4 o’clock precautions, make the feet soak during pregnancy very simple

Some expectant mothers like to soak their feet before pregnancy, so can they soak their feet after pregnancy?The changes of expectant mothers before and after pregnancy are different.Body state or hormones in the body will change.Coupled with another small fetus, the expectant mother’s body is relatively sensitive and fragile.So whether the expectant mothers can soak their feet in the early pregnancy, or what to pay attention to when they say when soaking their feet, these expectant mothers must know.Avoid having bad behaviors in early pregnancy, or not noticing something when you soak your feet, and then cause a stability that affects the embryo, and there will be a possibility of miscarriage in severe cases.So in the early pregnancy, the expectant mothers can bring themselves and their fetus through their feet and what are the fetus and what they should pay attention to when soaking their feet. These expectant mothers must know.Next, I will explain the things about soaking their feet.

1.Benefits of soaking your feet

It is usually known that if you use the scientific name of traditional Chinese medicine, it is foot therapy.It is one of the contents of the traditional Chinese medicine foot therapy.If you soak your feet, you can add some Chinese medicine to the water or directly use warm water and soak your feet.In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are not recommended to take Chinese medicine to soak their feet.Take the normal water directly, and then soak your feet after the water is good.In the early pregnancy, the feet, which is beneficial to alleviating the physical fatigue of expectant mothers, is also very conducive to promoting expectant mothers’ sleep.Therefore, expectant mothers have the symptoms of insomnia in the early stages of pregnancy. Then to make a foot soaking at night or before going to bed, it will help expectant mothers to rest at night.At the same time, it can still promote the blood circulation of the feet. You must know that the foot is the farthest and the most important.Therefore, this place is the most prone to a bad blood circulation.So you can soak your feet through warm water, which is a role of thermal expansion and contraction.Soothing the nerve meridians of the feet, and the blood circulation that promotes the local feet.There are many meridians and nerves on the soles of human body. When soaking on warm water, these blood vessels and meridians can be stimulated, so the expectant mothers will feel the whole body is very easy after soaking the feet.

Especially some expectant mothers, they are very cold in their hands and feet, and take hot water for a long time to soak their feet, which is an excellent effect on these expectant mothers.When soaking the feet with hot water, the skin will find that the skin of the feet will become red. This is normal.Because when soaking your feet with hot water, the blood vessels on your feet will expand.This is because when we soak their feet with hot water, we accelerate the blood circulation of the feet, so that more blood flow on the body flows to a peripheral blood vessels in the lower limbs.At this time, the blood supply to the head will be reduced, and it will easily make the expectant mothers feel like I want to sleep.There are countless nerve endings on the soles of the feet connected to the brain. When soaking the feet with a hot water, it will stimulate the peripheral nerves of the feet. At the same time, it will inhibit the cerebral cortex.Essence

But when the expectant mother soak her feet, pay attention that after just soak her feet, they cannot get up immediately, because when soaking their feet, the blood flow on the body will be reduced to the brain.If the expectant mother suddenly stood up or suddenly changed its position, it would feel dizziness.After finishing the feet, the expectant mother can let the prospective father help to clean up these things to avoid let the expectant mothers go to the foot of the feet by themselves.After the prospective mother just finished soaking her feet, she had to pour her feet by sherself, which is prone to dizziness and fall.

2.Precautions when soaking your feet

Although it is said that in the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers have very great benefits to soaking their feet. It can promote the blood circulation of the expectant mother’s feet and help expectant mothers to promote sleep and improve the cold hands and feet.Pay attention to these things.These 3 points tell you what should pay attention to when expecting your mother’s feet.

① Do not add Chinese medicine when soaking.Although some Chinese medicine components can regulate the physical condition of the mother.However, it is three poisonous medicine.Some Chinese medicine composition will enter the fetus through the placenta after the quasi -mothers absorb, which will affect the body’s body development, neurophayal, organs development, and so on.In severe cases, the fetus may have deformity.However, expectant mothers can cut into some ginger slices when soaking their feet, which has a cold -driven effect, but it will not be said to stimulate the fetus.

② Do not soak your feet within half an hour after meals.Because when the human body is just finished, the blood flow on the body will be concentrated in the stomach and abdomen.If the expectant mothers are soaked with hot water feet at this time, then most of the blood will flow to the feet, and a blood flow in the abdomen will decrease, which will also affect the digestion of expectant mothers.If it is dry for a long time, it will affect gastric acid and digestive enzyme secretion.This will lead to poor nutritional absorption of prospective mothers.Indirectly affects the nutritional intake of the fetus, which will cause the fetus to have dysplasia.Therefore, when expectant mothers should soak their feet in the early pregnancy, it is best to use an hour after eating, soak their feet, so that they can achieve the benefits of soaking their feet without affecting the digestion of the stomach.

③ The time for soaking your feet should not be too long.Although it can promote a blood in the blood on the feet, the words in your heart will be exchanged, but if it is soaking for too long, it will increase a heart burden of expectant mothers.At the same time, when a feet are soaking, a blood vessels on the feet will expand, which will cause a blood flow of the whole body to flow to the feet.That way can cause dizziness in the lack of blood supply in the brain.If there is a expectant mother with hypoglycemia in itself, it will be more likely to have a syncope.Therefore, when the expectant mothers are soaking their feet, they must pay attention to time.If you find that you have some discomfort on your body when soaking your feet, such as chest tightness and dizziness.The expectant mothers should stop soaking their feet immediately, and then lie on the bed for a while.As soon as a physical discomfort happened, we must talk to the people around you.Avoid accidents.

3.Can you soak your feet during pregnancy?

In fact, if pregnant women have athletes during pregnancy, they can be relieved by soaking their feet.You can add vinegar when soaking your feet with hot water. The vinegar I said is edible vinegar.This is used without side effects, which will not cause damage to mothers and fetuses.And itself has a bactericidal effect. It is more reliable to treat the athletes.At the same time, adding vinegar to the foot of the feet will promote the blood pressure cycle of the feet and improve the metabolism of the feet.At the same time, you can also use tea water to soak your feet.The tea itself has the function of adsorbing odor. If you use tea to soak your feet, you can not only adsorb the odor of the mother’s feet, but also sterilize and disinfection.The most important thing is that tea leaves have no effect on both mother and fetus.But the expectant mother with athletes should pay attention to it.So it is not recommended to soak your feet, because when soaking your feet, it will easily cause the ulceration wound infection.So the expectant mother with wounds on her feet should pay attention.

4.It is not advisable to massage the feet

The soles of the feet have very rich blood vessels, nerve endings and acupoints.Then when pressing the soles of the feet, it will stimulate these nerve endings and acupoints.If the stimulus is severe, it will cause abortion or premature birth.Therefore, during pregnancy, it is not recommended that expectant mothers for a foot massage.If you have edema or other discomfort on your feet.You can massage slightly, but avoid massage the soles of your feet.The same soles of the feet are also unavailable, although these foot massagers can relax and relieve fatigue, and have a certain prevention effect on certain diseases.However, because the body of the pregnant woman is relatively special, many acupuncture points during pregnancy cannot be pressed casually, and the acupuncture points that should not be pressed slightly will stimulate the uterine contraction of the expectant mothers.EssenceAt the same time, it will generate radiation by the soles of the foot massage, which will affect the fetus.Therefore, for the safety of the baby, it is better not to use some instruments.

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