61 -year -old women in rural areas can also pregnant and give birth to children normally. Tell a real story

Many people in the society say that the elderly couple cannot have children, and this problem is not necessarily.Rural people and elderly women can also get pregnant and have children, which is an objective fact.Let’s tell a real story of my own family.

My family has a pair of cousin milk. At the age of forty, the cousin has been married for 20 years and has never conceived the child. Everyone in the family is worried about them.In the case of no way, my father’s younger brother settled his uncle and uncle to support it, and became a son -in -law, and we were also called "supporting" children locally.

This uncle and uncle have always been very good in physical condition. In my hometown, they are a veritable strong couple.I heard my father say that since they get married, they have never caught a cold when they die, and they can’t talk about stomach diseases and lung diseases, and they will not even sneak.They have never had a minor illness throughout their lives, indicating that their physical fitness is not general, but really good.

In the large collective, the reservoir was repaired and the road was built. The two of them were strong and powerful.As long as they work and do construction, where they go, they are raising stones. They have never experienced lumbar diseases, and they have not been uncomfortable in their bodies.This fully shows that their physical fitness is very good.

My uncle’s milk is the same age, and the uncle who raised my uncle when he was forty years old.They married my uncle and gave birth to a daughter after marriage.When their little grandson was 5 years old, they were 61 years old and unexpectedly pregnant, and gave birth to a son.At that time, many people felt incredible when my hometown became an explosive news.Later, according to many elderly people, such things have never heard of it, let alone see it, but in the countryside, it is a rare thing.

Later, many elderly people analyzed that they had always been hardworking, and their bodies were very strong, so that they had good physical fitness, so they had not had a minor illness.Secondly, because they have always been hardworking, they rely on strength to plant fields, they have gained wealth, they have a good life, and their living standards are high, resulting in good physical fitness.In addition, their lives are very regular, without bad habits, do not smoke or drink, get up early and go to bed early.These factors determine the good health conditions of both of them, which is an important foundation for giving birth to children in the old age.

This pair of uncle daddy lived to his 80s and died naturally.The cousin died for one year, and the cousin died for one year.When the milk died, Uncle Cang was 23 years old, he was also married and gave birth to a child, and he had a grandson to support my uncle.Therefore, my cousin milk can be considered the same as the fourth generation.

Although this kind of thing is very rare in the countryside, I have seen it with my own eyes.This shows that some rural elderly people in good health can get pregnant and have children, which is very likely.

[The above is my own point of view. If there is something wrong, please leave your valuable opinions in the message area and actively participate in the comments. They invite everyone to pay attention to the three farmers of East E -Non, to discuss the issues of three, rural areas, and rural areas.Essence.

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