6 years old, 29 -year -old mother became pregnant again, and the bed was not enough to sleep. Mom: It is worthwhile to work hard

I am a full -time mother, a full -time mother who is constantly realizing self -worth.Reject anxiety, reject "inner rolls", relax parenting, treat marriage rationally, tolerate the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, I hope that some of my views can make you suddenly cheerful, can bring you positive energy, and solve your realistic problems.

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For the rich, more children are called more children and grandson, and they are called Children’s Sun Manchuria, and they are called prosperous families.

For the poor, more children are called the more and more poor, and they are not responsible. They are called no planning.

It sounds harsh, but this is reality.

Because rich people have children, they can ensure the quality of life of their children, to provide children with high -quality educational resources, and to provide children with a good living environment.

Under the purpose of cultivating and education, these children will also grow in a better direction. Therefore, having a child is to cultivate talents, and having a child is called "manpower reserve", which is beneficial to the entire family.

However, the poor are different. There is one child with one more child. There is only one child. The child may still have basic material guarantee and educational resources. If you have more, you are basically free.

In a remote countryside in Hunan, a mother gave birth to 6 children in 9 years after marriage.

This family life is poor. The source of family income is a thousand yuan income earned by her husband to work every month. Since the marriage, the wife has been busy giving birth to children and taking care of the children without any income.

There are more and more children, the pressure of life is increasing, and the wife has not been well educated. She is accustomed to such a life. In addition to taking care of the child, she is to do farm work.

She never had her own time, and she didn’t even have this concept at all. In her values, the child was all.

Because the children are more, they are very tense, and the beds in the family are not enough to sleep. The family squeezes and sleeps together.

This mother is very satisfied with the current life: although it is very hard, everything is worthy of everything for children.

There are 4 boys and 2 girls. Does the local department have no one care?

This is the first reaction we see after seeing.

In fact, in some remote rural areas, the local departments can’t control it at all.

Just like the 49 -year -old man in the "Internet Red House" in the mountainous area of Guangxi, he had the first child. After that, his wife went to 15 children. The family stood together. The scene was quite spectacular.

The staff has been there several times, and they are either not at home, or they deliberately hid in the mountains, and they can’t find a figure at all.

There are so many children, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it, but if you cannot provide a basic education for your child, you cannot let the child go to the next level under the existing living conditions. The child will live the same life as his parents in the future.Where is the value?

1. Do not know how to contraception

This is a very important reason.

Guangxi had 9 children before and after, and when her husband was asked so poor and why he had so many children, he blushed.

I can only give birth to pregnancy, otherwise?Do you have to spend money to abortion?How can there be so much money.

I don’t want to be born, but there is no way to give birth.

This is a realistic and embarrassing issue in many backward regions.

Therefore, for these families, first of all, it is necessary to promote contraception and let people know how to contraception. Although this sounds a bit incredible, this is the most realistic problem.

2. The existence of the concept of "heavy men and women"

If there are several girls in front of a family, the last boy, it is basically determined that in the eyes of this family, there must be a son.

A few girls born in front are for the last boy, and they may be unpopular at all.

In areas where men and women are more serious, people will continue to have children in order to have a son until their son is born, maybe a child is not enough.

2. I think "the child is the hope of the family"

Another situation is that children are the hope of family.

I don’t want to live a bitter life anymore. I hope that the child can change the fate of the family. I am afraid that there is no child to have a child. The more children, the greater the hope.

This is a typical concept of such families.

If this idea may be okay in the past era, but at the moment, this idea must not work.

People pay more and more attention to their children’s education. Families with good competitiveness and good conditions are desperately providing children with educational resources, network resources, etc., and children in poor families can rush out of the siege?

Obviously, the opportunity is very slim, unless it is a genius.

But after all, genius is a minority, so it is basically determined that children of these families will eventually become people like parents.

Nowadays, the three babies are open. Many families who like children are starting to move, and even sacrifice their health.

Before giving birth, we must consider personal physical condition, consider the actual situation of the family, and consider what we can provide to the children.

When parents can provide less, they are the most wise choice to be cautious to give birth to children, or to have less children.

Compared to raising children, there is nothing to have children. The difficulty facing children is more confession.

Do more life and planning, so that your own life and your child’s life will not move towards despair, and children can have more opportunities to achieve class jump.

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