40 weeks of pregnancy, reminded, what should I pay most attention to when I am 7 weeks of pregnancy?

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will always observe each small change in themselves, and they will also pay attention to the various delicate changes in the fetus in the abdomen, and expectant mothers will also learn some related pregnancy knowledge.Come to make your life smoother and healthier.If you have been pregnant for 7 weeks, do you know what you should pay attention to?What are the changes in the fetus?Take a look at the editor!

The magical change of the fetus

Maybe we can’t call her TA fetus at this time, because TA is still just an embryo, but we have already regarded TA as a beloved baby.When 7 weeks pregnant, the formation of the baby’s brain is very fast, with an average of 10,000 nerve cells per minute.

At this time, the baby is about 1.2 cm in size, especially like a broad bean. Imagine is it very cute?The facial features can basically be seen that there are small arms and legs, and the heart of the embryo has been divided into a left atrium and right ventricle, and the regular beating is began to jump about 150 times per minute.Double, but my mother can’t hear it for the time being.

Change of expectant mothers:

At this time, expectant mothers have begun to enjoy all kinds of happiness and discomfort during pregnancy. As the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the uterine wall of expectant mothers begins to soften and thicker to protect the uterus.This week, many expectant mothers will feel very tired, the heart rate suddenly increases, and the metabolic rate has increased by 25%.Due to the pressure of the uterus, the number of times you run to the toilet is more frequent than in the past, which is also a common phenomenon during pregnancy.

During this period, the prospective mothers are not all the same reaction. Some will vomit miles, but some have no response, and the appetite is open. If the expectant mother’s appetite is very good, it is necessary to eat it hard.Attentive expectant mothers will find that her waist has gradually disappeared, and her figure should have begun to change.

Precautions for expectant mothers:

01. Nutrition and diet

Now the baby’s baby is still small, so he does not need a lot of calories now, but she needs to divide and communicate cell divisions in nutrition.Vitamin, grain foods, vegetables, and vegetable soup are good choices for pregnant mothers during this period. These foods can not only provide sufficient nutrition for fetal baby, but also prevent your overweight increase.

In addition, the intake of folic acid is guaranteed, because this entire early pregnancy is a high incidence of fetal malformations, which cannot be ignored.Usually, you should choose light, delicious and digestible foods.If you can eat as much as you can, you don’t have to mind whether the nutrition is enough.

02. Persist in replenishing DHA every day

Almost everyone knows that DHA is important for the fetus and is also called "brain gold".Then, do n’t forget to supplement DHA during the fastest period of fetal brain development, provide nutrition and motivation for the vision of the fetus and the development of the brain, and make your baby smarter. You must give him the best during the fetus.

03. Be wary

If pregnant mothers have vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, they should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, which is likely to show signs of threatened abortion.When checking, try to reduce unnecessary vaginal examinations to reduce stimuli to the uterus.If the pregnancy reaction is positive, the binding body temperature and B -ultrasound examination believes that when the fetal protection is suitable, tire protection should be performed under the guidance of a doctor; it is necessary to attract special attention.Destiny or inevitable abortion should terminate pregnancy as soon as possible to prevent bleeding and infection.


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