut and cause repeated injuries and repair of the mouth, it will increase the incidence of oral cancer.

It is recommended that you try not to eat these foods, or eat less, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the body.Not only that, but also develop good life and eating habits.

The eating habits that people usually develop have a great impact on health.Everyone needs to maintain a light diet as much as possible, do not picky eaters and partial eclipse, and make reasonable matching nutrition in order to provide sufficient nutrients for the body, keep it normal function and improve immunity.If you find some abnormalities in your body, do not drag your unwillingness to seek medical treatment. You must go to the hospital for examination in time before you can find the early lesions and timely kill the cancer in the cradle of the disease in time.

For example, you usually feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, and continuous cough for more than 1 month, even coughing blood, etc. At the same time, accompanied by symptoms such as body weight loss and loss of appetite, you must be alert to the occurrence of lung cancer.

Frequent abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, at the same time accompanied by menstrual disorders and irregular vaginal bleeding, etc., be alert to ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer;Or accompanied by obvious stinky smell of pungent smell, you need to be alert to the occurrence of bowel cancer;

In addition, if you find that the oral breath has repeated bad breath, at the same time, the symptoms such as stomach acid, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and body weight loss must be alert to cancer cells in the gastrointestinal tract; if it is only accompanied by bad breath, but the oral ulcer repeatedly ulcers, it cannot improve for a long time.Be alert to the occurrence of oral cancer.

There are many types of cancer, and the symptoms of different cancers are also different, but when most cancer develops in the early days, it is not only easy to confuse with other diseases, but it may even have some concealment.EssenceIt is hoped that everyone can pay attention to their own health. Once abnormal conditions are found, they must be visited in time to avoid missing the best treatment time for cancer.

There is no scientific basis for rumored doll vegetables, Houttuynia cordata, zucchini, mushrooms and other vegetables.Stimulation and damage cause tissue cancer.It is recommended that you develop a good life and eating habits and keep a certain distance from cancer.

Friends, do you know which foods are carcinogenic?Welcome to share with you below and discuss together.


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