50 -year -old I was pregnant

Hello everyone!I say life, writing in my hand to share with you trivial matters in life, taste the bitterness and bitterness in life, and the mood in the four seasons.

(In order to facilitate the narrative, the full text uses the first person)

My husband and I are from the countryside. My husband is decorated with hydropower. I am responsible for cleaning in a community.

I usually have a good body. I wo n’t take a pills or something in the end of the year. I ca n’t tell each other as a guest, but we are also very loving. I do n’t have no quarrel.

We have a house in our hometown, and we did not think about living in the city for a long time, so we kept renting a house and staying. When we were old, we couldn’t do it, so we went back to my hometown to retire.

Over the years, we saved money and used to turn the old house in our hometown, and also built a new house to our son.

Now that his son also married his daughter -in -law and became a home, his daughter also graduated from college this year.

The days in the family are not enough, and there are more than below, and our two are very content.

Sister Zhou, who cleaned up with me last month, went to the hospital to get the nursery ring, and I remembered that I hadn’t taken my birth ring.

Anyway, I am 50 years old, but I do n’t bring the birth ring, and the possibility of pregnancy is not much. So I went to the hospital with Sister Zhou to remove the birth ring. I was thinking that I was old and I did n’t re -revive.Bring a ring again.

I didn’t expect that I felt uncomfortable two days ago, dizziness, nausea, full of energy, and didn’t want to eat. Usually, my body has always been good. I have never been as uncomfortable as now. Is there any serious illness?

Thinking about this, I was even more scared, and hurried to our community health service station.

I usually clean up the community next to the health service station. Dr. Wang lived in the No. 5 building of the sanitary community. We are very familiar.

Dr. Wang watched me walk in, and joked to tell me

"Sister Yang, I have never seen you who have been sick for so long, how do you think you are so uncomfortable this time?"

Dr. Wang said that he poured me a cup of hot water and helped me sit on the chair next to the diagnosis and treatment platform.

After Dr. Wang knew the specific situation, I asked me to test the urine

"I’m not uncomfortable with the stomach. Just give me some medicine for cure stomach. What kind of urine is it for me?"

Dr. Wang, then said to me seriously

"Sister Yang, although you are now on the edge of menopause, you may be pregnant when you remove the birth ring."

I heard it a little embarrassed and I felt impossible

"Dr. Wang, I am all old, how can I get pregnant?"

"I don’t rule out such possibilities. Well, Sister Yang, urine testing is not troublesome, you go, let’s watch the results,"

Unexpectedly, Dr. Wang was said. The test results showed that the urine pregnancy was positive. I took the test results and stunned on the spot.

Hurry up to Dr. Wang, Dr. Wang said to me after seeing it

"It is really rare for people who are pregnant as you are, but some gynecological tumors can also cause it to rise, such as ovarian cancer, hydatidal tires, etc. Our community examination conditions are limited. You still go to a large hospital for inspection."

I walked out of the community health service station uneasily, and I was in a heavy mood. In case I had cancer, wouldn’t it cause a burden on the family and dragged the children.

My daughter has just graduated from college, has not yet worked, has not yet become a family. Although my son is married, I have not seen my grandson or granddaughter. I have n’t been a grandma. What should he do?Rice, take care of him!

Thinking about me, I burst into tears …

The child’s father came back at night, and I took out the test results to let him see

"Dr. Wang said that it may be cancer, let’s go to a large hospital to check and check it."

I didn’t sleep well this night, I thought a lot, and went to the hospital early the next morning.

I told the doctor my specific situation

"Director, I am 50 years old this year, and I have not come to my menstruation recently. It should be menopause. Yesterday, I had a urine test in a community hospital. I said that I might be pregnant, but I doubted that it was a tumor. What kind of situation is it?"

After asking me some specific situations, the director opened a B -ultrasound order for me to do further inspections.

The results of the inspection came out and showed a single bib in the palace. The size of the gestational week was about 6 weeks.

The child’s father was particularly happy to see the B -ultrasound, and said to me,

"You don’t have to be frightened, it’s pregnancy. This is a happy event. Go back and raise your body. We give birth to this child.

But I was embarrassed and said in my heart, I didn’t want this child at all.

My son has become a house, maybe it won’t take long for me to be a grandma. At that time, I have a stomach and will not be shameful?What a daughter -in -law thinks about me and is not smiled by the villagers.

Besides, I am this year. Even if I am in good health, I don’t want to endure the hard work of October. At that time, the production will face the danger of life.

But my husband wanted me to ask me for this child, and moved out of my mother -in -law in his 80s to convince me

"Don’t be afraid of being late, you are afraid of short life. You see that I am in their 80s now. Which of your care is not stiff?

Although the child did not have a mother’s fetus, he was also a life -threatening. If you don’t want him to be killed, it is to make evil … "

My husband also gave me Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju from Zaozhuang in Shandong

"They gave birth to their children at the age of 67 and 68. We are only 50 years old. Why don’t you want it?"

"I don’t speculate half a sentence." I was so angry that I was so angry that I was going to do it quickly while I was pregnant. I couldn’t ask this child.

It ’s good to say that I am selfish, and complain about me. As I say, for my own health, I am the body of my body.

I am all this age, why do you have to embarrass yourself and take your own life to take risks.

The world is so big, thank you for meeting you, may you come all the way, it’s fragrance

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