90%of pregnant women will encounter five major skin problems in the summer. Experts teach you safe care!

Due to changes in hormones and physical conditions in women after pregnancy, such as slow metabolism and increased sebaceous gland secretion, pregnant women are more likely to be troubled by various dermatology in summer.Many pregnant women will face the problem of sweat, mule, bite dermatitis, light skin disease and pigmentation.In order to not leave skin regrets after childbirth, expectant mothers should pay special attention to preventing 5 types of skin diseases in summer.

1. Grasson:

In order to regulate body temperature, the human body mainly relies on a large amount of sweat to dissipate heat.Due to the thickening of subcutaneous fat, pregnant women have increased sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

The best way to prevent mules is to ventilate and prevent heat, keep the skin clean, and spacious clothes.Pregnant women should pay attention to changing clothes in summer, bathing in diligence, drinking more drinking and clearing heat.If you have a mule, pregnant women can wipe some pinks containing mint and borneol.In addition, once it is caught, a secondary infection will cause poison, and even symptoms such as systemic discomfort and fever.At this time, the pregnant woman grows up to the hospital in time, and don’t deal with it by themselves.

2. Bite -bite dermatitis:

Because pregnant women’s exhalation is 21%larger than women who are not pregnant, the humid gases that are exhaled and carbon dioxide are quite attractive to mosquitoes.The gases that women exhaled during pregnancy contain a variety of different chemicals, so pregnant women in summer can easily become the goal of mosquito bites.

In order to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, pregnant women try not to use chemicals such as mosquito coils. The best way is to use mosquito nets.In addition, a few vitamin B1 is added to the shower solution, and its special odor can achieve mosquito repellent effects.After being bitten by a mosquito, the wet soap in the pregnant woman can be painted in the affected area. You can also try wet wet wetting with cold water, or squeeze the juice of mint leaves and garlic and wipe it at the bite.Many anti -itching drug pregnant women should not be used. When using drugs, pregnant women must look at the taboos in the instructions.

3. Pigment worship:

Summer sunlight is relatively strong, and pregnant women will have pigmentation such as pigmentation and freckles.With the increase of pregnancy time, the pregnancy -oriented liver spots dominated by pigmentation and freckles will appear under the eyes.Melanocytes are not activated by only hormones. The stimulus to outside of ultraviolet rays will also greatly increase the number of melanocytes, and the melanin is also increased.

Poin spots, freckles, pregnancy liver spots, etc. due to the effects of ultraviolet rays, if you pay attention to sunscreen, you can prevent the color of the spots from darker to a certain extent.When you go out in summer, you should wear a hat or umbrella to prevent the sun from directly illuminating. Apply sunscreen or use sunscreen effects to block ultraviolet rays.In addition, in order to reduce the activity of melanocytes, it is also important to consume enough vitamin C.

4, sweat spots:

Summer skin is impregnated with sweat, which is the most likely to cause various fungal infections, which causes sweat spots, tinea and tinea.In the summer, it is prone to this disease when it is hot and sweaty in the summer without timely cleaning.

Pregnant women should take a timely bath after sweating, and wash the replacement clothes in time.Should take a bath and change clothes to avoid sweat stains, keep the skin clean, and disinfect the bedding and dry them often.If sweat spots occur, pregnant women should use antifungal potion under the guidance of a doctor.

5. Light sensitivity skin disease:

In summer, due to the strong sunlight and changes in hormones after pregnancy, pregnant women with fair skin are sensitive to light. If you consume light -sensitive substances, such as mud snails, certain plant foods, or after a long period of sunlight, it can be seen that it can be seen that it can be seen that it can be seen.The skin is red, swollen, and even blisters.

Preventing the disease should avoid consumption of light -sensitive substances and avoid direct sunlight.Use soaps such as soap that are not irritating to the skin, avoid using a brush or nylon towel when bathing, and try to clean your body with your hands or sponges.If this disease is suffered from this disease, pregnant women can take drugs such as vitamin C and nicotinamide. Do not take medicine without the diagnosis of doctors to prevent the drug from adversely affect the fetus.

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